India Digital Superstar – Upload your talent

Today as we see, digital content is increasing, people are on the move and they want to access their shows/programs/music through Internet which has taken  pace in these recent 6 to 7 years, isn’t it great that we can catch all the action on the move! But then there is a big issue of bandwidth in India, average of 20 to 30 kbps on normal 2g network means lots of lag in watching videos.

Considering the bandwidth issues all around India, Zenga TV came up with a unique solution and technology to stream videos without any interruption even at low bandwidth speed of 20 kbps, that means it is well optimized to give you uninterrupted digital content at a cost effective rate, considering the size of videos which is quite low, isn’t that good news for mobile and web users!!

Zenga TV provides digital content videos and has partnership with many channels in different genres like Daily News, Music, Movies, Sports, Food & Health, Fashion and some of major content provider/channels like  NDTV, Aaj Tak, MTV India, Reliance Movies, Speed Records.

Zenga TV recently tied up with India’s Digital Superstar the hunt for India’s online superstar on the tube, it’s a unique concept where participants upload their videos showcasing their talent and judged by audience through  shares and like on the videos, even you can upload the videos anytime anywhere 24/7 and its not restricted to any particular genre, you could be a Musicians, DJ’s, comedians, mimicry artists, dancers, contortionists, jugglers, singers, acro gymnasts and many more across all ages.

The show “India’s Digital Superstar” has been inaugurated by Atul Khatri (winner of CEO’s Got Talent – 2014), Salim Merchant, Anu Malik, Music Director Duo Vishal Shekhar, Director & Producer Anubhav Sinha, Bhoomi Trivedi and Swaroop Khan, thou  search has been started from 19th January 2015, still there is time for you to showcase you talent and  be the next Indian Digital Super star with mentors like Sunny Leone, Anu Malik, Vishal Dadlani, Salim Merchant , Jazzy B, Andy , Raftaar  and Anubhav Sinha, you are sure to get the best exposure, the winner of this contest will get one year contract of 20 lacs from FremantleMedia and One Digital, which is a one shot stardom chance. So all you people who wish for success and are talented showcase what you have to offer in this unique and one of kind talent hunt.

The show is trending on India’s Digital Superstar, Youtube, Zenga TV and already has millions of collective hits on videos which have been uploaded by participants, it is fast catching on and rocking the tube with power pack participant’s videos, which just speaks for its popularity and the viewership of the show.

Some of the recent trending videos which I really like are:

MIME ACT (at railway station) by Dhawal : This video is a fine example of facial and expressions dialogue delivery and just fits right to the whole scene created, you can check out the video below :

This Life | Nineteen47: A rap song, beautiful lyrics and beats with decent cinematography, a complete package check it out :

Celebrity Talks and masti:

Some talk and encouragement by artist from the industry on why India’s Digital Superstar is such a big platform:

1) Celebrities vs Agarmach

2) Aadesh Shrivastava

My favorite video from the episodes:

Salim Ke Saath:

If you see this episode which I personally like, there are showcase of some amazing videos uploaded and well some funny once as well,  the Anchor and Salim Merchant (singer, music director) chats in between the videos, sharing their views and opinion, which is one aspect I really liked:

Streaming with Bluetooth the new FAB

It has been decades since TV’s have been a part of our family, earlier we didn’t use to have so many channels, just a few but we still enjoyed and accepted them as our daily routine to watch those serials, cartoons, music. But now with the cutting edge advancement in technology we have access to more than 100 plus channels, and we are totally spoiled for choices.

Now that we have so many channels and there are multiple genre of production for instance  separate channels for Movies, Music, Sports, daily serials, food, lifestyle and so on and forth, considering the appetite of our consumption of watching, we have also grown the appetite for better sound with enhance bass and tremble to get those accurate beats while listening to our favorite artist sing.

At the early 1990, while my growing up days, dad brought a home theater which had like 1 woofer and 5 speakers and we all use to listen to it like mad, we had a sort of jam session where we sang along with family like karaoke session and have a blissful time.

Now that we are in the 20th century and thanks to the growing and advance technology we are going wireless with the invention of live streaming Bluetooth through multiple devices which are available in the market that plays as a host to our home theatre and we can easily get connected to multiple devices supporting Bluetooth like our laptop, tablet, smart phones, MP3 players, sounds amazing doesn’t it! Instant party starter in a way.


Thou I am bit skeptical that some of you guys have a home theater at your place, it doesn’t have to be as swanky but even a decent 1 woofer 2 speaker or a good quality sound bar is a good enough alternative from your basic mobile, laptop or TV speakers.


So if you are still unaware of such technology or still feeling lazy to search the local market for a decent Bluetooth streamer, Bluetooth enabled speakers, home theaters then don’t waste any further time and get the stuff you want, get spoiled for choices and awesome deals, so if you have not invested on one yet, get it right away!!