Happiness Costs nothing

We are living in the 21st century and everything is cutting edge, high tech and it is just getting better day by day, this is making life simpler but in a sense more complicated for us, thou we are working our self’s towards future but a time has come when we can just manage everything all by our self’s, we don’t want a company and all we require is our mobiles, tablets, e-books, laptops to just fulfill our wishes in a click of a button and be our best company.
Well, so what does one do to be happy these days is really a very materialistic approach towards looking at things, and i think this is not the optimum happiness or satisfaction we always have urged for in the recent past centuries.
For me happiness has always been something which is lot to do in seeing someone happy and to be in that moment with the person, let me share a experience which really made me my day:
It was evening time and i was returning back from work to home, very tired and a bit dull, as it was late night around 10.30pm, i was struggling to find a taxi, from a few distance away from me was a lady who was also battling to find a taxi, in the meanwhile i manage to get the cab and sat and offered the lady if i could drop here somewhere, she was a bit unsure about it first, but after i urged that its late night and there wont be any cabs coming soon, she agreed to sit. To break the ice i started the conversation and asked her about where she exactly wanted to go so that i could first drop her, after having a brief conversation i asked her about what she does and where she works, it worked out that she was my friends friend and she was pleasantly surprised and contained to know that, it brought happiness to her face which really made my day in the sense that its such a small world and how people just connect, these deeds of helping someone in the time of need is really something that people in this world have forgotten, thou we live for our self’s, but these small gestures of kindness can also play a significant help in other peoples life.
Happiness is contagious and the more we spread it the more we make this world a better place to live, life is tough and days are challenging to what we are looking up-to, just a thought of happiness in this struggle also will lead to a smooth journey in this bumpy ride of life, where love and happiness battles  all odds and scores a WIN.

Hunger to be on TOP

Look around you! Alert yourself … everyone who is ambitious, career oriented, people who are part of a system, who are leaders have  big hunger to be on top and it drives them, motivates them to do that extra bit special then others to be the sparkle, to be THE stand out performer and get one step closer to top…

Why is there this hunger to be on top, well there could be many reasons, some of them would be self esteem, power, to acquire something desired, dreams, to be recognized, and so on and forth.

Let’s shift our mind to something that has more to do with what motivated these species to be so relentless in their mission to be on top, well some of many reasons include:

  • They were born and brought up in such a family, where everyone is highly qualified and it’s in their genes to be on top.
  • Inspired by their Idols in the respective fields they were in.
  • Acquiring the top position to utilized the power to encourage better system, Organizations!

There are some instance where I observed that people are willing to put everything in stack and I mean EVERYTHING to be in top of their set benchmark, I sometime feel that if you don’t have the right mindset and track set for yourself to acquire the  top position of your benchmark,  it’s but obvious that you will fail, as they say ‘jack of all ace of NONE, so you need to be strategic and know your opportunities as it might come in disguise to you, but as I say be alert and give in your best !!! rest leave it on destiny!!!!

Summing up everything from what i have experienced through the years in achieve  specific goals and to be on TOP is to BELIEVE in yourself, set the path and break that path in to numerous parts as per your convenience and you will see that achieving what you desire is easy !! Yes but to be on top you have to shell out on your personal interest as they are the hurdles you need to jump and jump high to be in the race of being on TOP!!