Make a wise investment decision with Mutual Funds

What is a general perception when you hear the word mutual funds investment? I bet the first thing that crosses your mind will be “risk” i.e. if you have never invested in mutual funds. But should that bother you when you have a successful moderator working for your investment funds in the market? Well, you would be interested to go through the article to know more about Mutual Funds.

To all the readers who are not well-versed with Mutual Funds, here is a brief description:

Mutual Fund investments are investments made in companies or firms which are public listed on National Stock Exchange / Bombay Stock Exchange. The returns on such investments depends upon the company’s performance and the overall market.

Why should you invest in Mutual Funds when you have a safer option of FD’s (Fix Deposits) you may ask?

The answer would be though mutual funds are not as safe as a FD deposit, still if mutual funds are invested in right companies comparing their past records and management, then the returns on yearly basis are much higher competitively and there is more flexibility  plus tax benefits.

Talking about Mutual Funds investment and risk, a balance is needed, which could yield a better dividend and is safer to investment in, here is where a unique plan from ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund steps in, the “Balanced Advantage Fund” scheme which is an open-ended equity oriented fund that brings multiple benefits to your investments. It strives for growth by investing in equity markets, while providing relative safety through investments in debt instruments.


I would like to share some interesting facts and figures to illustrate on why the ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund is a good choice.

Investment Objective:

The objective of this fund is to create wealth over a long period of time through a balanced investment in equity markets as well as debt markets and money instruments. It also aims to do this by mitigating the risk from equity markets as much as possible by not sticking to a single strategy alone.

Why Invest?

  • Benefit from an in-house asset allocation model that aims to buy low & sell high
  • Aim to gain from market volatility over the long term

Fund Highlights

  • Invests in both equity & debt instruments
  • Provides tax-free returns#
  • Aims to provide month-on-month tax-free dividends$
  • Manage your monthly cash flow with Automatic Withdrawal Plan^ & Monthly Dividend Feature

#As per prevailing tax laws for FY16-17, returns earned after one year are tax free.

$Distribution of dividend is subject to approval from Trustees & availability of distributable surplus

^Automatic Withdrawal Plan is only a feature for regular withdrawal from the scheme and shall not be construed as an assurance or guarantee of return.

A 3-in-1 fund

BAF may be considered to be three funds rolled into one. When valuations become expensive the fund’s equity allocation can fall to as low as 30%. In such market conditions, the fund resembles a monthly income plan (MIP). When the market becomes fairly valued, the fund raises its allocation to equities to 65%, thereby resembling a balanced fund. And when market valuations decline, it raises its allocation to equities to the maximum limit of 80%. At such times it resembles an equity fund. Thus, it can be viewed as a three-in-one product, with the added benefit of being taxed like an equity fund.

BAF’s ability to perform in all market conditions makes it a very good fund for people with low to moderate risk appetite, who have invested in FDs all their lives but now want a moderate taste of equities. This is a fund for investors who don’t want to be bothered about questions such as: the market has risen (or fallen), should I book profit or stay put? The fund takes care of all these issues on investors’ behalf.

Thanks to BAF’s stellar performance, investors have reposed their faith in it. The fund’s asset under management (AUM) has risen from Rs. 204 crore in March 2013 to over Rs. 10,000 crore in November 2015, a 47-fold growth over just two-and-a-half years.


Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully

A day long date with Tata Hexa

If you ask me? Memories and discoveries are made while travelling to new places and going on road trips!

Luckily I got a chance to experience both, YES! Last week i.e 22/10/2016 to 23/10/2016 I got a chance to witness and experience the #HexaExperience with the all new yet to be launched Tata Motors flagship Hexa, thanks to good folks at for organizing the event in association with Tata Motors and shortlisting 60 bloggers from across India to experience the ultimate drive of Tata Hexa at Hyderabad – the city of Nizams and Pearls, accommodation was at the Novotel Hotel – Hyderabad, near the airport.


The Mumbai bloggers reached the hotel at around 3.00pm, we were pleasantly greeted by Team Indiblogger and the Novotel Hotel Reception staff. After the warm welcome, we were guided to our hotel rooms and blogger registrations. After that we headed towards lunch at the Novotel’s Square restaurant – lavish and exquisite cuisine on the menu. We gathered again at around 6.30pm for a briefing at the Novotel Hotel ballroom from Tata Motors engineering, design and marketing team, followed by Q & A session.


The first to take the center stage and greet us was Nihal from team Indiblogger, after that Mr. Ashish Sahni took over and spoke about the Tata Hexa and shared some brief information about the car apart from welcoming us on behalf of Tata Motors. Next to come up was Mr. Vivek Srivatsa, Head-Marketing for Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles, who aptly described the concept for developing a new breed of MUV, the thought process and the challenges of understanding the customers need by evaluating the analytical data gathered.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Highlight of the presentation was discussion on design, driving characteristics, comfort, size and Safety & Technology apart from categorizing the Tata Hexa into multiple categories such as Power packed – that is the engine under the hood, feature loaded – that is the interior and car’s function with multi driving modes and off road capabilities and Adrenaline pumping – the driving experience.

Next was Mr. Richard Winsor – Chief Designer Exteriors at TATA Motors who gave a brief background about the design of the car, exterior and interiors, the challenges they faced while designing MUV for Indian roads while keeping it upbeat in looks and comfort. Richard described about the 2 categories which he stated as Impact design, the EX’s which were EXCITING, EXPRESSIVE and EXTRAORDINARY and the IN’s which were INVITING, INTELLIGENT and INTOUCH. I was impressed when Mr. Richard spoke about the car’s seat design, which was given special attention by adding some amazing dimension to the overall look and feel, which was premium in all aspects.

Cocktail and dinner was waiting for us. As we headed towards the lawn of the Novotel Hotel we were surprised to see some additions, such as punching bags. Cocktails were theme based-Power packed, feature loaded and adrenaline pumping. Apart from that there were couple of caricature artists, but however the show stopper of the evening was Mr. Biswa, the Youtuber and stand-up comedian who is admired for his sarcastic and witty cracks on daily life situations and happenings, it was a pleasant surprise. Apart from all – a fantastic dinner and a great networking session with bloggers, a lot of new faces besides the familiar ones.


Next day was an early wakeup call of 5.00am for breakfast, it was a bright and beautiful Sunday morning to go for a long drive. After breakfast, we were given a briefing about how to use the different functions of the car to maximum effects for both Manual and Automatic transmission cars.

There were 20 cars and 60 bloggers, so 20 teams of 3 bloggers each were designated the night before. Every car was accompanied by a person from the Tata Motors staff, so that they could tell about the features and help in providing information needed while driving and understanding the car’s DNA. It was roughly a 170 kms drive overall. I was accompanied by Tanmay Pangam and Priya Shiva, both being an amazing company, we had a gala time while driving and cruising throughout the journey along with some halts at scenic locations.


First Impressions on the driving Tata Hexa:

  • The Driver’s Seat: The captain seat as I would say because of the height and the feel of the seat, it is so well positioned that I could view 2 to 3 cars ahead of me in a straight line, so you can just imagine how authoritative one would feel.
  • Steering: Steering was smooth, the car is very responsive while in high speeds and overtaking, apart from a stable experience while driving along the highway as well as single lane bumpy roads.
  • Comfort: If you consider driving a MUV which is as broad and muscular as the Tata Hexa, you would doubt the comfort in driving experience considering the sheer size of the car and the steering control, but that is when it surprises you with a very pleasant driving experience considering the comfortable seat and the steering controls.
  • The Sheer Power: While I was on the AWD (Automatic Transmission) version of Tata Hexa which comes in 2-WD (wheel drive) 2 litre VARICOR engine, the engine was responsive to acceleration and was giving power accordingly to the push of the pedal, I have driven few AWD cars before, but the Tata Hexa exceeded expectation and gave a power pack performance.
  • Off road comfort: While we were given a fairly bumpy route to test the Tata hex on all fronts, we were on a long single lane passage with bumpy roads and rough turns, the car cruised as if it was going on a highway, due to the big wide tire of 19 inch and rubber to alloy ratio, it played a significant role in giving a truly comfortable ride apart from the strong, steady and reliable shock absorber and not to forget the body hugging seats, just the right ingredients for a comfortable off road experience.
  • The dazzling surround sound: The JBL speakers in the car are well integrated, designed and positioned perfectly to set the mood rolling while you are thundering along the roadway.

Thou I could go on and on with the list, but I will restrict myself here, and share my bits on the off-road experience which was thrilling indeed, after the 170 kms drive, we reached back to Novotel Hotel, we were instructed to have an off-road experience with Tata Hexa so that they could demonstrate the off-road features of the Tata Hexa. Some of the highlights of the off-road experience were:

  • The dead holes: Yes, the Tata Hexa easily crossed through the dead holes like a boss with its extraordinary shock absorbers and intelligent tyre pressure sensing technology it aptly understands which tyre requires pressure and accordingly powers individual tyre giving enough torque required to glide through dicey surface, I have taken some pictures which will demonstrate what I am talking about.
  • Scary Tilt: After covering some scenic beauties, the first thing I was told is to fasten my seat belt, cause it’s going to be a fun ride, when the car reached the tilted surface, I was in a state of disbelief about how will this car tilt and stay stable, but while I was experiencing the drive through that tilt, the car was stable at that degree of slope, showcasing the cars stability and grip on any road.


  • The Un-Skid: Well, you can drive along smoothly on icy surface with your Tata Hexa, yes! As I have spoken in point 1, the technology allows the car to understand which tyre requires torque and delivers the power to cruise through.


  • Hill descent and hold: It was a roller coaster ride but wait, the driving instructor on the wheels told us something that was a little hard to believe at first, so with the Tata Hexa while you are driving on hill descent pathway, all you need to do is essentially nothing, the system does its thing while on rough road mode automatically.


Final Comments:

Though the price point of the Tata Hexa is still a mystery and it shall be revealed at the time of Launch, however the speculation in the auto world are eyeing at a competitive price of around the range of 15 to 20 Lakhs, is it worth it? A thumping yes after driving the car and understanding the true potential of features and the striking looks, I would invest in it for the off road as well as long drive getaways. Tata Motors have worked extensively on the exteriors, interiors and the engineering to pull off a stunner MUV – and it has impressed everyone who has driven this beast!


Are you Ahead of Time – with Sobha Dream Acres ?


India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru is one of the major cities to contribute to the growth of the country. Companies like Infosys, with their headquarters in the city, have gone on to make a mark on the world map.

Are you planning to shift to Bengaluru? Have you found your dream job here? Planning to make an investment in the IT capital of India? Then it is important to learn about a well-renowned name in the real estate industry for over two decades. Sobha Limited is the builder’s name and Sobha Dream Acres is their latest project.

Sobha Dream Acres is an amazing project considering their beliefs and the vision for the future. They believe in a triangle that consists of legacy, quality, and technology, combining which creates great value.

The key aspect that separates Sobha Dream Acres from the rest is, they have adapted precast technology and backward integration in construction. Precast concrete in simple is – A type of concrete produced in a reusable mould, cured in a controlled environment, transported to the site and lifted into place:

Some of the major advantages of precast technology are:

Faster Occupancy – As precast elements are manufactured in a plant and erected at the site, the project is completed a lot faster than by using the conventional method of construction.

Life-Long Comfort – Precast buildings offers more insulation from extreme temperatures. These also reduce sound transmission, a facet very important in a multi-unit housing.

Great Sense of Security – Thanks to precast technology, the buildings are fire, water and earthquake resistant.

Beautiful Appearance – Since precast elements are cast in a factory, they come in a wider range of surface finishes, colours, and shapes.



With Sobha Dream Series, they  have realised their dreams of bringing international quality within the reach of an entirely new category of buyers – young families, executives, professionals and others seeking to buy their first home. Sobha Dream Series homes do this through the use of advanced precast technology and backward intregation.

Sobha Dream Acres is located in the Golden Quadrilateral of Bangalore. This area includes Outer Ring Road (ORR), Sarjapur and Whitefield.

To know more about the project visit their YouTube channel to stay #aheadoftime

Nasscoms Second Edition of -Martech Confluence – A Must attend for every Marketer

“Every person with a Smartphone viewing their updates/notification is a potential customer”

If we talk about digital marketing in this age where everything is just a click away, you would be surprised by how many innovations are spearheading every day in the marketing space, online Marketing tools have turned the game around and made life difficult for Company/Brand CMO’s to choose from array of products/services and gauge which one would be a scalable scheme and provide suitable ROI or exceed expectation.

Taking the talk further, ‘Marketing Technology: The Innovation that drives ROI’ which was the theme of Nasscom’s 2nd Edition of “Martech Confluence” which was held in Hyatt Mumbai.


 The event was well poised on the theme of “Innovation that drives ROI”; the rising need of digital solutions is due to rapidly growing consumer demand, information technology’s role in facilitating the expectations and strengthening customer engagement.

The Event started off with a brief welcome speech by Mr.  R Chandrashekhar, President, NASSCOM, talking to an audience that were keen to take some learning from him and understand from his experience, Mr. R Chandrashekhar focussed on speaking about integrated technology that allows to tackle the rising need of customers and becoming a more customer centric enterprise. Also, “Building a set of new competencies keeping in mind the customer needs has become imperative and technology is going to help build that expertise.”


 Sharing some of the highlights from the Nasscom’s 2nd Edition of “Martech Confluence”

 Presentation by Mr. James McQuivey, Ph.D. VP, Principal Analyst – Forrester, he gave an insight on how consumer hyper-adoption and emerging technologies drive digital disruption.

 Some key take ways from the presentation were:

 Talking about the rage Tesla Model 3 created, Mr. James narrowed down the learning of customer behavior in 3 parts:

  • Customer hyperadoption
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Disruption

 Continuing his talk, Mr. James said Customer hyperadoption, digital Disruption and customer Experience marketing must rapidly evolve to the next level.

The new marketing requires technology that:

  • Collects and understands data about the customer
  • Anticipates what the customer needs next
  • Reaches the customer wherever they are
  • Communicates with the customer in as natural a way as possible

 Presentation by Mr. Joe Stanhope VP, Principal Analyst – Forrester on cracking the code for revenue growth: delivering great customer experiences with technology innovation:

 Some quality facts and figures were shared which are beneficial for Marketers, which include the following:

  • Opportunities if calculated: 30 Billion Mobile moment
  • Going Digital is not enough
  • 80% of customers you are targeting through digital medium distrust ads
  • Marketers must win customers moments.
  • Change your marketing mindset by delivering on-brand experiences.
  • Technology is an enabler of contextual marketing which is frictionless, anticipatory and immersive.
  • Engage the customer to drive growth
  • Help Marketers do their jobs.
  • Prepare marketers for the future

 Aligning technologies and business value

  • Consolidate the control of parallel capabilities
    • Data
    • Analytics
    • Execution
  • Tie systems of insights and engage together
  • Isolate and innovate around the true value drivers to create unique capabilities
  • This is the enterprise marketing core

 The Enterprise marketing core is to:

The customer should be able to engage, discover, ask, explore, buy and use the product or services through the medium of:

  • Agent desktop
  • Contact Center
  • Digital advertising
  • Direct mail
  • E-commerce
  • Email
  • Mobile app
  • POS, Kiosk
  • Social Media
  • Website


 This was an interesting Presentation by Mr. Dave Frankland, Chief Strategy Office, Selligent

 Some key takeaway points in his presentation were discussing on the following topics/talks:

  • Bombarding the customers with messages from 500 in the 70’s to 5000 today
  • Building a relationship with today’s consumer requires new routes and approaches
  • hard to reach today’s customers reasons being
    1. They are hyper-connected and want immediate response
    2. Data aware so they expect the brands to leverage their data
    3. Well informed and expect brands in their social dialogue
    4. Distracted because they expect concise content and effortless experiences
  • Considering a report which stated that human’s attention span have fallen below that of goldfish, why should the customer give you 8 seconds of attention?
  • The most precise resource in customer relationship is consumer attention
  • Consumer First principles should guide decision such as
    1. Identify & recognize – in real time & across channels
    2. Insight-Driven – predictive & contextual
    3. Relevant – Channel flexible & touchpoint – agnostic
    4. Appreciated – valued and respectful
  • The voyage to customer first includes:
  1. Agree on your decisions
  2. Rethink how you identify and recognize consumers
  3. Leverage predictive and contextual capabilities
  4. Build permission and earn your consumers’ attention
  5. Seek to become appreciated and valued by customers
  6. Start small and build

 There were other noticeable speakers too and couple of panel discussions focussing on the theme of the day.


Role of Technology in Marketing has increased in the recent times with technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics now playing major roles in understanding and meeting customer needs and creating more personalised solutions. The rising discipline of Customer Experience (CX) has helped companies put customer needs at the centre of their planning and processes. Marketers are now using CX solutions and measurement tools to track their ability to deliver customer-obsessed outcomes.

The 2nd Edition was a power pack event with all the big names chipping in from the marketing sphere to discuss on the rising trend of online marketing and better ROI.  The new age marketing has become disruptive, and technology has made communication real time and has enabled customers to search out information on their own terms and connect directly with brands’ content and commerce capabilities directly. Further, the ever-changing purchase paths of customers; the emergence of new channels, and the constant change in the MarTech landscape now poses challenges to marketers trying to optimize their budgets in an effort to win, serve, and retain customers.



Big Bazaar Maha-Bachat – Discount Unlimited for a Limited Time

We as kids were advised to save on things which we believed will provide better dividend afterwards or wait for right time to use on our savings, and it’s so true when you realise it and recall your childhood days and relive those moments when your elderly advised you. It’s that time of the year when it’s not only raining but raining discounts all across; this is when all the savings come in effective use.


Where better to head with your shopping needs then at Big Bazaar, yes, the Big Bazaar 5 Days MAHA-BACHAT is on from 13th to 17th of August 2016, and it would a pity if you miss out on such heavy, mouth watering discounts, where you can buy stuff at almost half the price and do double the shopping. I was so excited to know about it, that I went today and did some shopping for myself. The Big Bazaar 5 Days MAHA-BACHAT is in its 11th year and it’s a huge success every year, this is due to the overwhelming response and on demand for such super sale once a year atleast.

There are amazing discounts and combo deals on:

  • Electronics
  • Food Items (every day essentials, grocery to ready to cook, packaged foods)
  • Home and Personal Care
  • Kitchenware
  • Luggage and Toys
  • Home Furnishing
  • Footwear
  • Men’s and Ladies’ Apparels

As we know that Big Bazaar had set the inception stone in retail super market and is the leading with more branches coming up every now and then, the Big Bazaar 5 Days MAHA-BACHAT is on over 300 Brands with over 1000 + products to choose from and numerous fabulous discounts.

Thou, I am sharing this news to you, but I would like you guys to share the message across and let others take the maximum benefits of such sale, I know you can thank me later for this, but right now, rush to your phones and whatsapp about the Big Bazaar 5 Days MAHA-BACHAT sale in all your groups, family and friends, because as we say, all the fun lies in shopping together.