Trapped in a Cage

I tried to follow what they said
i did what i could
to understand why they said
tried and tested
i am a loner with no experience
just followed what they said

How well did they cultivate my thoughts
it all felt green and bliss
not knowing what they are up-to
i pursued their dreams

it so happen one moment
i realized this is not what i wanted
keeping my feet on toes
i planned a runaway from this prison

Days passed by thinking …
so did months,
sad within to understand,
its a wide spread of infection
which had no end to its connection !!

i accumulated some strength
to say what i had to
not knowing this would end my journey
before it even began ..

so, here i was in the middle of seesaw
both end had flames
slowly but surely
it would hurt now and then !!

I curse my sense of their belonging
it made me a slave of their dreams
i would just keep on thinking
is there a way i could stop, whats happening?


Be Careful in Love

When you love someone

Be ready to scarify

Cause it takes it all

To maintain what you have


You did whatever you could

To be for the one you care,

You dedicated your life

So that you could live with it and feel relaxed


It’s easy to be carefree

and  let go,

but don’t forget,

What you have it

is what you earned !!


There are days when the sun shines,

And there are days when it doesn’t,

Prepare yourself to understand that,

It’s a world which saw million suns!!

Sometimes you get what you don’t desire

Sometimes you lose what was your desire …


Summing it all,

I have a few lines to say,

Live each moment and

Don’t forget you made it to this earth

To be in someone’s moment!!

Be carefree but not careless

You might have seen a thousand suns

but it doesn’t make you what you wanted !!

What went wrong

This is a story of a boy, who followed his passion; flashback on what went wrong!!! Here is the saga …

Congratulations Uma, it’s a baby boy said his husband Kartik with a voice of jubilation .. He looks so like me .. He will make me proud one day .. I can already see him as an engineer .. My dad’s wish; which my son will fulfill … on the contrary, No said Uma, in a sharp tone, let him decide what he wants to be…

Umang, the little boy in his early childhood day was engross into cricket in some way or the other, may it be his dad chatting with his friends and family about matches, scores and player dilemma; his mom who always used to fight for her programs when his dad use to watch cricket, his dad again, who was a cricket coach in a school, or the little gestures to practice and perfect his skills …

Umang, 8 years old back then was  a mischief and charming boy, his dad on his 8th birthday gave him a cricket kit for him to enjoy the sport …  Umang exited and spellbound couldn’t thank his dad less for such a pleasant gift he presented him …

Umang, started to learn the game in the process of enjoying with his society and school friends, it developed as his first love and passion, day in and out, whenever he used to get time he would play or practice cricket, may it be after schools, after tuitions, after dinner, after homework … but Not to forget his mom, she was a teacher which made him obedient to study as well .. He was a top student in his class scoring in the mid 80’s and early 90’s percentage ..

Umang was 10 years, when he was included in the school cricket team, he was a flamboyant left handed opener, a swift fielder and a part time bowler… Umang’s mom and dad kartik both were very happy to hear that their son got a place in the schools cricket team …

Umang, on the other hand being so brilliant in studies, never made his dad Kartik think twice about his dreams and aspirations, his dad’s vision to see him as an engineer was taking its shape considering Umang academic record… but Kartik would never reveal what his vision was for Umang ..  “kartik who was not a brilliant student did not manage to sustain the intense pressure of engineering studies and opted for a career in sports !!”

Umang, doing well both in cricket and academics was one of the stars of the school .. And at the age of 14 he was named the captain of the school’s cricket team … which was for Umang  one of the best days in his life … “Umang, started to gear up himself to be considered for the Under 19 selection and was aiming high on making a career in Cricket … not knowing that his dad Kartik has some other plans for him”


Umang continued to flourish his way through the inter school cricket tournament in which he was captain, they won the tournament, the school came into limelight and was published in the daily news .. Kartik and Uma got greeting from close family and friends for his son’s blistering performance in the tournament not only as a captain but also as a batsman …

Umang grew in confidence and made a mark in many such tournaments which were held by the inter school associations …  Umang’s dad kartik was happy for him, but at the same time his studies and academic record started to show a steep fall which worried kartik … but showing faith on his son he didn’t say anything to him and ignored the warning signs which was clearly noticed …. Thou kartik wanted Umang to be an engineer but not at the cost of his son’s passion .. He was waiting for the right time …

Due to Umang’s performance over the years, the Under -19 selectors considered him in the team of 20 for the tour to England, things happened in such quick notice that Kartik didn’t get the time to talk with Umang ..

Moment of truth came when Umang got a chance to play the 3rd Match of the tournament … he was totally geared up and ready to face the challenge .. If he proved himself here .. Bingo!! He would get a ticket to play with the big boy … the Indian cricket team … but destiny had some other plans … As the match started he was playing a flawless shot and building up a good inning .. But then came a fast bowler with his furious speed, he kept the balls short making it difficult for Umang to play him .. After sessions of balls .. One ball came and hit Umang on the left elbow … he couldn’t hold his bat .. A devastated situation  for an informed player … he was retired hurt … after the Physio check up and x-ray report it was found that he has brutally injured his elbow and surgery would mean he won’t be able to play for at least 3 to 4 years …

Kartik and Uma, when got the news were shattered .. They couldn’t believe what they heard ..

kartik after knowing that his academic performance was not upto the mark .. He didn’t talk to Umang and ignored the warning sign … this injury meant that he couldn’t take part in the upcoming entrance exams of Engineering  .. Which will waste a further 2 to 3 years of his career …

Umang returned home, and the first person to meet him was his dad Kartik … the duo had a long conversation and kartik explained how he ignored the warning sign and didn’t inform him about his grades and how it was affecting his studies … he also revealed that he wanted to see him as an engineer and not a cricketer as it was his grandfather’s wish …

Moral of the story : When you have faith and believe in something … be ready to tell the good and bad about it .. The more you are aware about the situation the better it helps you shape the future !!

Bleeding Gums?

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Dare to Desire

The obsession that excites you is your ecstasy,

Why is it such a mystery?

Is it the temptation that baffle you?

Or the simplicity that amazes you..

The way you want to see it

Is different,

You want to mesmerize in its fragrance,

The deepest desire tempts

To capture it for the moment..

But it’s too late because

Its too swift for you to handle…

Despite the agony

You try to recover from the tragedy…

You still arise the desire,

To catch the moment

That made you go higher….

This is a never ending tale

Of desire,

The more you have it

The more you desire….

This is what makes us special

Otherwise we would be as calm as a mammal…


Care = Parents / someone who is concern in what you do!!

The reason I wrote parents above was just to observe its meaning, it was the best example any one could think about!

Care, a four letter word which has great meaning to it, this word has so much warmth that it could en-light life when it touches. This word is a symbol of being togetherness, showing and caring for the one you love, in other words it’s your demonstration of feelings, that feeling which cannot be explained through words. In a relationship care plays a massive role in bonding two hearts together.

Care or concern for something or someone

Many are fortunate enough that people care for them; some are not, this implements to mostly who are favorites in every family, like a new born, they get all the care from every member in the family as they are innocent and are prone to danger. Other favorites are the one who runs the family, everyone from their mom, dad, wife, children care for them and respect them, friends also have a sense of care between them, there are so many examples the list goes on and on.

God has grace us all with this unique ability to care for something we are attached to, someone we love, something we do not want any harm to. It’s a embrace that every human on this earth requires, let it be rich or poor, godman or a beggar. This sense of concern is a major cause of living /livelihood.

I may have been able to just express my through with the above opinion I have scribe through my experience, but I would love to hear from you guys “what this feelings means to you? Does caring for someone good or bad? Does getting all the care good or bad?”