Sunfeast Farmlite – A Healthy Life

Sunfeast a brand of ITC is a well known for its much loved biscuits, has given one more reason for all of us to stay fit and how, few months back they had launched a new range of Sunfeast FRAMLITE health oriented biscuits with oats and wheat fibre, they are available in two variants – almonds and raisins.

Staying fit and health is quite a challenge in this fast moving smart age, where time is money and there is no time for us to take care of diet and health, thou with Sunfeast new range of health biscuit there is some solace at last and how ! With its yummy taste and health benefits it’s a win win combination.


Let’s now give you some good reasons to stay fit, active and enjoy the goodness of Sunfeast’s FARMLITE health biscuits with oats and wheat fibre which are available in the market in two variants – almonds and raisins.

A review on the ad campaigns of Sunfeast Farmlite, you will love these ideas for sure and would like to tryout one of them!

1) When you are sufficient enough to do household work then what’s the need of a bai! This way you can contribute in your way to the swaach bharat abyaan and flex some muscles and be fit and healthy … thou your bai would not like this idea but anyways give the  bai a break sometimes.

2) Do you know if you feel very bored cleaning or doing stuff that you don’t want to, then a alternative is indoor games, the household favorite “carom” , this really excites me, every time no matter how old I grow, it’s such a convenience to sit back and burn some calories while you are having fun with family and friends.

3) We always have a good vibe when we have to perform something to get self satisfaction, it can be many physical activity, out of the many, the one which everyone would have given a try is “GARBA” sounds fun isn’t it! When the rhythm of folk songs beat and touches your ears all you want to do is get in sync and roll about your hands and legs in joy and enjoy with what give you satisfaction and helps you exercise in a way like no other! Isn’t it a good idea if you are feeling bored to exercise generally or do yoga … so why not give it a shot and keep ourselves healthy.

4) In this campaign, they have tried to mimic those old marketing  tele ads to showcase a tired and overweight husband who is basically very depress about his weight gain specially the tummy, The guy is very laid back, office work that needs him to sit in the office for long hours and do his work, he comes homes tired and dead and there is no energy remaining in him to do any sort of work, he feels left out, even when he goes socializing, people make fun of his tummy and overweight thus he tries to get help from his elder brother who suggests him to be more active and do normal work which he avoids like giving a help hand in household work and so on and forth. This ad campaign was my favorite in many ways as it showcases the scenario of many household fights specally between husband and wife.. This gives way a positive message and an initiative to start off with a good habit to stays fit and healthy, giving a way for a lively lifestyle.

5) Woow this is really a tale of all husbands and wives … hmm maybe not all but many …. The fighting to do work.. ya work apart from work that is home work I mean house work …. Sounds tiring … but when your wives torture you to do those house hold work don’t you wish to shut them up … or give them a good reason to shut. But if you give it a second thought maybe they might be trying to benefit you in ways but don’t want to discuss about it … any guesses? Yes maybe she is embarrassed about your laziness and oversize weight. So the next time your wife give you some work don’t ignore the signs maybe she wants to see you fit and healthy.

6) Last but not the least and definitely a exercise you want to try … Laughter … Yes you got it right … you know that laughter helps you in many ways and break even all those ties within you … this is what the ad showcase was in one such ad campaign, where they have taken a annual sales meet and shown it in a more lighter and funny manner … just goes to show that even small things have great health benefits and allows you to practice it with no or minimal efforts.

             To sum all the ad campaigns of Sunfeast Farmlite, there is a clear message in all the ads that be healthy and fit and enjoy the many flavors of life and get happiness in smallest of thing. To be consistent in this practice Sunfeast have well introduced these health specific biscuit which can be a healthy snack alternative and a good source of fibre and vitamins in disguise of yummy treat to your tummy in mouth watering varients of almonds and raisins flavors.

You can check more about Sunfeast Farmlite on their webpage

Image courtesy: sunfeastworld