Dont just Pay – PING PAY – Go Social By Axis Bank

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of transferring some funds to your family, relatives, friends or office colleagues?

1) Go to bank and deposit cash/cheque transfer

2) Use Net banking, add beneficiary wait for a day for approval, and then transfer through NEFT

Anyways the above options works but not that effective when it comes to instant transfer, so to make things and life more simpler and fun Axis bank recently came up with a unique app named PING PAY, which is very social in nature and functionality, it gets connected with all your social accounts such as Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, google+ and many more and have them in your app list. Now you would ask yourself how it functions. How can i transfer or receive funds? SO on and forth, let me just share you some of the highlights of the app and how it does function:

 Before I start and explain you about the app, let me just tell you that this app “PING PAY” can be downloaded by anyone may it be Axis Bank Customers or non Axis Bank Customers, you will find out how it works in my briefs, to send and receive money, recharge both need to have the app on their respective devices to complete the process, mutual understanding I say :), though you shall require a Axis Bank account to send money and recharge or check your account balance. To receive funds you shall require linking your account with PING PAY app which is a simple process of providing your banks details, you can always add multiple accounts to it of different banks, so much for the versatile options in PING PAY.

 Let’s start off with registration process, it’s a simple 2 stage process in which:

1) You have to enter your mobile no. and accordingly you shall receive a confirmation code

2) Enter the confirmation code which you have received through SMS/Call and bingo you are good to start.

 After you are registration is done, the app will prompt to select social connects you want to activate and add in your list, some options of social connects will include: Whatsapp facebook, Twitter, email, SMS. Once you have activated the desired accounts a screen comes up prompting “Money”.

 So, what next? After the registration is done you can send money, receive money, send and receive recharges or simply know your Axis account details.

IMG_20150603_175605              IMG_20150603_175532

A quick guide on how to send money through the Ping Pay interface,so once the registration is done you will get a while screen with a vivid pink button saying “Money”

1) All you have to do is press hold the button and drag it upwards towards the screen and you will see options popping up asking add friend and showing your recently sent connect details.

2) You can choose either of the options, if you select the add friend option, a side bar slides and show from which social account  you want to  choose the receiver of amount,

3) Once that is done you will see a screen that asks you to fill in the amount and confirms to whom you are sending the amount, to give it a social and fun twist you can add in dialogs pre feeded or type in with photos and voice record options as well,

4) Once all that jazz is done now the critical part, you have to set a PIN so that its secure and once you set the PIN you can either SMS or call the person and share that PIN, so that he can successfully do the transaction once he receives your LINK through PING PAY app, Ola money has been sent to the concern person, isn’t it simple!!




 How to link your Axis Bank account with PING PAY app?

 Provide Internet Banking or Debt card details and you are ready to go, do those transactions!


 How Receive Money through PING PAY:

1) As mentioned above the sender shall send you a link of the transaction and PIN code.

2) Once you open the link, you will be redirected to the app, if you have not downloaded the app it will prompt you to download it.

3) Then, once the app is open, in the notification panel you will have the feed of amount received and pending for approval (you must be thinking who will not accept money coming in right? But what if the amount is not satisfactory or over satisfactory, then you can proudly reject it).

4) Once you open the message, details of the transaction will be shown, after you approve the transaction, the app prompts you to select in which account you want the transfer to be deposited, isn’t that so convenient, I bet it is for me.

5) After you select the account, you have to enter the PIN (remember when the sender was completing his transaction he had to encrypt a secure PIN) and transaction completed.



How to Ask Money through PING PAY, sounds interesting already!

1) All you have to do is press hold the button and drag it downwards towards the screen and you will see options popping up asking add friend and showing you’re recently sent connect details.

Note**: All the other options after point no.1 one is to be followed as per sending money details which is mention above, there won’t be any secure PIN option as no transaction is made and it is just a request.

Now if you are a NON Axis Bank customer using the app and you want to contact Axis Bank to open a account, then you can avail the option of sending a request for the same, just press hold the pink Money button and drag it upwards, a message will pop up saying you need to have a Axis Bank account to avail the services, and to open a account you have to press OK, a form comes up with basic details requires and they shall contact you with more details about the Bank.


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Bike Finance option in Pune

Ok, so now i was sorted which bike to purchase, if you have missed the previous post, you can check it out here: Finding new bike in Pune

Next stop in my quest to purchase a bike was finance, thou dad said we shall pay in cash, still I convinced dad about considering bike finance in Pune  or minimal check loans as many banks and financial corporation are providing convenient payment options, minimal documentation and long durations tenures which helps in paying as per individuals budget and prevents from sinking the pocket empty in one go.

financial reports.

Let me list a few major two wheeler loan providers in Pune  from the research I did while looking for the best one, a few in random list:

1) Bajaj Finance

2) ICICI Bank

3) HDFC bank

4) Tata Capital

5) Bank of India

6) State Bank of India

7) Kotak Mahindra Bank

If you are looking to compare them do consider the following parameters:4575652744_313x227

1) Interest rate (the lower the better)

2) Processing fees (has to be minimal)

3) Maximum repayment period (the higher the better)

Some of the basic documentation required as income proof in most bike loans procedures:

1) If you are salaried then

  • Should be 21 years or above
  • 3 months salary slip
  • Minimum gross income of 1.5 lacs per year
  • ITR or FORM 16 if applicable
  • Resident proof

2) If you are self employed then

  • Should be 21 years or above
  • Bank statement of 6 months minimum
  • Minimum gross income of 1.5 lacs per year after tax deduction
  • 2 years ITR with tax deductions if applicable

So, if you are sorted with your documentation, then you can avail the services of finance, however in this age where we compare every little thing before we purchase and as I have listed above some pointer for comparison. One major aspect is bike loan interest rate in Pune, let’s compare with an example for a better idea:

Loan Provider Rate of Interest Tenure Processing Fees
ABC Bank 10% 2 years 2% on total amount
ABC Finance 12% 3 years 1050.00
ABC Corporation 20% 2.5 years 1.5% on total amount
ABC FinCorp 15% 3 years 500.00

So which one is better? Considering the least amount of interest, processing fees and the maximum tenure period as a first option, in my example ABC FinCorp was providing a good interest rate with more tenure, so I would consider that as my first option as bike loan in Pune.

Summing all up, finding a decent bike finance in Pune is easy, considering you have proper documents in place, as approaching to any finance provider they require some guarantee that your pay back is considerable.