Life’s Uncertainty No More – Interesting Plans Coming Up from Bajaj Allianz

Life is full of uncertainties and even planning doesn’t work sometimes, for instance if you plan that tomorrow evening you want to go for dinner with your family, but due to some unforeseen reasons you are not able to act on the plan, that doesn’t mean your plan failed, it did because of  unforeseen reason you had to hold back, which are #IfsOfLife, similarly we should plan for ourselves or our family’s future in advance when it comes to monetarily support after we are not there for them or we have reached our retirement and are no longer earning.
There are end no of possibilities to what can be done to achieve the goal of being financial stable after 20, 30, 40 or even more years considering the #IfsOfLife, however the basic perception when it comes to securing funds for future is by saving from earning or maybe investing in gold, however there are better and more rewarding option available which are systematic and more rewarding in the longer run, any guesses? Well I am talking about LIFE INSURANCE, yes! Life insurance are well structured and have a systematic approach to meet the goal of making your family’s life secure after you are not there for them or after your retirement days.
For instance let’s talk about a lifestyle necessity such as tooth brush, right now a tooth brush costs INR 25, there are 4 member in your family and it is required to be changed after 1 month, considering that INR 100 is the cost per month, and INR 1200 annually, but have you ever thought what would be the cost of this same tooth brush after 30, 40 or 50 years? Considering the Market fluctuations and the ever growing inflation at a steady increase of 8 to 10% yearly  is observed. Considering the inflation rate the price of that tooth brush after 30 years would be, any guess? That same tooth Brush would cost you close to INR 21000. Little surprised to see these figures, aren’t you?

Concluding from above points, I am excited to tell you that I shall be talking about Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance new Online Term Plan, this Online Term Plan is going to be launched on the 23rd of December, It is going to be a game changer in the Insurance space in the coming day, these plans wont only cover life insurance but also against disability or dreaded diseases.
Please visit @BajajAllianzLIC for updates on their upcoming product which is due to launch on 23rd December 2016.
Stay tuned for more details on my blog, for any queries please message me on the comment section below for further discussion.

Tips before buying pre-owned bike

Knowing that prices of bike are soaring high and sometimes it gets hard to shell out big sum of money at a go, so generally to catch up on their comfort and dream bike people opt for pre-owned or second hand bikes.
Finding a decent pre-owned bike in Bangalore can be a daunting task to say the least, considering there are so many shops/showrooms offering at  different rates, we generally get influenced at their marketing and spoken words as trust. It’s also important to consider that motorcycle insurance for a teenager is a very different mine field of paperwork and can be very costly. It is often recommended to wait for later years or to gain experience in other type of vehicles first.

So to save your energy and not get tangled by the shop sales person, I am sharing a list of pointers which can help you in knowing the actual usage of the bike and decide your bargain price accordingly:

1) Know what kind of  bike you want, there are generally 3 segments A) Commuter bikes B) Performance/Tourer Bike C) Sports bike – they might look different and some even might look very convincing in looks, but do consider the body type and segment the price accordingly.

Let me further define these 3 segments of bike for better understanding :Types of Bikes
Commuter Bikes: It is used for daily commute and is very fuel efficient with limited features, design of such bikes are basic yet tough enough to tackle the daily wear and tear in city traffic and roads.
Performance Bike: These kinds of bike are very comfortable seating wise, as these bikes fall under tourer segment for those long distance journeys and adventure trips.
Sports Bike: These bikes are very sporty and stylish in looks and has good performance to reach maximum speeds, thou mileage takes a beating and is not that fuel efficient as the above two.

Now you are aware of types of bike, next thing to focus is :

Brand: Brand also plays a major part in choosing a bike, we should know if the parts are easily available, after sales service is important and even how they are priced for the same segment what other companies are offering. So value for money is important here.

Overall Look: Do check the bike for any scratches or accident dents, weld tears, kinks and so on, check if the machine is well taken care of.

Inspect: Also not to forget, checking the internal small parts, see if the parts are corrosion free in the chain both at teeth and tip for better grip, check the body metal, for paint fade, and lastly sprockets!

Bike Engine: Bike engines generally start from 100cc and go upto 300cc, now the main thing to note Check bike spareshere is that different segments have different fuel efficiency, for instance a 100cc to 150cc will have better fuel efficiency then a 150 to 300 range bike would. So calculate  your daily commute distance and choose accordingly.

Suspension, Brake and steering: TO check the brakes and suspension, sit on the bike and press the front brake, push and compress the fork, if the bike stays stable at its place, then both brake and suspensions are working good !

Tires: Check the tire for wear and tear, it would have some tear, but make sure that the tires are not that flat that you don’t see the tire pattern for grip!

Leakage: DO check the bike for leakage; inspect the bike by raising the throttle / accelerator.

Test drive: After inspecting all the above points, take the bike for a test drive, check the feel of the bike while riding, the engine noise should be minimal, rear brakes and suspension should be smooth while applying.

Bargaining: Consider the above points and set a price for bargain considering if any services or bike body work is required.

Paper work: The most important aspect while dealing in a second hand bike is to check the papers and know the owner of the bike, when was bought, bike age, check the engine no and paint color mentioned in the smart card, these entire pointer are essential while dealing. Make sure the papers are not forged and get it recheck from your local RTO.

Though it might be pre-owned bikes in Bangalore but if you have a reliable source then finding a second hand bikes in Bangalore won’t be a tough task!

Indulge in Healthy Breakfast Habits

Doctors suggest having a heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and light dinner, sounds right, but as in many Indian homes its complete opposite, we have light breakfast bread butter or eggs, moderate lunch and a hefty fulfilling family dinner, doesn’t sound right! But when everything is taken for granted then you are pretty much consolidating with your health and diet to stay fit.  

The alarm rang in full glory to wake Mr Shukla up, Mrs. Shukla from the kitchen shouting above the alarm from the kitchen to wake him up, both (alarm and Mrs Shukla trying their best however it’s a Saturday morning and Mr Shukla is feeling lazy to open up his eyes and fresh up as its holiday, but after skipping couple of alarm snooze he finally wakes up, dragging himself to the bathroom to freshen up. Yawning with arms stretched wide Mr Shukla asks what’s for breakfast honey, he gets a reply as today is holiday I have prepared omelet, roti, some leftover chicken and yes paratha’s with chutni, happy Mr. Shukla said bring it on, after having a so called yummy breakfast Mr. Shukla goes out for walk and have some chit chat with Mr. Guptaji, who is a lecturer at a collage and also society secretary. Mr Gupta always has a smile on his face and has solutions of his sorts to all the problems.

Mr Shukla had gone to Mr. Gupta for some discussion on the general meeting to held in the society and were discussing agenda’s, meanwhile Mrs. Gupta interrupted and asked, will you guys have something tea, coffee snacks? Mr. Shukla replied yes i will have tea but please don’t bring any snacks, cause I have already had a good enough breakfast cum lunch, giggling and contained Mrs. Gupta said, you don’t seem healthy and fit Shuklaji, I think I need to invite you and Mrs Shukla for a breakfast tomorrow and have a good chat over some healthy tasty snacks and breakfast, dont say NO Mr. Shukla because you have to be there.

After completing the session with Mr. Gupta, he went back home and asked Mrs Shukla, do I look unhealthy?  She replies: No not at all, you don’t seem unhealthy to me but unhealthy to a person who is a health conscious, and Mr. Shukla replied; how do you know that? And she replies; well, I just wanted to say, you seem unhealthy but I didn’t want to make you feel bad about it, and Mr. Shukla says did you know what Mrs. Gupta told me? She said I seem unhealthy and unfit and she has called both of us to her place over a chit chat, healthy snacks and breakfast.

Sunday morning and it was a beautiful sunrise, Mr. Shukla and her misses got ready and headed towards Mr. Gupta’s home for a Sunday brunch,  Mr. Shukla  and Mr. Gupta both were discussing about politics and Mrs Gupta called up Mrs. Shukla to the kitchen to discuss about some healthy alternatives considering Mr. Shukla’s health.

Let’s check out the alternatives Mrs. Gupta suggested:

Apple Cinnamon Cornflakes 10341715_1068823029801445_6297259744697487370_n Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda 10400767_1072166286133786_4827741788568150936_n Cornflakes Coconut Ladoos 10987388_1074480939235654_1420944845646161066_n Fulfilling veg cornflake salad 11041788_1069989636351451_2442174925576577749_n

Sitaphal Cornflakes 11081336_1072175216132893_4654613932050038427_n Mrs. Shukla couldn’t thank Mrs. Gupta enough for providing her such useful, easy to make, yummy, light, and delightful yet so power pack with the goodness of nutrition, irons, fibre combine.  So, let’s make our life healthy and include such healthy, nutrition rich food in our daily routine and benefit from the whole goodness of a combination of taste as well as health

Be Careful in Love

When you love someone

Be ready to scarify

Cause it takes it all

To maintain what you have


You did whatever you could

To be for the one you care,

You dedicated your life

So that you could live with it and feel relaxed


It’s easy to be carefree

and  let go,

but don’t forget,

What you have it

is what you earned !!


There are days when the sun shines,

And there are days when it doesn’t,

Prepare yourself to understand that,

It’s a world which saw million suns!!

Sometimes you get what you don’t desire

Sometimes you lose what was your desire …


Summing it all,

I have a few lines to say,

Live each moment and

Don’t forget you made it to this earth

To be in someone’s moment!!

Be carefree but not careless

You might have seen a thousand suns

but it doesn’t make you what you wanted !!

What went wrong

This is a story of a boy, who followed his passion; flashback on what went wrong!!! Here is the saga …

Congratulations Uma, it’s a baby boy said his husband Kartik with a voice of jubilation .. He looks so like me .. He will make me proud one day .. I can already see him as an engineer .. My dad’s wish; which my son will fulfill … on the contrary, No said Uma, in a sharp tone, let him decide what he wants to be…

Umang, the little boy in his early childhood day was engross into cricket in some way or the other, may it be his dad chatting with his friends and family about matches, scores and player dilemma; his mom who always used to fight for her programs when his dad use to watch cricket, his dad again, who was a cricket coach in a school, or the little gestures to practice and perfect his skills …

Umang, 8 years old back then was  a mischief and charming boy, his dad on his 8th birthday gave him a cricket kit for him to enjoy the sport …  Umang exited and spellbound couldn’t thank his dad less for such a pleasant gift he presented him …

Umang, started to learn the game in the process of enjoying with his society and school friends, it developed as his first love and passion, day in and out, whenever he used to get time he would play or practice cricket, may it be after schools, after tuitions, after dinner, after homework … but Not to forget his mom, she was a teacher which made him obedient to study as well .. He was a top student in his class scoring in the mid 80’s and early 90’s percentage ..

Umang was 10 years, when he was included in the school cricket team, he was a flamboyant left handed opener, a swift fielder and a part time bowler… Umang’s mom and dad kartik both were very happy to hear that their son got a place in the schools cricket team …

Umang, on the other hand being so brilliant in studies, never made his dad Kartik think twice about his dreams and aspirations, his dad’s vision to see him as an engineer was taking its shape considering Umang academic record… but Kartik would never reveal what his vision was for Umang ..  “kartik who was not a brilliant student did not manage to sustain the intense pressure of engineering studies and opted for a career in sports !!”

Umang, doing well both in cricket and academics was one of the stars of the school .. And at the age of 14 he was named the captain of the school’s cricket team … which was for Umang  one of the best days in his life … “Umang, started to gear up himself to be considered for the Under 19 selection and was aiming high on making a career in Cricket … not knowing that his dad Kartik has some other plans for him”


Umang continued to flourish his way through the inter school cricket tournament in which he was captain, they won the tournament, the school came into limelight and was published in the daily news .. Kartik and Uma got greeting from close family and friends for his son’s blistering performance in the tournament not only as a captain but also as a batsman …

Umang grew in confidence and made a mark in many such tournaments which were held by the inter school associations …  Umang’s dad kartik was happy for him, but at the same time his studies and academic record started to show a steep fall which worried kartik … but showing faith on his son he didn’t say anything to him and ignored the warning signs which was clearly noticed …. Thou kartik wanted Umang to be an engineer but not at the cost of his son’s passion .. He was waiting for the right time …

Due to Umang’s performance over the years, the Under -19 selectors considered him in the team of 20 for the tour to England, things happened in such quick notice that Kartik didn’t get the time to talk with Umang ..

Moment of truth came when Umang got a chance to play the 3rd Match of the tournament … he was totally geared up and ready to face the challenge .. If he proved himself here .. Bingo!! He would get a ticket to play with the big boy … the Indian cricket team … but destiny had some other plans … As the match started he was playing a flawless shot and building up a good inning .. But then came a fast bowler with his furious speed, he kept the balls short making it difficult for Umang to play him .. After sessions of balls .. One ball came and hit Umang on the left elbow … he couldn’t hold his bat .. A devastated situation  for an informed player … he was retired hurt … after the Physio check up and x-ray report it was found that he has brutally injured his elbow and surgery would mean he won’t be able to play for at least 3 to 4 years …

Kartik and Uma, when got the news were shattered .. They couldn’t believe what they heard ..

kartik after knowing that his academic performance was not upto the mark .. He didn’t talk to Umang and ignored the warning sign … this injury meant that he couldn’t take part in the upcoming entrance exams of Engineering  .. Which will waste a further 2 to 3 years of his career …

Umang returned home, and the first person to meet him was his dad Kartik … the duo had a long conversation and kartik explained how he ignored the warning sign and didn’t inform him about his grades and how it was affecting his studies … he also revealed that he wanted to see him as an engineer and not a cricketer as it was his grandfather’s wish …

Moral of the story : When you have faith and believe in something … be ready to tell the good and bad about it .. The more you are aware about the situation the better it helps you shape the future !!

Bleeding Gums?

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