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The love for latest international trends and fashion never fades no matter what, we always want to be in trend or be the trend setters and lead the way, however our fashion style or trends are somewhat influenced by the surrounding we live in, the people we interact on a daily basis or the advertisement we watch or consume from different mediums may it be TV, internet, newspaper or hoarding ads.

However there is lot more to fashion then just a “LOOK”, fashion is an art, an expression, a statement. If serious detailing and work needs to be understood then some renowned international magazines should be considered, though these magazines are very hard to find in the nearby book store or stalls where you would just find local or national style magazines, but there is a website named the Design info, where such exclusive international fashion and style magazines are available for Indian fashionista, budding fashion designers, established label houses,  who are interested in knowing a lot more than just fashion and style aspect of the industry and learn more about the larger and detailed aspect of the fashion industry.

Design Info Magazine Home Page

Buy fashion magazines from Design info which is a one stop shop for all the major international fashion magazines, you name it and they have it in their comprehensive list, the indexing is very well structured and it’s easy to scroll through to find the perfect match you need. Categories include not only Women fashion, but mans and kids too, apart from that wide categories other than fashion are also listed, such as color and trends, Architecture, Interiors, Home & Garden Fashion, Health and fitness,  automobiles and business & economics.

Design info has the most comprehensive list and is India’s only such website portal offering an array of International Fashion magazines, which is why it’s the most loved portal by fashion designers across India.

Not only clothing fashion but other major categories like Shoe & Footwear, Bags and accessories for man and women are listed, which makes Design info portal a must go to website for international fashion trends for such categories. Major Fashion houses, Fashion and Product Design institutes, individual Fashion designer rely on Design info website to buy such magazines and make their libraries updated for designers to take inspiration and understand new updated trends in the fashion industry.Design Info Magazine Subscription Page

Design info not only allows users for one time buy of international magazines but also yearly subscriptions too. That is an added bonus considering hassle free one time check out for a yearly subscription in one go / transaction. The Payment gateways have multiple options to choose from like NEFT, RTGS, COD, VISA/MASTERCARD payment gateways.  These magazines once ordered and received at their facility are dispatched the same day and it hardly takes a couple of days to reach, the magazines are dispatched through FEDEX or BlueDart which are the best in the business for courier service.