Redefining the Smart Phone – Zenfone 2

Life is moving at a very fast pace and we are experiencing a amazing galaxy of technology, specially mobile technology which is getting better and better, smarter, more efficient than ever before and what’s amazing is it keeps on evolving from time to time, innovation and a better consumer experience is what every mobile company competing for and it this list Asus is a major player in providing affordable, feature rich and stylish smart phones, in its current armor Asus has revealed the Asus Zenfone 2, which is comparatively with other phone it its segment a top notch, feature rich, stylish and user friendly experience.

Sharing my top 5 reasons why i feel Asus Zenfone 2 will redefine my smart phone experience:

1) Super RAM and processor – with a 64 BIT Quad Core processor of Intel Atom processor series and super 4 GB RAM DDR3 of dual channel inbuilt, web browsing, playing high configuration games like racing, fighting, strategic heavy multi player games shall be a super smooth experience, which in many smart phones we see these days have the tendency of lagging due to lower inbuilt RAM.

Processor Zenfone 2

2) Camera – Front and Rare: Considering the price range Asus is offering a 13 mega pixel rare with aperture of f/2.0 Camera Zenfone 2which is amazing with 4128 x 3096 pixels and 5 mega pixels front camera, auto focus and dual LED flash, that’s almost as good as a high end phone camera feature, compressed in this Asus Zenfone 2. So, now clicking pictures will be bliss with its 16 million colors 5 inch screen and 13 MP camera, one more cool feature is night photography, the camera has a booster to brighter the image by almost 400% at night with its pixel enhancing technology for capturing those amazing night clicks.

3) Design and Controls : The design if you see is a big curved, suiting a fair fit in the palm for that comfort of holding it for a longer time while we read, browse, play games, or simply text, besides that there is a key at the rare of the Asus Zenfone 2, which is perfect to take selfies, works as a volume rocker, i am totally loving this design factor because of the concept to keep the key in the center, that way it’s easy to navigate for both left handed or right handed person and it feels more natural fitting just right in the center!

Selfie Button on Zenfone 2

4) Super booster battery: Now, this is a revolution in mobile history, you can get the phone charged by 60% in 39 mins, that like a life savior when you are traveling and you want to watch movies, listen to music, check emails and browse the net, specially you have some important calls to make or maybe you require to have VoIP call on 3g which consumes lots of battery, the battery is comparatively more capable of charging faster with its BoostMaster technology.

5) A Unique feel of style with Color and design infuse patterns by the name of transfuse and illusion series:

WE know that these days phone are no longer bringing on the style statement really, same old solid colors, square body and a pretty flat 5 to 7 inch screen, so to change a vibe and get a classy yet stylish look Asus Zenfone 2 introduced the transfuse and illusion series, the color combination and those multi carat design is such form factor and a appealing design, you can check the image below and decide it for yourself!

Zenfone 2 series

So these were my 5 reasons, which is convincing enough to change the smart phone experience in such a perky price range!

Image Courtesy: Asus

Finding New Bike in Pune

Commuting without a bike in a city like PUNE is tough, PUNE city is widely spread across and traveling through bus is a laborious job to say the least as only few long distance buses operate and generally have to change buses multiple times to reach a destination, the second option is rickshawala, the meter charges are boom for a kilometer ride also, forget long distance commute, so the best most convenient and effective option is BIKE!!MotorBike

To what I know each family in Pune used to have 1 Bike/scooter, but with the easy and convenient options of finance and increase in manufacturers and their models, the consumption has grown and now almost every person in a family who knows how to drive and have a valid license owns new bike in Pune, so is the need of one.

Fed up with public transportation, I finally decided to give a thought about owning a bike, so here I was all geared up and excited to tell dad about my plan of finally purchasing a bike, but when I told dad about my plan, he said “first research the market about specifications, color, companies, prices etc, when you shortlist one then come to me, I shall see what is to be done. I took note of what dad said and started my search for new bikes in Pune.

I initiated my search for what I wanted considering fuel efficiency, good looks, and decent features, thou I wanted to consider models with high end specifications and sporty looks  but for long distance travel daily it was not feasible enough option.

Anyways, let’s see the factors in terms of specification that are good for a fuel efficient bike:

1) 100cc to 125cc Engine

2) 4 Stroke

3) Around 5500 to 9000 RPM

4) 7 to 10 BHP

5) Average of about 55 to 65 in City and 75 to 85 on highway

Considering the above form factor I shortlisted some models that had all the amazing features and as per above specifications. Now that I was sorted with some selected models, it was time to head north I mean tell dad about the models and specifications so that he could finalize which one would be better for  daily commute purpose and consider the company manufacturer market value.

After going through the list of models and companies of bikes, dad suggested that Hero Honda bikes in Pune are trending because of their good after service and easy to get spares, the two main factors which I didn’t search about, and he was right in a certain way that after sales service and easy availability of spares are crucial part while purchasing bikes in Pune.

So I finally decided to go by dad’s decision and purchase a Hero Honda Bike in Pune considering the 2 main factors mention by him and adding the model and features of the bike as per my choice.