My First Performance

Well here I go again guys. I don’t know from when I started off with this thought in my mind about becoming a singer… hmm I guess it started of early this year where we were assigned some items to perform at our office place, and me being creative and in dilemma of curiosity, choose to sing one of well guys any guesses… well let just cut the suspense it was “In the End” by one of my favorite band Linkin Park

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So, I had my debut not on stage but at my office place, Hmm so here I was with a challenge within me to perform and to carry it off till the end. To be true it’s not that easy to get into the rhythm of the beats when you’re trying to sing along with instrumental music. My basic fear was how the people hearing my song will feel, will I be able to pull it off or will I just manage to make them happy for the fact that I sung a not so rhythmic song. But as my fathers always say “people who try never loss” and it was true because indeed I managed to pull it off.