Be Smart and Choose Two-Wheeler Bike Insurance over Superstition

We in India to a certain extent are negligent for the word “Insurance” because we are not thoroughly educated ourselves or from our parents or from people around us  about why “Insurance” plays an important role in our lives and is taken as an choice. It is every person’s necessity in this era, considering the value of Insurance, I am sharing an experience of one of my close friend to highlight the importance of two wheeler insurance because it’s never too late to initiate.

He was in his late teens back then and he had to reach my place for some project work, considering he was already late his parents told him to ride safe and wear a helmet, above that as he was late they further told him to keep praying while he started the ride and during his ride, yes this is what insurance means to some parents and relatives, PRAYING!

It was an hour but still there was no sight of my friend who was supposed to reach my place within 40 minutes, I was worried and thought of calling up his parents to ask for his whereabouts, when they too confirmed that he had left an hour, we all started to think about the inevitable scenario, did he meet an accident!

After a while I got a call from my friend’s parent saying he was injured in a road accident and that few people were taking him to the nearby hospital, we too reached the hospital to do the formality and admit him. When my friend came to his conscious, he narrated the scene to us, it was not his fault and someone just banged the bike from behind and ran away.

Though my friend walked away with minor inquiries and some days in the hospital, he had to shell out money from his pocket to pay off the hospital bills and repair his bike, but this expense would have been covered if he had renewed bike insurance. Apart from that he had to pay a fine for not renewing his 2 wheeler insurance to collect his bike from the traffic control room.

After this episode, the first thing my friend did was online bike insurance, though we learn it the hard way sometimes, but it’s important to change the perspective once the mistake has been made. This is just an instance I have shared, but there are a bunch more examples in which due to non-renewal of 2 wheeler insurance and negligence many people don’t get the benefits to cover the expenses which is well covered in an insurance policy.

We have heard about other superstitions also, like dahi shakkar or Nimbu Mirchi helps prevent accidents, though it is a ritual in some Indian household, but it’s always better to have online two-wheeler insurance which doesn’t take time and is hassle free.

Sharing a video which illustrates the same point to put words into perspective:

Life Protection with investment benefits by Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

The long wait is finally over! Oh Wait, do check my previous post on the per-launch of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company’s new product, to know what I am talking about, as promised it has been a week and I am here to take  you through the most anticipated Life Insurance cum Invest plan – Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain.

So, to explain you in a nutshell, this plan offers Life Insurance cover and growth opportunity to #InvestBefikar in  2 Investment portfolio strategies, .


Now that you know a brief about Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain plan, let me share some of the in-depth features and benefits for your better understanding.

  • This is a ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan) in which you can choose from a combination of how many years you want your policy and the premium payment terms, you can pay your premium as per your convenience i.e. monthly, quarterly or half yearly or yearly.
  • income benefit
  • If the death or the first diagnosis of cancer (subject to waiting period**) occurs during the premium payment term, then, an additional benefit as Income Benefit will be payable.
  • The Income Benefit is equal to the total of all the regular premiums due under the policy after the date of death or diagnosis of cancer, as applicable.
  • Each installment of the Income Benefit is equal to one regular premium.
  • In case of death/first diagnosis of cancer, it is payable to the nominee/policyholder at each premium due date for the remaining period of the premium payment term.
  • The first installment is payable on the first premium due date after the date of death or diagnosis of cancer, as applicable.
  • Income Benefit will be payable if the policy is in force, excluding paid-ups
  • Income Benefit will not be payable in case of a discontinued or paid-up policy
  • If death of the life assured occurs after claim has been paid for cancer and income benefit being triggered, no additional benefit will be payable on death and outstanding income benefits (if any) will be paid to the nominee.
  • Income Benefit is not payable if the death or the first diagnosis of cancer occurs after the premium payment term.
  • loyalty additions
  • The Company shall allocate Loyalty Additions to the Regular Premium Fund Value as percentage of one Annualized the Premium at the end of every 5 policy year starting from the 10 policy year, provided all due regular premiums have been paid up to date
  • In case the premium(s) are un-paid and the policy is revived during the revival period by paying all due premiums, the Loyalty Additions due-but-not-allotted during the period the Policy was in
  • Discontinuance will be added to the fund as on the date of revival.
  • Amount of Loyalty Additions will be allocated in funds in the same proportion of the Fund Value as at the date of addition.
  • There will not be any Loyalty Additions for Top-up premium paid. Loyalty Additions will not be paid for a Discontinued / Paid-up policy.
  • fund booster – Fund Booster will be added to the Regular Premium Fund Value at maturity, provided all due regular premiums have been paid up to the date of the allocation of Fund Booster. There will not be any Fund Booster for Top-up premium paid. Fund Booster will not be paid for a Lapsed / Paid-up / Discontinued policy.
  1. a) Investor Selectable Portfolio Strategy: In this you can invest your premium as per your convenience and market knowledge into the given 8 Funds to choose from by Bajaj Allianz Life


  1. b) Wheel of Life Portfolio strategy: In which the premiums would be invested into 5 funds, the ratio changes as per years to maturity.
  • These are the 8 Investment Portfolio in which the funds or premium can be allocated:
  • Flexibility of changing the premium payment frequency or additional fund is a bonus, so #InvestBefikar.
  • Some detailed features of death benefits are:
    • If death of the life assured occurs before attaining age 60 years, then, the sum assured shall be reduced to the extent of the partial withdrawals made from the regular premium fund during the two year period immediately preceding the death of the life assured.
    • If death of the life assured occurs on or after attaining age 60 years, then, the sum assured shall be reduced to the extent of the partial withdrawals made from the regular premium fund during the two year period before attaining age 60 and all the partial withdrawals made from the regular premium fund after attaining age 60.
  • Maturity benefit: On reaching Maturity of the plan, you can avail the funds as a lum-sum or over a period of time through installment payment, which is again a value addition.
  • Tax Benefits: All the premiums are exempted from Taxes under the section 80C till a certain limit and is subject to change with current tax laws. The death benefit or the maturity benefit received would also be tax exempt under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act.

Additional Benefits of Bajaj Allianz Future Wealth Gain Plan

  • Riders – There are few riders available with the plan which can be added to the base policy. The riders include:
  • Bajaj Allianz ULIP Accidental Death Benefit Rider
  • Bajaj Allianz ULIP Accidental Permanent Total/Partial Disability Benefit Rider
  • Bajaj Allianz ULIP Waiver of Premium Benefit Rider

Additional Premium: A top up to premium is available except the last 5 years of the policy, minimum being INR 5000.00

Switch: You can make unlimited switches with the minimum value of INR 5000.00

Additional Period: You get an additional time bracket of 15 days for monthly and quarterly and 30 days annually to pay premium if dates are missed.

Free Look Period: A review period of 15 days is given if you are not satisfied with the policy’s term and condition or other parameter you can cancel in the given period, which just shows how transparent the policy is.


All in all, this is a fantastic plan by #BajajAllianzLifeInsurance for anyone who is seeking out for an Life insurance plan, a well fabricated plan which helps the premium grow and give a greater value for money in addition to the conventional Life Insurance, including all the benefits added this plan is tempting enough to put your money work wisely and #JiyoBefikar.

Best Time to Book Flight Tickets for Indians

New Delhi, 10th July 2017: Leading global travel search engine, Skyscanner has analysed two years’ worth of travel search data from over 60 million monthly users to answer the one questions that always puzzles travellers: when is the best time to book flights?

A recent survey of Indian travellers revealed 72% do not know when is the best time to book flights. Skyscanner’s survey further unveiled 69% of travellers incorrectly estimate the best air fares can be found less than 12 weeks before departure, when in fact the best deals are snapped up by travellers who plan in advance. Traveller’s eyeing up Bali for their summer trip can save up to 51% on flight tickets by booking 25 weeks in advance or risk paying 27% more than the average fare when they leave booking to the last minute.

The same trend appears for air fares to Indian traveller’s favourite summer destinations, traveller’s looking to vacation in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok can grab flights for 35% and 33% less than the average fare, respectively, when booking 24 weeks prior to departure.

Skyscanner recommends booking 24 weeks in advance for travellers venturing to Europe or the USA for their summer vacations for savings of 22% and 18%, respectively.

Skyscanner also reveals the most inexpensive months to travel to visit some of Indian travellers’ favourite locations. November is the cheapest month to travel to Bangkok when flights 10% cheaper than the average fare, while visa-friendly Bali can be best enjoyed in April with a 10% saving on the average fare.

best_Time_To_Book_Flight_TicketsCommenting on the findings, Reshmi Roy, Senior Growth Manager, Skyscanner India said, “We hope Skyscanner’s data can provide travellers with clarity on how and when to get the best deal on flights and what to expect if booking is left to the last minute. After reviewing flight prices from the last two years, we can clearly see that it pays to plan. Booking at the right time can make a huge difference to one’s expenditure on their trip, up to 51% in some cases.”

In case you want to securely travel on your favorite dream destination without any hiccups, try spending some time on reviews of  travel insurance and choose your travel insurance wisely.

Revamp your home with DecoWindow

I was excited to know that DecoWindow were exhibiting at the HGM India Home Décor Exhibition again this year which was from 4th to 6th of July 2017, last year I went to the HGM exhibition and came across DecoWindow, I was simply amazed at the product range, quality, simplicity and integrity in their product design, you can check out my last year’s post on DecoWindow


This year was no exception too at the HGM India Home Décor  Exhibition 2017, as DecoWindow didn’t left any stone unturned, banking on the strong product range in window and home furnishing, there were some remarkable upgrades from the previous year’s collections and some new products launched  in their PRODUCT Range basket.

Some of the highlights/Newly launched products of this year were:

  • Curtain : Fresh variety in pattern, design and colours
  • Automatic Tracks with Double Track combinations
  • Cushions: Vibrant and mismatch prints
  • Roller Blinds with complete blackout options
  • Zebra Blinds
  • Flat Tracks
  • Bath-ware collection – Shower Curtains & Laundry Sorters
  • Bracket and Shelves


As I looked through, there were some amazing fresh contemporary designs which can be paired with your bed-sheets and pillow covers, that would tempt anyone to buy at-least couple of them, these new curtain designs are backed with options for complete blackout so that light doesn’t penetrate when the curtains are covering the window, giving you the right darkness whenever needed.


Automatic Tracks with Double Track combinations

These 50mm Rod Like tracks comes in variety of colours, the colours are strategically chosen which enhances the look of any rooms with amazing options of designer finials completing the overall look, these finials are available in the same colour as the rod, the designs of these finials are vintage yet classy completing the overall look. As mentioned above the automation allows you to wirelessly customise curtain settings and timings with extra battery backup available which works without wire and goes for good 6 months ones charged.

50MM_Track_Cover Page.jpg

For sleeker look, there are 19mm rods/tracks also available for a more contemporary look; these are also available in  double track options with complete holder’s set along with  same colour option. Completing the look are Finials which complement these sleek rods.



With a splash of vivid colours, fresh designs and patterns, these embroidery cushion covers would definitely be a talking point in any household with its vibrant yet classy design combination.


Bed_sheet _and_set_collection_Decowindow.jpg

Roller Blind:

Though DecoWindow was previously catering Roller Blind, but these blinds now come in more colour options with complete blackout options, depending upon ones requirement one  can opt for whatever they wish to choose, now that is wise add-on by DecoWindow, considering the customers smallest of concerns and customization.

Roller Blind-4.jpg

Zebra Blinds:

The newly launched Zebra Blinds impresses you at first glance, the two tone white colour contrast is ideal for office as well as home settings, these Blinds allows light to penetrate just right, giving it a smooth light setting and feel.

Roller Blind-5.jpg

Flat Tracks:

These Flat Tracks add a dash of simplified look to any room, with its neat strong tone colours, it just completes the room, these flat tracks are also available in automatic range, which allows you to set timings, and remotely access the curtains and adjust as per your settings.

Pelmet Track _Champ.jpg

Bath-ware collection – Shower Curtains & Laundry Sorters

Shower Curtains: Available in 8 different patterns and colours, these shower curtains will definitely add some dimension and character to your bathroom.

Laundry Sorters: These are value addition in any bathroom, a well thought of sorter designed by DecoHome, comes with 2 options:

  1. 3 bag Laundry Sorter: This allows you to sort your cloths accordingly, for example let’s consider one bag for white cloths, one for colouring cloths and one to give for laundry, you can work your combinations with it.
  2. Single Laundry Sorter: These are handy if you have some space constraint or if you are looking for a compact design.

Some benefits of laundry sorter are:

  • These are water proof
  • Foldable, so that you can detach and use when needed
  • The fabric of the laundry sorter is washable
  • Cost effective
  • Comes with 1 year warranty

Bathware Collection_Shower Curtain_Laundry Sorter.jpg

Bracket and Shelves

Some new designs in bracket have been added, with more variety to choose from you would definitely like to check out their designs, which are ranging from contemporary to vintage look.

Shelves have come up with PU material, with plain colour gloss finish to wood finish designs available, these shelves come in 3 sizes of 24”, 36” and 48” length.

Overall, it was a fantastic showcase of what DecoWindow had to offer, I was pleasantly surprised with their kind hospitality while visiting the stall, assisting throughout while I was browsing through their stall.

Do checkout their website DecoWindow to view details of product range.

Mutual Fund Day – Save Right for Growth

Why Not Mutual Funds?

Investing in Mutual Funds is considered risky due to the volatile nature of Market; this is a general perception of most of us Indians, as we always tend to root for investment in the form of Fix Deposits, Real Estate or Gold. If we open the fact sheets, over the years merely 2% to 3% of the India’s income class invest in Mutual Funds, which show that there is immense scope to reach out to the remaining 97% of Indian to educate on investing in Mutual Funds and taking benefits by earning a consistent long term income on their savings.

Typical Myths surrounding Mutual Fund Investment

# Mutual Fund Investment is only for people who know the market well

# Mutual Fund Investment requires a lot of paper work, separate account and it’s a tedious job to check up on the market to safe guard funds from occurring heavy loss.

# Mutual Fund Investment doesn’t allow flexibility in term of exit load

# Mutual Fund Investment requires investing large sum of Money to yield desired profits

# Mutual Fund Investment doesn’t clock the desired return on investment as compared to conventional investment in Gold, Real Estate or FD.

On Breaking Conventional Myths on Mutual Fund Investment and Educating  the Benefits

Have you heard of Mutual Fund Day? If not, here is good news for you.

An Initiative – Mutual Fund Day by Reliance Mutual Fund – 7th Day of the Month

Reliance Mutual Fund with CNBC Awaaz has taken up an initiative to dedicate 7th Day of every month to invest in Mutual Funds, this initiative is to encourage the Indian income class to regularly invest in Mutual Funds and help generate inflation beating returns.

There are many programs, seminars simultaneously running across India to educate people on Mutual Fund Investment and benefits of systematic monthly investment of saving at the cost of a better rate of income compared to conventional investment schemes such as gold, FD or Real Estate.

As a result of this initiative and the early observations by Reliance Mutual Fund there have been many folios opened and this is definitely the result of awareness the campaign is creating.

Take Pledge to Educate and Help your Friends Money Grow – Know How

Now that you must be aware by now why mutual fund investment is a healthy way to grow money, why not take an initiative and grow together with your friend? Interesting isn’t it!

A Facebook app developed by Reliance Mutual Fund, #FundForAFriend quiz asks you some questions about your friend’s different aspect of life. According to the answers selected by you, it advices which type of Mutual Fund to invest in considering their age, risk appetite and other parameters. The facebook app is fun, free and is a must try if you consider yourself to help your friend.

Here is the Link to FUND FOR A FRIEND facebook page