Dare to Desire

The obsession that excites you is your ecstasy,

Why is it such a mystery?

Is it the temptation that baffle you?

Or the simplicity that amazes you..

The way you want to see it

Is different,

You want to mesmerize in its fragrance,

The deepest desire tempts

To capture it for the moment..

But it’s too late because

Its too swift for you to handle…

Despite the agony

You try to recover from the tragedy…

You still arise the desire,

To catch the moment

That made you go higher….

This is a never ending tale

Of desire,

The more you have it

The more you desire….

This is what makes us special

Otherwise we would be as calm as a mammal…

Selfish – obsessed – Centered

These 3 words describe you in some way

or the other

Tsunami, earthquakes, collapses,

is not your matter


the matter of fact remains unchanged

it’s your self-centered obsession

which never change


Why is there so much jealously

Why can’t you be in peace with your entity?

Why is there so much of tragedy

when the 3 basic thing are just your necessity


Life is easy when you think of your self

try to think for others

do what you can


Don’t be a miser and try to get what you can’t

you are not the only one

waiting for what you want


The world remembers you not for being selfish

it accepts you when you provide what’s needed