Talvar – The inside untold story

The movie Talvar is based on true story of the controversial double murder case of a 14 year old girl and a house help in Noida, the case was filed in 2008. As part of the special preview screening for bloggers organized by blogmint i got a chance to view the movie first hand.

Thou many of us would have read the newspapers and watched the special coverage report by News channel about the case, there is much more to the case then what we think we know , the movie Talvar has showcase that details and minutes in a very undramatic way, considering the seriousness of the case.I feel the movie has its stand very clear in the case and wants to show a wide perspective of the complete investigation, a perspective in which it is for us to decide what is right.

My top reasons why you should watch the movie:

1) Screenplay : The adaptation of the case elements are 355px-TalvarFilmPostervery well portrayed.

2) Perspective: The different angles and viewpoints of the people related to the case is well shown.

3) Cast: All the actors specially Irrfan, and Konkana Sen made the scenes come alive with the method acting skills, truly vivid contrast to what they have acted before.

4) Plot: There were no dramatic elements added in this movie Talvar, considering the seriousness, it covered all the view points and elements in details of case, which really turned out very well in trying to showcase as in what really happened!

5) Detailing overall scenes: Nothing is left half read or half told, the detailing of each testimony ,key frames and curiosity is maintained till the very end.

Thou I am not a big fan of documentary/ dark titled movies, but full credit goes to the writer of the movie Talvar Mr. Vishal Bhardwaj for scripting the emotions and soul of the characters in such a presentable way, even the direction headed by Meghna Gulzar of the movie Talvar is to be given credit for taking a bold step and moving ahead with the movie.

Overall, i feel its a movie you should not miss, thou many of us might be well verse with the case however the way the case has been opened up from all perspective is something to watch out for in the movie and finally is the justice served is something that we ultimately have to decide, if for nothing else.

The mystery of ghost writer and wheat part 18

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He closed his eyes again as the ACP walked in and stood in front of him for the next few minutes all he could hear was laughter of a couple of men and he could guess what was coming next.

As the ACP came to the cell where Cyrus was, he was little confused what was the ACP going to interrogate now, as he was totally scrutinized from all sort of ways and angles possible by the in-charge inspector.

ACP entered the cell and spoke in a stern voice: “Cyrus try to recall the event, the case is at a crucial stage and many lives are at stake”, he added.

Cyrus in a tired voice: Sir, I understand the situation knowing many lives are at stake and I have repeated this a hundred times while I was interrogated by your inspector that I was totally unconscious and unaware of the situation and I would have given you the scenario and helped you in all ways possible if I even had a clue on what happened that day. Being a responsible lawyer and citizen I will never take law in my hands and try to help the police.

One of the constables came and disrupted the talk between ACP and Cyrus saying: “Sir, we have someone here who wants to meet Cyrus”.  ACP told constable: Tell them that they cannot meet Cyrus as he is not allowed to interact.

Cyrus was frustrated after hearing this from the ACP and pleaded him to at-least allow him to speak on phone, but the ACP interrupted saying that we cannot allow you to talk as it is treated as influencing and tampering evidence. As ACP was about the leave the cell, Cyrus recalled something and asked the ACP to wait.

As Cyrus started to recall some of the situations he could remember, he fainted flat on the concrete ground and was unconscious. ACP shouted loud for ambulance help to be the constables.

After a brief spell of attempts by the ACP to awake him to consciousness nothing seemed to work, even a few sprinkles of water on his face was to no avail.  Till the time the ambulance came and the support staff had to take him to the hospital.

ACP was worried about Cyrus’s health, as he wanted to know what Cyrus remembered which he wanted to tell him.

ACP asked the doctor about Cyrus’s Health, the doctor said that he is still under observation and the coming few hours will be crucial as they were suspected brain nerves dysfunction.

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The mystery of ghost writer and wheat part 4

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Those were the days, memories just keep coming and bring a smile on my face, Shekhar talking within himself and remembering his nostalgic days!!

In his childhood days Shekhar was a very different sort of a person, he was a silent guy, not very restless like other kids around him, just keeping to himself and being helpful to other. He developed a sense of writing from his early days when he was facing many situations which made him mature mentally and it made him think and had a sense to pen down his thought in a diary.

He made diary his friend and shared his thought on situations and where life was taking him, it gave a sense of fulfillment to Shekhar whenever he used to share his deep side to the diary! It was a solace zone growing up!

It was in his teenage days, that he realized that he had good potential in becoming a writer, when he use to get teacher tap on the back for his writing essays, composition and sometimes even speeches for functions. Developing his writing skill as he moved on in life and started his college days!

Shekhar collage days were full of events! being a good writer many of his friends use to ask him to write love letters and even the drama teacher always made him the script writer of plays, as he was always helpful in all aspects, he gained popularity in the collage, Shekhar was always focused about what he wanted to do and did exactly that while was a point of example to many of his friends and he was the their inspiration!!

Moving ahead in life and seeing potential outside where he was at his college days, after finishing graduation he shifted gears and applied for MBA in Mass communication in many collage around his reach and stream before ending up in Mumbai…. The island of future scoop and opportunities!

MBA in Mass communication in those days was a talking point, as it was still emerging as a stream and making its base in the competitive world of opportunities, where money mattered more than passion! This was never a point of concern for Shekhar as he was focused and knew what he is best at !! Contained by the scope he always aspired to work on his passion and led a fulfilling life of what he could master!!

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