Largest Collection of International Fashion Magazines

The love for latest international trends and fashion never fades no matter what, we always want to be in trend or be the trend setters and lead the way, however our fashion style or trends are somewhat influenced by the surrounding we live in, the people we interact on a daily basis or the advertisement we watch or consume from different mediums may it be TV, internet, newspaper or hoarding ads.

However there is lot more to fashion then just a “LOOK”, fashion is an art, an expression, a statement. If serious detailing and work needs to be understood then some renowned international magazines should be considered, though these magazines are very hard to find in the nearby book store or stalls where you would just find local or national style magazines, but there is a website named the Design info, where such exclusive international fashion and style magazines are available for Indian fashionista, budding fashion designers, established label houses,  who are interested in knowing a lot more than just fashion and style aspect of the industry and learn more about the larger and detailed aspect of the fashion industry.

Design Info Magazine Home Page

Buy fashion magazines from Design info which is a one stop shop for all the major international fashion magazines, you name it and they have it in their comprehensive list, the indexing is very well structured and it’s easy to scroll through to find the perfect match you need. Categories include not only Women fashion, but mans and kids too, apart from that wide categories other than fashion are also listed, such as color and trends, Architecture, Interiors, Home & Garden Fashion, Health and fitness,  automobiles and business & economics.

Design info has the most comprehensive list and is India’s only such website portal offering an array of International Fashion magazines, which is why it’s the most loved portal by fashion designers across India.

Not only clothing fashion but other major categories like Shoe & Footwear, Bags and accessories for man and women are listed, which makes Design info portal a must go to website for international fashion trends for such categories. Major Fashion houses, Fashion and Product Design institutes, individual Fashion designer rely on Design info website to buy such magazines and make their libraries updated for designers to take inspiration and understand new updated trends in the fashion industry.Design Info Magazine Subscription Page

Design info not only allows users for one time buy of international magazines but also yearly subscriptions too. That is an added bonus considering hassle free one time check out for a yearly subscription in one go / transaction. The Payment gateways have multiple options to choose from like NEFT, RTGS, COD, VISA/MASTERCARD payment gateways.  These magazines once ordered and received at their facility are dispatched the same day and it hardly takes a couple of days to reach, the magazines are dispatched through FEDEX or BlueDart which are the best in the business for courier service.

Unleash The 4G with Airtel

We have seen days when we struggled to download even a 1 mb file, watch a 3 mbs video or listen to live streaming music in one go, however time changed and we had our hands on with 2G and 3G network connectivity which somehow  provided us with speeds that manages to feed our hunger for faster and seamless internet speed on the go.

There were many speculations that 4G network was about to roll in India and everyone was anticipating for the launch of the 4G connectivity, however few days ago I got a hands on experience to unleash the 4G internet on the Airtel Network, it was demo session and I got to use it for a good hour or so, sharing my experience on how the 4G network on Airtel is seamless and committed to provide and  satisfy any level of speed thirst.

1) I have a decent smart phone with 2 GB RAM and good processor, however with the new 4G 128 KB sim, the performance is better for 4G connectivity and sim storage.

2) I browsed through heavy coded web pages like Facebook, news portals, shopping websites, train and bus booking websites, and the results were seamless browsing experience with Airtel 4G.

3) Now to up the ante, I streamed online video on YouTube at 720 dpi and even 1080 dpi to check the video streaming speed and it didn’t disappoint me there also, not a single lag and the performance of Airtel 4G was  impressive.

4) Now, you would say that even 3G speed is capable of playing 720 and 1080 dpi videos, so to take it one step beyond i downloaded a 700 mbs (megabyte) movie to check the download speed and guess what the movie got downloaded in just 15 mins approx, it was just like dream come true for a movie buff like me! Think what will happen if you  download music files, images and office documents, that will be downloaded in just seconds now with the revolutionary Airtel 4G networks.

5) For a final satisfaction I checked the speed of Airtel 4G on the web and it gave a impressive reading of 19 to 20 Mbps, just what was expected, the Airtel 4G network is seamlessly powerful and provides accurate 4G connectivity and supports a handsome download speed rate.

Airtel 4G Update from 3G

Do check out the Airtel 4G  networks plans and offers, as what they are offering for 4G is a not short then a stealer, provides 4G plans at 3G rates.

Honda Jazz – The Car You Desire to Jazz around

When was the last time you thought of buying a rather sophisticated, reliable, spacious and mileage friendly hatch bag, if you are still wondering, thinking and scratching your head about what I am talking about, well look what I have in store for you in this post.. Yes, it’s my review on the ALL New HONDA Jazz.

As we all know that HONDA cars are a mark of reliability, performance and style bundles up, they are pretty consistent in their approach and deliverable for many a decades now.

Talking about the all new Honda JAZZ, it’s the 3rd Roll out model from its predecessor and as you will find out in my review that the car has amazed in performance, driving comfort and other features which surely will make you fall in love with the car.


Lets first talk about how the New Jazz looks from the outside:

The car from the outside looks a complete ripper (by ripper i mean very stylish and classy), Honda has done well to grab the eye balls with a appealing and futuristic design with premium curved line extended towards the car both sides giving it a sporty dimension. Some highlights of the exteriors are :

1) Sporty wraparound Headlamp

2) Bold Aerodynamic Character line

3) Large Vent Windows

4) Front Fog Lamp

5) Tailgate spoiler with integrated LED Stop lamp

6) Rare license Chrome Garnish

7) Dynamic Alloy Wheel

8) Electrically adjustable outside mirror

9) Rare micro roof antenna

Honda Jazz Exterior features

Complementing the ripper exterior look is a more sophisticated interior of the all NEW JAZZ, when you sit in the car you can feel a vibe of luxury and why not if we talk about the features in the interiors, we are talking about a sporty steering wheel with one of a kind audio mount within the steering along with hands-free controls for phone embedded in the steering.

It also has a touch panel for all the ac controls and a 5″ integrated audio connectivity screen for controlling all those music files from your ipod or any other music players/phone, apart from that navigations is inbuilt and other settings like FM/AM to choose from.

To complete the interior feel, how can we not talk about the lavishly spacious Jazz from within, the leg space is sufficient for a comfortable long ride. Talking about spacious, there is one thing which is full of space and that is the luggage area at the back of the car which is a whopping 324 liters, so the next time you are planning for a long road trip or picnic, don’t worry the Jazz has sufficient space.

Honda Jazz Interior features

The New Jazz is available in 2 variants and that are:

1) The i-DTEC 1.5L fuel efficient diesel engine which the company claims to give 27.3 KMPL

2) The 1.2L i-VTEC petrol engine which provides a balance of 90 ps and a milage of 18.7 Kmpl in manual mode, it’s also available in Auto transmission for petrol variant.

Honda Jazz Engine features

Honda Jazz Engine features 2

If that was where you thought the car has got enough features and gizmos to impress you, hold on here is much more coming to assure you that this hatch back has everything covered to make you smile every time you take it for a ride:

Some of its utility features include:

1) Tilt Steering

2) Center console Power and USB Ports

3) 354 liters Boot Space

4) Driver seat height adjuster

5) First in Segment – Rare parking camera with multiple views such as wide, normal and top angle

6) Multiple cups and bottle holders at front and rare

Honda Jazz Utility features

Though by now all the features and utility must have impressed you quite a fair bit, but are we safe in the car for that drive, which is a major research area and recent cause of road mishaps show that if the car doesn’t have sufficient safety measure, no one can evade a lethal catastrophe to which Honda ensures that every aspect of safety measures are covered and not compromising on safety and consider a priority.

Honda Jazz Safety featuresOverall, the all new Honda Jazz drives smooth without any hiccups on bumpy Mumbai roads and gives is pleasant driving experience with all the lavish gizmo’s, a powerful and performance oriented engine which satisfies the need for power, stability and stays light on the pocket with its fuel efficiency.

Be Responsible – Do Right – Varanasi Boat School

The land of the Vedas as we call it doesn’t even have a literacy rate that it can proudly show upon, Yes India in the 21st century is still battling this war of illiteracy, we are amongst the top nations when it comes to higher illiteracy rates, thou we thrive to call our self’s the nation that gives most promising and prominent leaders but there is other side to this coin when it comes education. Thou the urban India is quite good in its literacy stats, but what about the rural areas, where reaching seems tough and understanding the right to education is still a challenge within the community, their mindset is what needs to be changed.

Education and literacy can bring down many issues that India faces like communism, terrorism and under development. Education can enlighten people through thinking rationally, be mature at making decisions, better understanding the rights, duties and responsibility of being a citizen.

Varanasi the cultural hub of India sadly is not that rich in its literacy level and education, children are drawn towards doing petty jobs, not realizing what the future holds and how they will make a life without no basic knowledge and proper education; this is prone to happen as education mechanism is not revived and there is a clear lack of proper infrastructure to facilitate and initiate educational establishments.

Focusing on Varanasi and talking about a concept to provide education to those individuals who struggle to meet ends and survive with just penny full in hand to make a living, I am talking about a unique BOAT school project by a true doer Ajeet Singh in Varanasi, a initiative to revive and make learning for them a fun place, this is not only helping these children learn but it is also keeping them away from streets and gettos which leads nowhere!

Thou this Varanasi boat school is just in its initial stage, it still needs a lots of modifications to truly get that magical transformation by creating a better and more viable place for these children to nurture their dream of proper basic education.

Many from us are blessed and have a good independent life, we live and earn to better out life and sometimes we do philanthropic acts to balance things and show our help in whatever we can manage.

Varanasi boat school

Now is the time to rise up, do what we can and help make this Varanasi boat school a much better place, so let’s pledge to help them achieve their goal and contribute in this very thought provoking idea of a boat school, I believe this form of donation is not only a contribution but also a motivation in your surrounding when you talk and discuss on such initiative, your contributing is as good as 5 others if you spread the word. So be the Robin-hood of your surrounding and help in this unique and one of a kind initiative.

You can contribute by clicking on the link here at : Varanasi boat school