Honda Jazz – The Car You Desire to Jazz around

When was the last time you thought of buying a rather sophisticated, reliable, spacious and mileage friendly hatch bag, if you are still wondering, thinking and scratching your head about what I am talking about, well look what I have in store for you in this post.. Yes, it’s my review on the ALL New HONDA Jazz.

As we all know that HONDA cars are a mark of reliability, performance and style bundles up, they are pretty consistent in their approach and deliverable for many a decades now.

Talking about the all new Honda JAZZ, it’s the 3rd Roll out model from its predecessor and as you will find out in my review that the car has amazed in performance, driving comfort and other features which surely will make you fall in love with the car.


Lets first talk about how the New Jazz looks from the outside:

The car from the outside looks a complete ripper (by ripper i mean very stylish and classy), Honda has done well to grab the eye balls with a appealing and futuristic design with premium curved line extended towards the car both sides giving it a sporty dimension. Some highlights of the exteriors are :

1) Sporty wraparound Headlamp

2) Bold Aerodynamic Character line

3) Large Vent Windows

4) Front Fog Lamp

5) Tailgate spoiler with integrated LED Stop lamp

6) Rare license Chrome Garnish

7) Dynamic Alloy Wheel

8) Electrically adjustable outside mirror

9) Rare micro roof antenna

Honda Jazz Exterior features

Complementing the ripper exterior look is a more sophisticated interior of the all NEW JAZZ, when you sit in the car you can feel a vibe of luxury and why not if we talk about the features in the interiors, we are talking about a sporty steering wheel with one of a kind audio mount within the steering along with hands-free controls for phone embedded in the steering.

It also has a touch panel for all the ac controls and a 5″ integrated audio connectivity screen for controlling all those music files from your ipod or any other music players/phone, apart from that navigations is inbuilt and other settings like FM/AM to choose from.

To complete the interior feel, how can we not talk about the lavishly spacious Jazz from within, the leg space is sufficient for a comfortable long ride. Talking about spacious, there is one thing which is full of space and that is the luggage area at the back of the car which is a whopping 324 liters, so the next time you are planning for a long road trip or picnic, don’t worry the Jazz has sufficient space.

Honda Jazz Interior features

The New Jazz is available in 2 variants and that are:

1) The i-DTEC 1.5L fuel efficient diesel engine which the company claims to give 27.3 KMPL

2) The 1.2L i-VTEC petrol engine which provides a balance of 90 ps and a milage of 18.7 Kmpl in manual mode, it’s also available in Auto transmission for petrol variant.

Honda Jazz Engine features

Honda Jazz Engine features 2

If that was where you thought the car has got enough features and gizmos to impress you, hold on here is much more coming to assure you that this hatch back has everything covered to make you smile every time you take it for a ride:

Some of its utility features include:

1) Tilt Steering

2) Center console Power and USB Ports

3) 354 liters Boot Space

4) Driver seat height adjuster

5) First in Segment – Rare parking camera with multiple views such as wide, normal and top angle

6) Multiple cups and bottle holders at front and rare

Honda Jazz Utility features

Though by now all the features and utility must have impressed you quite a fair bit, but are we safe in the car for that drive, which is a major research area and recent cause of road mishaps show that if the car doesn’t have sufficient safety measure, no one can evade a lethal catastrophe to which Honda ensures that every aspect of safety measures are covered and not compromising on safety and consider a priority.

Honda Jazz Safety featuresOverall, the all new Honda Jazz drives smooth without any hiccups on bumpy Mumbai roads and gives is pleasant driving experience with all the lavish gizmo’s, a powerful and performance oriented engine which satisfies the need for power, stability and stays light on the pocket with its fuel efficiency.

Tata Nano GenX – Refining Comfort with Class

Indiblogger meets are always a fun experience and this time around it was time for the Tata Nano GenX event at Tata Lake house – Pune, bloggers for Pune, Mumbai and other states were selected to have a hands on experience of the new Tata Nano GenX AMT with a day full of activities and action guaranteed. Luckily I was amongst the 24 others who were selected! I was excited and jubilant to say the least.

The event was on a sunny Sunday, bloggers assembled at common junctions where bus was going to halt and we started off the journey towards reaching Tata Lake house at around 10.30am, we had a fun time introducing ourselves, chatting with our fellow bloggers, taking selfies sharing and exchanging happiness on social circles, live feeding and keeping in loop of the event with everyone!

Time passed by like wind and we reached the destination, it was a warm reception reaching Pune as Indiblogger team members Anoop and Vineet welcomed us  followed by  paparazzi clicking and filming us, the celeb feeling was blooming from inside :),  we had breakfast at the ever so serene Tata lake house after reaching!

 After that we assembled at a common hall to hear from Tata Motors design team head, who gave us a brief about the new Tata Nano GenX AMT, sharing the amazing and versatile features below:

 The features are classified into 3 categories:

1) Designext, 2) Drivenext, 3)Connectnext

 Lets me just brief you on all the 3 categories:

 1) Designext

  • Striking front and rare bumper with infinity motif grilleDesignext
  • Nano engraved headlamps and large circular FOG lamps
  • Next Generation Tata signature steering wheel with contoured palm hold
  • Sporty two shade color interior with cappucino finish
  • Nano embroidered brown INFINIUM seat fabric with brown orange inserts
  • Colour coordinated interior themes with 2 fresh colour introduced named SANGRIA RED and PERSIAN ROSE and more colour range then before.

 2) Drivenext 

  • Easy Shift Auto Manual transmission (AMT)Drivenext
  • Sports mode for peppier performance that means if you are hitting an open road or a highway you can activate the sports mode and get a better feel of power compared to the automatic mode!
  • Shift assist manual mode: If you choose this mode you get to choose to manually change the gears as per the traffic and road conditions, which I feel is a pretty neat effort by Tata design team to club both auto and manual mode in a hatchback entry level CAR!
  • Creep for heavy traffic maneuverability and parking easy: In this mode the car is on 1st gear or on a set RPM and when there is bumper to bumper traffic all you need to do is just release the brake a little and the car moves automatically, this is a convenient feature considering the Indian traffic issue and perfect considering the EPIC Mumbai traffic.
  • Other noticeable feature includes:
  • ePAS (electric power assisted steering
  • Speed sensitive power steering
  • Steering with active return function
  • Smallest turning radius of 4m for easy maneuverability
  • Most Spacious car in its segment!

 3) Connectnext 

  • New instrument cluster with new graphics
  • Digital clock in the displayConnectnext
  • Digital information display with Dual Tripmeter
  • Instantgeous FUEL consumption and average fuel consumption
  • Distance to empty: Now this feature comes very handy specially when you sometimes forget to refuel and all of a sudden you are stuck up in the middle of nowhere! Quite thoughtful of Tata team.
  • Gear shift indicator: well that’s an add-on to all the perky bounty in this segment! 

After that we were briefed about the day activities/planner for the day:

1) A roughly 50kms drive one way drive across Chinchwad and Hinjewadi stretch, we were suppose to reach TCS as a touch point and return from there!

2) While returning we had to halt at Mezza9 for Lunch

3) During the drive we had to perform tasks, answers questions and what not, people could request us to perform a task through twitter with the hashtag #followthegenX , @tatanano_tweets and @indibloggers, it was upon us (as in our team) to decide if we shall execute a particular task or not, sounds interesting isn’t it !

 This said it was time to make teams! We had 8 cars and 32 people along with us, 24 bloggers and others from team Tata!

 We had pack full of drivers with valid license around 10 from the 24 bloggers, I was one in them!!

Some cars had 3 blogger, some had 4 bloggers, we guys paired up accordingly and were all geared up to go and experience the Tata Nano GenX ! But before that to happen some instructions were explained to us in regarding to the challenges, the how-to’s of checking the challenges, accepting them, posting them and all!

 Finally the teams were paired up; our TEAM was “C” and onboard were:

  • ME , behind the Wheels,
  • Kiran Acharya – dentist, writer, unconventional philosopher and a blogger,
  • Apoorva – Beauty and Fashion blogger
  • Tata motor personnel- Engineer!

 Let me quickly round up the challenges we accepted!

  • Taking a group selfie inside the car along with driver while the car was on the move!
  • Applying eye liner while the car was moving (Apoorva did well) so did the shock absorbers of Tata Nano Genx!
  • Taking the drivers picture from the front mirror in the car.
  • Buying a souvenir which depicts Tata Nano Genx (we bought an Indian flag)) truly custom made 4 wheel for PicsArt_1431109943050every Indian that suits our taste!
  • Call using the Bluetooth and connecting with the amphistream music system!
  • Taking a picture depicting enjoyment, popping the head out, feeling the wind while the car was on the move, this was well executed by Apoorva!
  • Chilling out and grabbing a soft drink of same brand and flavor and taking selfies
  • Tearing a cigarette into 2 and placing towards the car silencer, a message to not smoke and drive!
  • Romance with the car bending down facing the cars headlamp and capturing that moment!
  • Stop under a tree shade; click a snap with the Nano and your team in it!

My Experience while driving the Tata Nano GenX:

  • It is spacious in its segment!
  • Feel of the steering is pretty solid.
  • Functionality and usability of the features within the car dashboard is accessible easily
  • The auto mode does not lack in pick up, the car is designed to catch up to your acceleration demands , and shifts the gears so very efficiently
  • The creep mode is amazing, when it comes to bumper to bumper traffic, navigates without any hiccups
  • For a speed junkie like me, a manual transmission option is just the perfect blend when it comes to playing with the cars power, and just not that the shifting pattern is just a simple up and down which is easy and a first in its segment !
  • The car stays stable at high speed; I touched around 85 Km/hr considering a under 900 cc car engine, that’s not bad at all
  • It was terribly hot in Pune and the a/c worked amazingly, it cools within few seconds and provides consistent performance.
  • Leg space at the driver’s seat and also at the back is spacious and doesn’t cramp the legs, giving a comfort drive.

 Overall, the car feels comfortable, very easy while steering, good turning radius, nice power, some apt transmission feature, both in automatic and manual, a  sporty and youthful color combination with the infinity logo embedded finishes the car look so well  and above all doesn’t  feel like a entry level car by any means! Credit must be given to the Tata Motors team (concept, design, and engineering) for accomplishing   something quite credible!

Tata Safari Storme – A Meet Which Redefined Extremeness

Premeet Exitement !!

The day I got the tweet about the TATA SAFARI Storme – XTREME DRIVE experience meet, I was super excited, for 3 reasons, a) would get a chance to experience the off-road, b) would get a chance to meet my fellow indibloggers !! c) Would know more about the TATA SAFARI Storme and win some prizes !!

THE EVENT DAY with a twist !!

Days passed by slowly one by one, weeks ended and then the day I was waiting for, came with a twist!! The twist being that I may not be able to attend the event due to some other commitments which popped up like a stone on the head!! However gutted from inside I accumulated my lost hope and thought of finishing the work in due time of the event… hope gave a glimpse to fulfill my commitments in time ….


Confident and content, I drove through the highway with excitement but it all came to a halt, guess what !! It was the Mumbai  traffic which was not allowing me to reach anywhere close to the time !! Somehow with the help of GPS navigator I tried to skip to a shortcut route and tried not to miss the event !! I was hopeful that I will catch the action ! Thou I was a 1 hour late !!

Safari Storme1365704098_checkered_flag

EVENT MINITES – Phase 1 : Registration !!

Registered myself for the event, thanks to the indiblogger core members !  they gave me a token / card for availing a test ride of TATA SAFARI STORME … I was a bit late … but catched up with the actions after taking feeds from the nearby bloggers about what s going on !936270_10151470583157883_306727904_n

EVENT MINITES – Phase 2 : Introduction Please !!

Our trademark host Anoop was in full swing with his charismatic best and indulging us in  some cool surprising contest and super cool prizes …  besides that  considering that many new bloggers were attending the event for the first time, here was a session where in random numbers bloggers name popped up on the screen and they introduced themselves and their blog and what they write about … it was a good attempt to indulge bloggers to know about each other and interact !! Was fun ..

EVENT MINITES – Phase 3 :  Did you know !!


Tata Motors marketing Head was on stage to give us a brief on the features of the New Tata Safari Storme, he shared some of his experience while dealing with customer who were fans of Tata Safari series and loved the look of the car.

EVENT MINITES – Phase 4: Some Outdoor Fun – with Tata Safari Storme

After the briefing was over, Anoop our host told us to assemble in a group of 20, and after naming the group, we had to choose a team leader and tweet it on the #tag and @indiblogger , just as he announced there was as usual epic chaos in wondering whose team to go, eyeing friend in the group and so on and forth, finally the groups were made.

I was in the “Cyclone” group, a very energetic and enthusiastic bunch of people raring to take up any challenge with the banner Hurrr hurrr huuurrrr karde sabki jaddi gul …  4 other groups were formed and things were taking shape for the challenge ..

As we reached the ground we saw Tata Safari Storme standing in the glory for us to find out …  Well after the much awaited suspense, Tata Safari stuff and Indiblogger team members explained us what the challenge was..

The challenge was “tug of war” in which a rope was suspended from the Tata Safari Storme, each team had to pull the Tata Safari Storme from point A to point B with the help of the rope and teamwork of the members in the least amount of time. It was a game which required strength as well as mind for strategizing how to and what way the combination might work to take it from point A to B in the least time.

Our Chattur team leader made some effective strategies not only got the team work together but also to dilute our contenders with some tacky punch lines.. haha that was fun ..


After turn by turn chance of the teams, our hands on with tug of war happened, and we performed our ultimate best to do what we had planned thanks to our team leader, fortunately or should I say cleverly we took the game away from all our competitor teams, moving the car from point A to point B in just 5.94 sec … woohoo we were leading the pack ..

After announcing 1st and 2nd place … there was supposed to be a one on one tug of war between teams which really didn’t happen because of the rope issues … However we were later declared the winning team ….

EVENT MINITES – Phase 5: Off Road experience on Tata Safari Storme

Off road experience replicated with the following tracks, my experience while I was in the car:


Tight Turns: To display the car turning capabilities, some crisp tight turn was made possible by the 5.6m radius turning capabilities of the Tata safari Stome, its redifined from the previous version from 6m radius

941959_10151470593552883_119442200_nSteep High And Low Climbs: The car was taken to high and low climbs with the help of ramp made metal structure to showcase the sheer power of the car, the Car driving instructor explained us that as the car was climbing at a steep 45 degree hight without any acceleration or clutch support, I was impressed with the car’s power and engine torque totally.

992898_10151470594612883_451445115_n697_10151470594577883_672992806_nTilts 45 and 70 Degree: Showcasing the stability of the car, it was tilted 45 and 70 degree, I had heart on my mouth when I was experiencing it as I was scared the car would tilt, but the instructor advised me to stay claim and explained how the car was stable and didn’t tilt due to the fine engineering  and top shock absorber system in the car.

943611_10151470593867883_138802435_nSeasaw: As we passed through the seasaw the instructor explained us about the stability of the car under rigid, uneven and muddy roads and terrain, which we were headed to the seasaw, it was hard to believe that a car can go through such a test, which just proves how the car is designed to run under any possible conditions.

After I went through with the awesome experience off-road , some staff from Tata Motors marketing team asked how the experience was and which part of the drive I thought was most extreme, well to cut it short all the stages and parameter were just amazing and it truly made me believe that it’s a real SUV.

Finally i had dinner, which was awesome feast and loved the delights which were on offer.

My Take Overall: I have learned a new definition of Extremeness courtesy TATA SAFARI STORME and Indiblogger.

P.S. Got featured on Tata Safari Facebook Page for my click on the event day.

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