Sony Mobile Xperia phones – Class Apart

When it comes to design, stability, usability, durability in mobile phones the first choice has to be Sony, Sony was amongst the first few manufacturers who started the mobile saga rage in the world! It has always been consistent with one aspect of ideology and that is customer satisfaction and to demostrate they have always come up with innovative and amazing design and built concepts, which have been game changer in the world of mobile spectrum manufacturing and design concept!

The recent Sony mobile range just proves the point, with a wide range of phones in the series, starting from budget phones with most loaded features in its segment to high end cutting edge technology phones which are class apart in the design and functional features!

Sharing a list of HOT buy phones from the Sony Xperia range:

BUDGET RANGE                 : Sony Xperia E, M and L Series

MID RANGE                        : Sony Xperia L and SP Series

HIGH RANGE                      : Sony Xperia Z Series


Let me classify these phones series for better understanding:

Products Series Sony Xperia Z Series Sony Xperia L and SP Series E, M and L Series
Camera 13 MP Rear and 5 MP Front facing 8 MP Rear and 2 MP Front facing 5 MP Rear and VGA Front facing
Screen Range of 5 INCH to 5.5 INCH Full HD Range of 4.5 INCH to 5 INCH Full HD Range of 3.5 INCH  to 4.3 INCH
Processor Generally Quad Core Snap Dragon Processor Generally Dual Core Snap Dragon Processor Snap Dragon Processor with lower GHz slot
Memory Varies in the range of 16/32 GB internal storage capacity 8 GB internal storage capacity 4 GB internal storage capacity
Battery Range of around 3500 mAh battery Range Between 1750 to 2500 mAh battery Range Between 1500 to 1750 mAh battery
Features Sony Media Apps, Water proof, Dust resistant Sony Media Apps, LED Illusion Bar, Glove mode in some models Walkman, Xloud, Data Management

Univercell – Enhancing Mobile Experience

The only thing that touches you is the satisfaction you get when you are happy and fulfilled while discovering the journey of lifeAziz Ampanwala.

 Last week was a special day for me, not for many but one reason, I got a chance to visit one of the big retail mobile chains “Univercell” thanks to folks at indiblogger who had organized it and gave a chance to experience and explore the store in-depth.

 Indiblogger is one of the most active blogging community in India:

Website : Indiblogger, Facebook, Twitter

 Before I start off with review, let me give you a brief about Univercell:

Univercell is one of the biggest mobile retail chains in India with a whopping INR 1000+ Crore turnover  till date, they started off in 2000 with 1 outlet in Chennai and swiftly moving with time and expanding to nearly 450­+ mega retail stores all across south and west India up till today and are planning to create their strong existence in North and east India in the coming years.

My Review:

When: 22nd August 2014

Venue:  Univercell – CECIL COURT BUILDING,, NEXT TO REGAL CINEMA,, CAUSE WAY, Mumbai – 400001.


 As I walk in the store I was greeted and welcome by the Store Manager who gave me a brief about the company and made me more aware about the service centric culture at Univercell which they follow and aim to achieve for customer satisfaction, which I shall discuss and elaborate in the article ahead.


I stared navigating the store, it was significant that the mobiles and accessories were placed categorically for convenience of customers to help them navigate easily and allow them to choose from the specification and details they desire, the categories are as follows:

1) Music

2) Point and Shoot

3) Work and Play

4) Tablets, Phablets

Let look in depth the categories:

1) Music:


Music zone has specially selected docks and headphones/earphones geared to make music experience with the smart phone easy. – Each phone displayed has the accompanying earpiece that the manufacturer provides. Univercell push the accessory they recommend instead to be purchased for a better music experience. – A bundle offer can be introduced with an accessory of headphone and memory card plus phone cover.

 2) Point and Shoot:


This zone is dedicated to all trigger happy customers, amateurs and professionals. A fun photo booth powered by the best camera phones helps customer experience their phones, compare pictures before then buy. This zone is also supported by all the must haves for a photography lover- like extra memory, extra battery, etc.

 3) Work and Play:


This Zone is a mix of Productivity and Gaming. The best phones for work, loaded by the best productivity apps bring alive how a smartphone can really power up your life Phablets and Tablets with exciting gaming apps lets you experience how you can play while you work .This zone also brings alive all kinds of accessories that takes multitasking to its absolute limit.

4) Tablets and Phablets:

IMG-20140823-WA0084       IMG-20140823-WA0090

Conveniently place at dedicated corner are tablets and phablets, this zone has various brand tablet and phablets showcased, tablets are widely used in almost all streams of life, from toddlers to school kids, youngsters, professionals, housewife to grandpa.Considering the importance of tablet some useful tablet gyan is handle full to have a in-depth of which tablet will suit whom.

 Now let me showcase you some of the USP’s of Univercell :


Sync allows you to have a hands-on feel of the product you want to /intending to purchase, understanding the features live such as play, music, browsing, usability to name a few, and to get a feel of the device is always a plus while making a choice of purchasing, which is well thought concept of Univercell.

 The Value ADDED Services brigade of Univercell – Sync Services

IMG-20140823-WA0159 IMG-20140823-WA0078IMG-20140823-WA0076

There are a host of Value added services for offer at univercell – Sync Services which are well equipped to help the customer from physical damages to water logging to mobile theft and security and much more,  listing the services in brief:

1) Free Monsoon Protection 

2) 24 X 7 Helpline – On the move mobile assistance

3) Mobile Health Care – Provide Pick up and Drop services, extended warranty and standby mobile support

4) Total Insurance Plan – Univercell total care gives support and protection to phone from: theft, cracked screen, water logging and other damages

5) Tank your phone – Assistance in buying e-book and app, help pick right data plan, bill payments and top-ups.

Finance Schemes

At Univercell, there are host of schemes and offer up for grabs, which benefits the customer in many ways and provides satisfaction to all group of buyers, some of the schemes are discussed below:


1) Upto 100% cash back scheme – If you are a credit card holder, just swipe the card for down payment and the rest is taken care of by the Univercell team, they will calculate and let you know how much cash back percent you earn as per their algorithm, the branch manager told me that few customer have won complete 100% in 3 months, that awesome isn’t it.

2) Easy EMI’s with no processing fees and 0% interest: This service is provided by their financial partner Bajaj Finance who offer this at a hassle free documentation process and minimal approval basis of personal documents.

3) Flexi EMI’s: Yes, you can also avail EMI’s upto 24 months if you have a credit card, you shall be charged a minimal processing fees and interest.

 My observation on the segments and store overall:

1) In all three segments, beside the phone / accessories there were description table in which all the details of the phone were mention which is helpful when you are comparing the phone with one another or simply going through the specs, also mentioned are some pointer to whom the device is most suitable, which I found really helpful.

2) In all three segments there were no price mentioned beside the phones/accessories, sounds interesting and it is, when I asked the branch manager about the funda, he politely answered saying we deliberately did it so that customer would ask the price to us and we could interact and help serve the customer better with our different schemes and discounts to help achieve the desired satisfaction, which again is a well thought initiative.

3) While I was browsing the various segments of the store, every segment had a dedicated Customer help executive who had a lot of idea about the particular segment, brands and best deal, I was impressed with their helpful nature and a sense to customer satisfaction when it came to selecting a product or simply asking for options. Even the branch manager of the store pointed out that it’s all about making people more comfortable and helping them sort options.

4) Range of accessories at the store was phenomenal, from screen guards to covers, panels, car mobile accessories, you name it and its there, and even so they had dedicated accessories for each handset on display which is a rare in other retail store or at other private outlet.

5) Feel of store was very friendly and the executives were very dedicated to provide proper support to queries and helping  find what you actually require, satisfaction is their mission which is fulfilled at many level to what I have experienced , while I was navigating the store and having a quick chat with the Brand Strategist, Branch manager and support staff.

 Let me share some of the unique feature about Univercell which other Mobile Retail chains Lack:


Overall, I was glad to visit the store at Univercell, came to know about some fabulous services and support for phones, besides that some very well staged phone segments and accessories at display, a must recommend to anyone buying a new phone and accessory just for their support and effort to provide the customer according to their needs and demands and gaining satisfaction.

For more information regarding Scheme/offer/new launch please visit on their online portals:



Facebook Page


A Transformed Experience – Asus T100

“Life is moving on and so is the need for technology, we are living in a fast pace life where we just can’t resist the power of technology for personal and business use on the move” – Aziz Ampanwala

Now a days life has become just so much simpler with the advancement of mobile technology, I think that work which use to take up days are now done in minutes, more so with the advancement of portable technology it has gone to a far new level with access to media and data on the go, we have virtually become human robots ourselves.

For a person like me who is constantly on the move I always wished that I had a portable laptop which fulfills all my tablet needs with the comfort of a laptop features and configuration, all in one and on the go. Sounds impossible don’t it!


Let me share some of the cool things I could do / which would keep me hooked to Asus “Transformed” T100 !

1) Browsing and researching on internet with its efficient processor and WIFI.

2) Performing Multi-Tasking smoothly with its Atom Qaud Core PROCESSOR.

3) Online Conferences and live face chatting on the go!

4) Reading E-Books, Magazines and Newspaper.

5) Preparing and editing documents, presentation and datasheets on the move with the comfort of having full laptop features like touchpad and keyboard

6) Watching full length movies and tv series with its super 10+ hour battery life.

7) Playing games on its rich experience 10.1” HD IPS image display and touch screen.

How can all the above be achieved with the Asus T100? Here is how:

1) Detachable freedom: Yes, it’s a dream for anyone who is travelling or on the go to have a single device that takes care of both the needs of laptop and tablet, it’s great to have the freedom of moving with a power house that has the capability of both a tablet and laptop considering you won’t have to carry a extra device.

2) Processor : With the help of its Quad Core Processor, viewing, editing your office documents, preparing a power point presentation or a excel datasheet on the move is so easy, with the help of a proper physical touch and keyboard interface it just adds to the comfort.

3)  BATTERY (In bold letters) : Yes, battery plays a significant part in portable devices, but what if you get a battery life of around 11 hours from a laptop and tablet at the same time, sounds like the best thing to the ears of any one on the move, a definite YES YES situation!

4) Ultra portable: A device which is sleek and handy to carry is what everyone wants now a day’s specially youth and people travelling or on the move, with detachable capabilities and features of tablet and laptop, it’s just fits the mind to have a device like it.

My Views:

I am already convinced with all the cool features it has and the package it is giving, it’s a serious and well equipped mean machine for all the travel lover and on the move people with features of a tablet and laptop well combined to suit the needs of this fast moving on the go world where time is key and portability is a necessity.

For more information on the specs and features do visit:

No distance too far

Whenever I think of technology and mobile technology, it never fails to amaze me that for a period of time and decades there has been such swift advancement.

It’s been a wonder back then when the world knew about the invention of the telephone, people could connect from different parts of the world and talk. After that it was time for pagers, which was quite handy for professional such as doctors, engineers, managers.

Then finally mobile phones arrived. When mobiles were introduced, it took communication to another level and people could take it to places and connect, that was history.

But then more advancement and breakthrough invention came and an era of smart phones surfaced to be discovered. Now people could not only communicate but do multiple tasks and handle their business on the go, which was pretty cool and amazing too.

But then with all those facilities one more added to the innovation that made it easier for people to not only connect but interact with each other, share photos, videos, voice chat and do many things at once, this awesome tool which literally made distance a thing of the past was named “WECHAT”.

I consider myself lucky to be in this era in which communication is under our fingertip and there is a rich history supporting it.

Today I am sharing a post which is in association with indiblogger and support of WECHAT, a contest which  allows me to choose 5 or more people in a WeChat group – asking who would they be, and why? What would i talk about?

There is a saying that:

Nothing makes the earth seem as spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes
By Henry David Thoreau

If given a chance to speak with a group of people on Wechat, I would like to converse with the following:






Discuss on issues from a citizen point of view, the pro’s and con’s of living there, place to travel  in their country, culture, political stability, corruption,  infrastructure, cultural harmony, economy and much more.

Why would I like to add them in the group because it would intersect the information to all the other nations.

However the Chat didn’t started the way it should be, lets check out !!

Me: Hi my foreign natives, I welcome you all to this group.

American: Hi there, thanks for of inviting me..

Arab: Yes, my American brother  .. I am happy to have you in this conversation

Chinese: Hello people, I am humbled that I was invited, I have a business proposal for you all if you would like to know, that is!

African: Well, I don’t have a business plan, I have a “WILL” to give you all, which was left by your ancestors, please let me know who all are interested, I shall explain you  in personal chat.

Australian: Stop it mate, we are here not to discuss all this, we are fedup of corruption and scams, we know all the tricks of trade mate, so cut it.

American: Hey mate, I agree with you… we have our own intelligence agencies covering and busting internet scams ! so please buzz off..

African: My American and Austrian Brother, I was also not kidding, but if you are not interested, its fine.. just don’t create a scene ..

Chinese: Hey guys would like to inform you that I have many different opportunities and businesses .. if anyone interested please let me know ..

Me: I am not..

African: Well, I think we are not here to discuss this..

American: Hey dude, just keep your proposals for those Arabs .. they get fooled into your venture

Arab: If we get fooled in those ventures, we make sure there is no existence after that .. I hope you got it …

American: Hey, you know what? I got scared !! lol

Arab: Voice Chat (Arabic abuse)

Me: cut it guys

Chinese: Yes, be in harmony, we here for opportunities not fight my friends..

Australian: Yes mate, agree with you ..

Me: My friends let discuss on the issue from a citizen point of view, the pro’s and con’s of living in your country, place to travel, culture, political stability, corruption,  infrastructure, cultural harmony, economy and other noticeable issues

The chat continues …….

This was my post on Wechat contest in association with Indiblogger. Thanks for reading..