Revamp your home with DecoWindow

I was excited to know that DecoWindow were exhibiting at the HGM India Home Décor Exhibition again this year which was from 4th to 6th of July 2017, last year I went to the HGM exhibition and came across DecoWindow, I was simply amazed at the product range, quality, simplicity and integrity in their product design, you can check out my last year’s post on DecoWindow


This year was no exception too at the HGM India Home Décor  Exhibition 2017, as DecoWindow didn’t left any stone unturned, banking on the strong product range in window and home furnishing, there were some remarkable upgrades from the previous year’s collections and some new products launched  in their PRODUCT Range basket.

Some of the highlights/Newly launched products of this year were:

  • Curtain : Fresh variety in pattern, design and colours
  • Automatic Tracks with Double Track combinations
  • Cushions: Vibrant and mismatch prints
  • Roller Blinds with complete blackout options
  • Zebra Blinds
  • Flat Tracks
  • Bath-ware collection – Shower Curtains & Laundry Sorters
  • Bracket and Shelves


As I looked through, there were some amazing fresh contemporary designs which can be paired with your bed-sheets and pillow covers, that would tempt anyone to buy at-least couple of them, these new curtain designs are backed with options for complete blackout so that light doesn’t penetrate when the curtains are covering the window, giving you the right darkness whenever needed.


Automatic Tracks with Double Track combinations

These 50mm Rod Like tracks comes in variety of colours, the colours are strategically chosen which enhances the look of any rooms with amazing options of designer finials completing the overall look, these finials are available in the same colour as the rod, the designs of these finials are vintage yet classy completing the overall look. As mentioned above the automation allows you to wirelessly customise curtain settings and timings with extra battery backup available which works without wire and goes for good 6 months ones charged.

50MM_Track_Cover Page.jpg

For sleeker look, there are 19mm rods/tracks also available for a more contemporary look; these are also available in  double track options with complete holder’s set along with  same colour option. Completing the look are Finials which complement these sleek rods.



With a splash of vivid colours, fresh designs and patterns, these embroidery cushion covers would definitely be a talking point in any household with its vibrant yet classy design combination.


Bed_sheet _and_set_collection_Decowindow.jpg

Roller Blind:

Though DecoWindow was previously catering Roller Blind, but these blinds now come in more colour options with complete blackout options, depending upon ones requirement one  can opt for whatever they wish to choose, now that is wise add-on by DecoWindow, considering the customers smallest of concerns and customization.

Roller Blind-4.jpg

Zebra Blinds:

The newly launched Zebra Blinds impresses you at first glance, the two tone white colour contrast is ideal for office as well as home settings, these Blinds allows light to penetrate just right, giving it a smooth light setting and feel.

Roller Blind-5.jpg

Flat Tracks:

These Flat Tracks add a dash of simplified look to any room, with its neat strong tone colours, it just completes the room, these flat tracks are also available in automatic range, which allows you to set timings, and remotely access the curtains and adjust as per your settings.

Pelmet Track _Champ.jpg

Bath-ware collection – Shower Curtains & Laundry Sorters

Shower Curtains: Available in 8 different patterns and colours, these shower curtains will definitely add some dimension and character to your bathroom.

Laundry Sorters: These are value addition in any bathroom, a well thought of sorter designed by DecoHome, comes with 2 options:

  1. 3 bag Laundry Sorter: This allows you to sort your cloths accordingly, for example let’s consider one bag for white cloths, one for colouring cloths and one to give for laundry, you can work your combinations with it.
  2. Single Laundry Sorter: These are handy if you have some space constraint or if you are looking for a compact design.

Some benefits of laundry sorter are:

  • These are water proof
  • Foldable, so that you can detach and use when needed
  • The fabric of the laundry sorter is washable
  • Cost effective
  • Comes with 1 year warranty

Bathware Collection_Shower Curtain_Laundry Sorter.jpg

Bracket and Shelves

Some new designs in bracket have been added, with more variety to choose from you would definitely like to check out their designs, which are ranging from contemporary to vintage look.

Shelves have come up with PU material, with plain colour gloss finish to wood finish designs available, these shelves come in 3 sizes of 24”, 36” and 48” length.

Overall, it was a fantastic showcase of what DecoWindow had to offer, I was pleasantly surprised with their kind hospitality while visiting the stall, assisting throughout while I was browsing through their stall.

Do checkout their website DecoWindow to view details of product range.

Home Furnishing Overhaul with Deco Window

“A window is incomplete without curtains and its accessories, it tells a story about who is living.

A week back I came to know about the widely spoken exhibition for home furnishing and this made me curious to find new trends and innovation, thou I am not an interior designer or working in this industry but I do appreciate anything related to innovation, designs and concept, its more about getting inspiration from stuff, also, we in the family were looking out for overhaul in furnishing.

So Recently (2nd July 2016) I went there and I was amazed to see what was in the offering, browsing along the exhibition hall,  I came Deco Window which serves complete window decor solutions, from rods and its accessories, tiebacks, curtains and other home furnishing essentials like Shelves, classic and modern bracket, bedding solutions and much more.


The reason I am specifically mentioning about Deco Window is because, out of the many exhibitors from across India, they were set apart in terms of quality, innovation, designs and pricing.

Talking about innovating, Deco Window’s  “Window Automation” was a talking point with a revolutionary step up in curtain automation, these tracks are designed to automatically open the curtains just by the press of a remote button, apart from that you can also set timer and the curtains will open at that specific time, isn’t that great for all the morning lovers.


Browsing along I came across Deco Window’s wide range of curtains which are designed specifically keeping in mind different occasion, moods, seasons and patterns. Sharing some pictures here as well.

To add elements to the curtains are exclusive tie backs and ropes, which have a huge range, starting from Mughal to Contemporary they have it all covered in different varieties, shapes and sizes, I am sure you won’t be able to resist but buy one from those.

0040134-0164 Corum0049009-0701 Triball

Another thing that caught my fancy were the remarkable extendable curtain rods, like these are time savers, as you don’t have to hassle to get the rod  cut as per your requirement, just stretch across the length u require and it’s done.

To give that vintage look and feel, they have come up with wooden rods designs and holders which look very classy and upmarket just by the way they have designed it to complement the furniture at home, which is generally wooden.

Other noticeable products included, shelves and shelve holders, having both contemporary and vintage look, they have a decent collection and are available for outdoors as well as indoors purposes.

Bathroom ShelvingBrown wood shelve

Garden Torch, another in line of their products, among them is the best iron for quilting or sewing, which is remarkable. They dabble in many avenues of design, these torch made me remind the historical age, but it seem more classy and would add character to any garden, balcony or even table for that instance.

Now coming to the final and most important point, how price effective is it. Considering the world-class quality, design and innovation, the price range is reasonable and doesn’t create a dent in the buyer’s pocket; you can browse through their Deco Window website to know more about their range and pricing.

Simplify Home Decor Shopping Online

Lately, I had a wonderful experience doing something I would normally avoid, shopping for home decor & essentials, yes you heard me right, the experience I will share will entice you to go that extra mile and start shopping for all your home decor & essentials, let’s get started:

Mom for many days was telling me about this gap at the bottom of the bedroom doors, these tiny space were causing a lot of problem for her and she was thinking I could get a hack to fix it or maybe get some professional help, I tried the first option by trying out myself, I got a cardboard, cut it specifically to the length and fixed it to the door with a masking tape, problem solved isn’t it! No, Mom came up to me and told its not holding on and the cardboard is getting scratched every time she closes and opens the door which causes a noisy sound and this was leading to shrinking of the cardboard from the bottom.

Ok, so the DIY (Do it yourself) didn’t work, so I thought lets search online and find out if there is any product of that sort in the market, while searching on the internet, I came across this website Deco home , and guess what, I found the product I was looking for, just for confirmation I went up-to my Mom and showed the images of door seals we were looking for, Mom wDeco Home- Door seal ivory price 499as happy to find the right fix, she also found home essential stuff such as decorative wall shelves which we wanted for so long, decorative pillows , decorative cushion covers and more priced at reasonable rates from the website, she was impressed with the collection and for a change I also helped here out in finding the right home essentials to suit our home needs according to the decor we have. Satisfied with the end product Mom has decided that she will be shopping smart from now when it comes to Home Décor, many of her friends have made up a group and now discusses about the website and their offering and discount.

decowindow bedding Moss price 7,999

I hope this might have encouraged if not convinced you to start the search for home decor and essentials with Deco home, a cosy website made to fulfill all your home decor needs with its wide range and reasonable pricing all at the convenience of a click from the mobile, PC or laptop away.