Trapped in a Cage

I tried to follow what they said
i did what i could
to understand why they said
tried and tested
i am a loner with no experience
just followed what they said

How well did they cultivate my thoughts
it all felt green and bliss
not knowing what they are up-to
i pursued their dreams

it so happen one moment
i realized this is not what i wanted
keeping my feet on toes
i planned a runaway from this prison

Days passed by thinking …
so did months,
sad within to understand,
its a wide spread of infection
which had no end to its connection !!

i accumulated some strength
to say what i had to
not knowing this would end my journey
before it even began ..

so, here i was in the middle of seesaw
both end had flames
slowly but surely
it would hurt now and then !!

I curse my sense of their belonging
it made me a slave of their dreams
i would just keep on thinking
is there a way i could stop, whats happening?


Blogger Bliss

Before I started blogging, I always thought blogging is for all those  intellectual and information sharing geeks, but after taking up blogging and after lot of thought I realized that it’s not all about the intellectual and pass the information kinds, it’s also about your personal experiences, thoughts, views, society and well being.

The commercial / branding aspect blog:

My TOP 10 take on what a blogger needs:

  1. Readers
  3. Subscription to his/her blog
  4. Unique Readers from across the world
  5. Links to his/her blog
  7. Recognition
  8. Page Rank
  9. Alexa Rank

How does a blogger obtain all the above? It’s a time consuming task indeed! Here is the list:

  1. Blogs on topics which are in trend for readers to indulge…
  2. Involves reader into the article with a touch a panache
  3. Convince the reader indirectly with some juicy internal links
  4. Broaden the topics of post for foreigner to indulge
  5. Sweet links to the home page as blog roll means reciprocate please!
  6. Trying to make the article as user friendly as possible and try to generate a “what is your take” segment indirectly for some comments and thoughts.
  7. Recognition is the fruit of the blog post which deserves an ovation! You can only work on the article rest is up to the readers to judge it!
  8. Page rank – it’s a big deal in the blogging arena, Google always tries to scrutinize the blog in terms of content, links and not to forget hits and accordingly generates a page rank!
  9. More readers means good alexa rank and that can be obtain if you have loads and loads of daily readers and that can be possible if your blog has that sort of information, content which indulges readers to be on the hook all the while.
  10. Bookmarks, sort of recognition for the blog, is also a link bank for blog which can be beneficial for back links and Google rankingJ.

There are a host of information in the net on how to improve ranks and generate traffic to your blog, but I personally feel that taking small steps will go long way.

After I joined INDIBLOGGER I actually feel connected to my readers which was not the case before in my 4 years of blogging. So kudos to INDIBLOGGER for creating a blogger community and uniting all fellow INDIAN blogger at a single platform.