Tips before buying pre-owned bike

Knowing that prices of bike are soaring high and sometimes it gets hard to shell out big sum of money at a go, so generally to catch up on their comfort and dream bike people opt for pre-owned or second hand bikes.
Finding a decent pre-owned bike in Bangalore can be a daunting task to say the least, considering there are so many shops/showrooms offering at  different rates, we generally get influenced at their marketing and spoken words as trust. It’s also important to consider that motorcycle insurance for a teenager is a very different mine field of paperwork and can be very costly. It is often recommended to wait for later years or to gain experience in other type of vehicles first.

So to save your energy and not get tangled by the shop sales person, I am sharing a list of pointers which can help you in knowing the actual usage of the bike and decide your bargain price accordingly:

1) Know what kind of  bike you want, there are generally 3 segments A) Commuter bikes B) Performance/Tourer Bike C) Sports bike – they might look different and some even might look very convincing in looks, but do consider the body type and segment the price accordingly.

Let me further define these 3 segments of bike for better understanding :Types of Bikes
Commuter Bikes: It is used for daily commute and is very fuel efficient with limited features, design of such bikes are basic yet tough enough to tackle the daily wear and tear in city traffic and roads.
Performance Bike: These kinds of bike are very comfortable seating wise, as these bikes fall under tourer segment for those long distance journeys and adventure trips.
Sports Bike: These bikes are very sporty and stylish in looks and has good performance to reach maximum speeds, thou mileage takes a beating and is not that fuel efficient as the above two.

Now you are aware of types of bike, next thing to focus is :

Brand: Brand also plays a major part in choosing a bike, we should know if the parts are easily available, after sales service is important and even how they are priced for the same segment what other companies are offering. So value for money is important here.

Overall Look: Do check the bike for any scratches or accident dents, weld tears, kinks and so on, check if the machine is well taken care of.

Inspect: Also not to forget, checking the internal small parts, see if the parts are corrosion free in the chain both at teeth and tip for better grip, check the body metal, for paint fade, and lastly sprockets!

Bike Engine: Bike engines generally start from 100cc and go upto 300cc, now the main thing to note Check bike spareshere is that different segments have different fuel efficiency, for instance a 100cc to 150cc will have better fuel efficiency then a 150 to 300 range bike would. So calculate  your daily commute distance and choose accordingly.

Suspension, Brake and steering: TO check the brakes and suspension, sit on the bike and press the front brake, push and compress the fork, if the bike stays stable at its place, then both brake and suspensions are working good !

Tires: Check the tire for wear and tear, it would have some tear, but make sure that the tires are not that flat that you don’t see the tire pattern for grip!

Leakage: DO check the bike for leakage; inspect the bike by raising the throttle / accelerator.

Test drive: After inspecting all the above points, take the bike for a test drive, check the feel of the bike while riding, the engine noise should be minimal, rear brakes and suspension should be smooth while applying.

Bargaining: Consider the above points and set a price for bargain considering if any services or bike body work is required.

Paper work: The most important aspect while dealing in a second hand bike is to check the papers and know the owner of the bike, when was bought, bike age, check the engine no and paint color mentioned in the smart card, these entire pointer are essential while dealing. Make sure the papers are not forged and get it recheck from your local RTO.

Though it might be pre-owned bikes in Bangalore but if you have a reliable source then finding a second hand bikes in Bangalore won’t be a tough task!

Streaming with Bluetooth the new FAB

It has been decades since TV’s have been a part of our family, earlier we didn’t use to have so many channels, just a few but we still enjoyed and accepted them as our daily routine to watch those serials, cartoons, music. But now with the cutting edge advancement in technology we have access to more than 100 plus channels, and we are totally spoiled for choices.

Now that we have so many channels and there are multiple genre of production for instance  separate channels for Movies, Music, Sports, daily serials, food, lifestyle and so on and forth, considering the appetite of our consumption of watching, we have also grown the appetite for better sound with enhance bass and tremble to get those accurate beats while listening to our favorite artist sing.

At the early 1990, while my growing up days, dad brought a home theater which had like 1 woofer and 5 speakers and we all use to listen to it like mad, we had a sort of jam session where we sang along with family like karaoke session and have a blissful time.

Now that we are in the 20th century and thanks to the growing and advance technology we are going wireless with the invention of live streaming Bluetooth through multiple devices which are available in the market that plays as a host to our home theatre and we can easily get connected to multiple devices supporting Bluetooth like our laptop, tablet, smart phones, MP3 players, sounds amazing doesn’t it! Instant party starter in a way.


Thou I am bit skeptical that some of you guys have a home theater at your place, it doesn’t have to be as swanky but even a decent 1 woofer 2 speaker or a good quality sound bar is a good enough alternative from your basic mobile, laptop or TV speakers.


So if you are still unaware of such technology or still feeling lazy to search the local market for a decent Bluetooth streamer, Bluetooth enabled speakers, home theaters then don’t waste any further time and get the stuff you want, get spoiled for choices and awesome deals, so if you have not invested on one yet, get it right away!!

Business Mantra – No Bargain

I was at a bakery shop, went there to purchase a cake for my friend’s Birthday, there were some yummy cakes in the offering with wide variety up for display to choose from, however the prices were not as pretty so i gave a bargain price to the Shop owner, after which he showed me a board … let’s have a look:

Customer Sign Board

Think about it

Fiftieth Post – Limited Edition


There was a day when Money was just a bargain to buy chocolates, sweets and all the yummy delights,


Now is a day when money is bargain to catch up with life.


Think over it and there is a deep thought behind


If this is what you opted for then you are in a big decline.