Rock ON with Word Up – BigROCK – Indiblogger


When I got notification email from indiblogger team regarding the event by BigROCK – Word up, I was excited and yes thrilled for two reasons, 1) The theme of the event was about blogging, DIY and SEO and 2) the venue – BLUE FROG which is quite a happening place when it comes to live events!!

So, after few days when the event timing was set and I got the schedule by email, I was like what !! 10 am in the morning, I rechecked and confirmed and ya it was 10.00 am, so I was all prepared for Saturday mentally to shuffle my schedule a little and be there by 10.00 am.

Just before the event day, got a notification that from the 50 early birds who register first to the event stands a chance to win a Moto G, wow !! so it was like we have to there and be in the top 50 to stand a chance.

The EVENT Day – Pre-event activities


Me and some of blogger friends tagged up and headed towards Lower Parel , Blue Frog where the event was, we all were greeted by a welcoming team of Indiblogger and fellows from BigROCK for the registration and event activities, just missed the registration and participation for standing a chance to win Moto G.



It was an all day event, starting off with breakfast, we were offered a host of varieties such as tea, coffee, sandwiches and stuff in breakfast!


Just as we were sipping some tea and hanging out and chit chatting before the event could start, we were pleasantly surprised by the Indiblogger band performance, we were called up to the center and we cheered and sang along with Indi Band,  my favorite host at Indiblogger Anoop was on Guitars and Nihal was the lead vocalist, and one flew from Philippines she was on drums and one more masked guitarist was there, he was the show stealer actually for his mask and mysterious outfit, on the other hand Vineet, Shweta and Renie the other Core members of Indiblogger team were not far behind as some of them were clicking photos like pro and others cheering their heart out, it was the first time that I discovered that the Indiblogger team are also creative with music instruments and vocals, was a treat to ears and eyes  ;)..


68944_10152387172052883_6136367657470060813_nThe Event DAY –

A Briefing By CEO at BigROCK :-

It was short brief about BigROCK and how the company has grown over the years with its products and services for a vast immerging Indian hunger for domains as people are getting more aware about the positive outcome of having a website and the brand or product value it gives when showcase online.

BigROCK not only helps register a domain but also has a user friendly website designer which preliminary helps newbie launch their website hassle free and in a more convenient manner. Also they have recently launched the .me domain which is fast picking pace with youth and budding bloggers J

A Light Talk by Mr. Vinit Goenka

The Event started off with a brief speech By Mr. Vinit Goenka, National Co- Convener, BJP IT Cell, he is instrumental in the BJP social media affairs . He conveyed that as a party they are all ears to suggestion, information and critics and their endeavor is to further improve the communication with the common man and reach to everyone and know their grievances and notice it to the higher authority or the concern departments.

Speakers and their Presentations

Amit Agarwal:

My Take on his presentation are:

1) Came to know about various form factors under which blogs are showcased

2) About the Adsense and ads segment for bloggers and how to approach or negotiate with bidders, marketer and promoter.

3) Why wordpress is better than other platforms, such as blogger, tumblr, flickr,  and etc


Anshul Tewari:

My Take on his presentation are:

1) His journey which lead to Youthkiawaz to international level.

2) Keep a track on your passion, it may be the next big thing

3) His approach towards his thoughts and how he converted a part time site into a full fledge information source and shout box for the youth.

4) Knowing some insites on how-to being able to fight the path to achieve.


Lakshmi Rebecca tea chat with  Sunit Singh:

My Take on the Chat:

1) How Video-logs are the new trend setters in youtube and other video hosting sites.

2) The concept of Chai and chat merging to a success.

3) The journey which lead to Chai with Lakshmi.

4) How this first initiative of Chai with Lakshmi lead to other projects!

Sunit Singh on a brief about the following:

1) Design of a blog or website keeping in perspective readers view other than your likes and dislikes.

2) How important it is for the blog design to adapt to various screen such as a desktop PC, Tablet, phablet, phones and its readability.

3) Importance of grabbing the reader’s attention in crucial 3 secs J when he lands to the website/blog.



After a smashing 1st half of the event day, some gyan and lots of cracking info and life changing stories, it was time for  lunch ,it was a buffet, lots of yummy delights and variety in starters, main course and  desserts, food overall was good.

Post Lunch Event:

Varun Krishnan

Some Interesting segments about the presentation:

1) Blogging is not only limited to certain frills, but is a integral part of online content, respect what you are!

2) How his life changed when he considered his hobby his career, a inspiring tale.

3) Learning is endless and discovering is the tool to acquire!

After a intense and long session, there was this next speaker who was all bonkers and humorous:

CV Krishna, who seems a serious person with bulk load of experience in development consultation, was all humor with his talks and humor satire pattern more towards topics related to politics, sports, the unreal time as he and his fellows named it, the site offer loads of funny take on political situation and statements and quite innovative with the sense of comic timing, had fun!

It was some more fun and chit chat with the next speaker:

Scherezade Shroff:

Parsi in the house, she was all heart out chatting about her love for fashion and how she went mainstream with it! Quite jolly and sporty Sherry as they call her went big while she was a regularly Vblogging her fashion channel on youtube and started building this up to be a more prominent internet figure in fashion ! She shared her views about blogging and how it gives a way of being more free and light headed if pursue with passion !


Harsh Agrawal

He means business when it came to blogging and technicalities related to blogging, was quite a amazing session in regards to SEO DIY, some of the highlights of his presentation included also materials provided by Atlanta SEO company:

1) Major mistakes blogger or newbie do while creating their website or blog and how to be more profound with small technicalities which could make a break a sites image online

2) How to on being more search engine friendly when it came to coding and plugins related to blogging.

3) Some insightful tools and hacks which can shoot you from zero to hero in the mainstream blogging and search engine arena.

Snigdha Manchanda

Trained by a Japanese master in Sri Lanka, she is on a mission to serve better tea ! sounds interesting, so on is her love for story telling Tea Trunk and Story ninja is her 2 initiative which she pursues !

Some of the many aspects about tea and storytelling she shared were:

1) How her passions for tea lead her to the tea hub in Sri Lanka.

2)Story Building – Understanding the “YOU connect”

3) Sharing the 7 basic story plot

I) Star Trek – Ovefrcoming the monster

II) Lord of the Rings – The Quest

III)The Wizard of OZ – Voyage and return

IV) War and Peace – Comedy

V) Hamlet – Tragedy

VI) Cinderella – Rags to Riches

VII) Sleeping Beauty – Rebirth

This was the last of the sessions and then came Bhavish Ailani, he is a stand-up comedian, he tickled our funny bones and made us laugh till we start rolling on the floor (I guess ya).

Beginning of the end

After this all the speakers were facilitated by BigROCK team and then all the winner were announce and prizes for different sort of contest were distributed, some of the contest were as mentioned above the 50 early bird contest, then there were twitter contest in which the best tweet in each session won some goodies and then there were many other contest, don’t remember them all.


Before we headed back home, Indiblogger team made us assemble and did some head banging (literally) and then a group photo to top it all up!


For me being in Indiblogger meet is always a learning curve and an interactive module with like headed people and so much to learn each time, so much more still to achieve! Thanks Indiblogger team for making such events happen and believing in the power of Blogging and networking!!


Images courtesy : indiblogger FB page , indiblogger Event Page, other(s) my clicks and edits.

Univercell – Enhancing Mobile Experience

The only thing that touches you is the satisfaction you get when you are happy and fulfilled while discovering the journey of lifeAziz Ampanwala.

 Last week was a special day for me, not for many but one reason, I got a chance to visit one of the big retail mobile chains “Univercell” thanks to folks at indiblogger who had organized it and gave a chance to experience and explore the store in-depth.

 Indiblogger is one of the most active blogging community in India:

Website : Indiblogger, Facebook, Twitter

 Before I start off with review, let me give you a brief about Univercell:

Univercell is one of the biggest mobile retail chains in India with a whopping INR 1000+ Crore turnover  till date, they started off in 2000 with 1 outlet in Chennai and swiftly moving with time and expanding to nearly 450­+ mega retail stores all across south and west India up till today and are planning to create their strong existence in North and east India in the coming years.

My Review:

When: 22nd August 2014

Venue:  Univercell – CECIL COURT BUILDING,, NEXT TO REGAL CINEMA,, CAUSE WAY, Mumbai – 400001.


 As I walk in the store I was greeted and welcome by the Store Manager who gave me a brief about the company and made me more aware about the service centric culture at Univercell which they follow and aim to achieve for customer satisfaction, which I shall discuss and elaborate in the article ahead.


I stared navigating the store, it was significant that the mobiles and accessories were placed categorically for convenience of customers to help them navigate easily and allow them to choose from the specification and details they desire, the categories are as follows:

1) Music

2) Point and Shoot

3) Work and Play

4) Tablets, Phablets

Let look in depth the categories:

1) Music:


Music zone has specially selected docks and headphones/earphones geared to make music experience with the smart phone easy. – Each phone displayed has the accompanying earpiece that the manufacturer provides. Univercell push the accessory they recommend instead to be purchased for a better music experience. – A bundle offer can be introduced with an accessory of headphone and memory card plus phone cover.

 2) Point and Shoot:


This zone is dedicated to all trigger happy customers, amateurs and professionals. A fun photo booth powered by the best camera phones helps customer experience their phones, compare pictures before then buy. This zone is also supported by all the must haves for a photography lover- like extra memory, extra battery, etc.

 3) Work and Play:


This Zone is a mix of Productivity and Gaming. The best phones for work, loaded by the best productivity apps bring alive how a smartphone can really power up your life Phablets and Tablets with exciting gaming apps lets you experience how you can play while you work .This zone also brings alive all kinds of accessories that takes multitasking to its absolute limit.

4) Tablets and Phablets:

IMG-20140823-WA0084       IMG-20140823-WA0090

Conveniently place at dedicated corner are tablets and phablets, this zone has various brand tablet and phablets showcased, tablets are widely used in almost all streams of life, from toddlers to school kids, youngsters, professionals, housewife to grandpa.Considering the importance of tablet some useful tablet gyan is handle full to have a in-depth of which tablet will suit whom.

 Now let me showcase you some of the USP’s of Univercell :


Sync allows you to have a hands-on feel of the product you want to /intending to purchase, understanding the features live such as play, music, browsing, usability to name a few, and to get a feel of the device is always a plus while making a choice of purchasing, which is well thought concept of Univercell.

 The Value ADDED Services brigade of Univercell – Sync Services

IMG-20140823-WA0159 IMG-20140823-WA0078IMG-20140823-WA0076

There are a host of Value added services for offer at univercell – Sync Services which are well equipped to help the customer from physical damages to water logging to mobile theft and security and much more,  listing the services in brief:

1) Free Monsoon Protection 

2) 24 X 7 Helpline – On the move mobile assistance

3) Mobile Health Care – Provide Pick up and Drop services, extended warranty and standby mobile support

4) Total Insurance Plan – Univercell total care gives support and protection to phone from: theft, cracked screen, water logging and other damages

5) Tank your phone – Assistance in buying e-book and app, help pick right data plan, bill payments and top-ups.

Finance Schemes

At Univercell, there are host of schemes and offer up for grabs, which benefits the customer in many ways and provides satisfaction to all group of buyers, some of the schemes are discussed below:


1) Upto 100% cash back scheme – If you are a credit card holder, just swipe the card for down payment and the rest is taken care of by the Univercell team, they will calculate and let you know how much cash back percent you earn as per their algorithm, the branch manager told me that few customer have won complete 100% in 3 months, that awesome isn’t it.

2) Easy EMI’s with no processing fees and 0% interest: This service is provided by their financial partner Bajaj Finance who offer this at a hassle free documentation process and minimal approval basis of personal documents.

3) Flexi EMI’s: Yes, you can also avail EMI’s upto 24 months if you have a credit card, you shall be charged a minimal processing fees and interest.

 My observation on the segments and store overall:

1) In all three segments, beside the phone / accessories there were description table in which all the details of the phone were mention which is helpful when you are comparing the phone with one another or simply going through the specs, also mentioned are some pointer to whom the device is most suitable, which I found really helpful.

2) In all three segments there were no price mentioned beside the phones/accessories, sounds interesting and it is, when I asked the branch manager about the funda, he politely answered saying we deliberately did it so that customer would ask the price to us and we could interact and help serve the customer better with our different schemes and discounts to help achieve the desired satisfaction, which again is a well thought initiative.

3) While I was browsing the various segments of the store, every segment had a dedicated Customer help executive who had a lot of idea about the particular segment, brands and best deal, I was impressed with their helpful nature and a sense to customer satisfaction when it came to selecting a product or simply asking for options. Even the branch manager of the store pointed out that it’s all about making people more comfortable and helping them sort options.

4) Range of accessories at the store was phenomenal, from screen guards to covers, panels, car mobile accessories, you name it and its there, and even so they had dedicated accessories for each handset on display which is a rare in other retail store or at other private outlet.

5) Feel of store was very friendly and the executives were very dedicated to provide proper support to queries and helping  find what you actually require, satisfaction is their mission which is fulfilled at many level to what I have experienced , while I was navigating the store and having a quick chat with the Brand Strategist, Branch manager and support staff.

 Let me share some of the unique feature about Univercell which other Mobile Retail chains Lack:


Overall, I was glad to visit the store at Univercell, came to know about some fabulous services and support for phones, besides that some very well staged phone segments and accessories at display, a must recommend to anyone buying a new phone and accessory just for their support and effort to provide the customer according to their needs and demands and gaining satisfaction.

For more information regarding Scheme/offer/new launch please visit on their online portals:



Facebook Page