Birthday Wishes

A poem describing my best friend’s worth and wishing him a very happy birthday ! This one is for you mate !

You were there for me when i felt alone
You were there for me when i was on the go
You were there for me when there was nothing worth the hold
You were there for me in my every moment, good bad and bore

Just imagine that you were someone who never broke my trust
And there were days when you were there for the only one

I tried to convince my self that you will always be there for me
But i curse this life cycle
which took you away from me
there were days when you had many hands
Which made me sad but was happy to see that

Hope that my words don’t sadden you
I hope the coming year brings all the joy to you
I know you are persuing many dreams
and i am confident that you will achieve
what you have seen

I pray to god that my friend stays in touch with me forever
every year i could wish him on his special day now and ever

Birthdays come and they go
Which just reminds us there is 1 less to go
I am happy that i am with you this moment
was able to cherish with you the days we have forgotten
Please be the same and never forget this moment
because i was in it writing for who you have forgetten