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We all are wanderers and all we seek for is success in our professional life, so what are the tools you may ask to find or achieve success? To have a conversation on similar lines, an enlightening session on how to achieve what you deserve, presenting Talkwiz Club’s “Shameless is Good” India Tour in association with NDTV Prime/Profit. ‘Shameless Is Good’ is a 90 minute talk to be a broadcast on NDTV Prime in shape of half hour episode by TEDx Speaker Coach Reety Wadhwa that offers an absolutely radical take on life and all its chaos. The talk has already struck a special chord in the minds of the people from Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata, and now the talk is going to be held on May 15, 2016 in Hotel Rangsharda, Mumbai from 11 AM- 1 PM for 500 participants. It is meant for people who crave for Wild Successes and who understand the importance of getting rid of speed bumps such as demotivation, skepticism and uncertainty for a wholesome existence.

Key Inclusions:

– You almost weren’t but you are.

– Hyphenate your life.

– Woe to Win success stories that will leave you awe-struck and inspired.

– Live in the trenches to fly the heights.

– Lets revisit the cliché.

– Dream, Desire, Dive.

– Yesterday you said Tomorrow !

– Shameless is Good.

– What is your story ?

Take home loads of motivation to Shamelessly and Relentlessly pursue your Professional and Personal goals.

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About The Speaker:

Reety Wadhwa has been a public speaker connoisseur since 2012 mastering subjects like creative thinking and motivation. She banished her corporate life in favor of the profession of speaking and learnt the art of public speaking from Andy Harrington (UK’s foremost public speaker). She has spoken to 1000’s of people under her signature programs “Shameless is Good”, “Think Better, Get Smarter” and “Rock the Stage: the Magic of Public Speaking”.

She encourages participants to challenge before accepting, ruffle status quo and revisit the drawing board for life successes. Her talks have helped many move ahead in their careers and have instilled inspiration in many. Her contagious passion for public speaking reflects in her highly energized talks She has delivered more than 200 talks and has successfully transformed many young minds and budding talents.

Video Snippets from Bengaluru, New Delhi and Kolkata:

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Have you Lived your LIFE

Life never plays fair with anyone,
life is lived with many twist and turns,
life says come try me with all you have got,
life teaches lessons like no education …

So, when have you lived your life?
Is it when you have seen failure?
Is it when you have seen success?
Is it when you have seen both?

No, Life is a beautiful glory of nature,
So, respect it and do justice to it forever,
There may be many ups and downs in our life,
But don’t forget, life is lived with those moments,
Which makes life living worthwhile ..

Why am i writing these lines for you,
does this feel like you are in it or lost in its deep blue?
No, you are where you are suppose to be
Scrolling the bar with ease and bliss

Nothing affects us till we plunge to experience it,
Not even seeing, hearing or advises touch us,
The way we experience life is so different …
So, why are you wasting your time sitting, doing nothing!

Go, live your life with what you believe in,
See the life you always wanted to see,
Hear those words of advises and make your life better,
Experience all of it and enjoy every bit,
Because, life is short and you have
A LOT TO DISCOVER to LIVE LIFE FREE !!!6372881_orig.jpg

Hunger to be on TOP

Look around you! Alert yourself … everyone who is ambitious, career oriented, people who are part of a system, who are leaders have  big hunger to be on top and it drives them, motivates them to do that extra bit special then others to be the sparkle, to be THE stand out performer and get one step closer to top…

Why is there this hunger to be on top, well there could be many reasons, some of them would be self esteem, power, to acquire something desired, dreams, to be recognized, and so on and forth.

Let’s shift our mind to something that has more to do with what motivated these species to be so relentless in their mission to be on top, well some of many reasons include:

  • They were born and brought up in such a family, where everyone is highly qualified and it’s in their genes to be on top.
  • Inspired by their Idols in the respective fields they were in.
  • Acquiring the top position to utilized the power to encourage better system, Organizations!

There are some instance where I observed that people are willing to put everything in stack and I mean EVERYTHING to be in top of their set benchmark, I sometime feel that if you don’t have the right mindset and track set for yourself to acquire the  top position of your benchmark,  it’s but obvious that you will fail, as they say ‘jack of all ace of NONE, so you need to be strategic and know your opportunities as it might come in disguise to you, but as I say be alert and give in your best !!! rest leave it on destiny!!!!

Summing up everything from what i have experienced through the years in achieve  specific goals and to be on TOP is to BELIEVE in yourself, set the path and break that path in to numerous parts as per your convenience and you will see that achieving what you desire is easy !! Yes but to be on top you have to shell out on your personal interest as they are the hurdles you need to jump and jump high to be in the race of being on TOP!!