Revolutionize Banking with DBS Bank

Banking globally has seen remarkable and significant turnaround when we talk about how banking is done these days, especially in this era of technology. I am myself a digital banker when it comes to core banking like money transfer thought IMPS or RTGS, atm withdrawal, issuing of account statement or maybe paying my bills. Now that everything is online and on the go, why waste time visiting the bank and waiting in long queue, when you are provided with the same service through online banking or app based banking.

On a contrary, one fine day, you decide to open a bank account to secure your hard earn money or save for you dream vacation, car or maybe a house, and once you know of the paper work and hassle involved in opening an account, you start to think otherwise, why is that so? I feel that in India to what I know and through past experiences, opening a bank account is not that easy, considering the technological advances, banking in India still lacks in adopting the technological advances when it comes to the KYC (Know your customer) process. For instance in a typical situation if you want to open an account, you will require to:

  • Fill a good 4 page form
  • 2 photos
  • 1 photo identity
  • pan card copy
  • 1 residential proof

So in all, a good time is occupied in doing all the formalities and paperwork, which can be fast tracked through loads of different technological advances which are adopted by other Asian countries.

Guess what! Recently I was searching for a Bank where I can open an account which had “no minimum balance maintenance” quarterly charges, and had all the banking core services included at no extra cost, though it was long struggle to find any, finally I came across DBS Bank, yes!


DBS Bank  which is  Singapore’s best, Asia’s Safest titled, has been in the banking industry for around 4 decades and it has evolved with time and been adopting future ready banking technology with times.

With DBS bank’s new digibank program, opening “no minimum balance maintenance account” is possible, apart from that the star feature of DBS Digibank is that you can open a saving accounts hassle free and conveniently from where you are, the first step involves registering for the DBS e-wallet, now what this e-wallet does is makes paying much more easier, may it be phone/electricity bills to making a recharge to online shopping. After the e-wallet registration you can convert you e-wallet into a digital account without paperwork or signatures! Yes, you heard me right  for authentication   all you need is your Aadhaar no., PAN CARD and biometric for authentication, after that visit one of their many partner stores or call them to meet you at a place of your convenience.  It truly is a live more, Bank Less moment, once you have completed the simple process and start enjoying the bounty of banking services which they have to offer.

Digor the Dinosaurs (which is the DBS digibank Mascot)  survived extinction and embraced digibank by DBS Bank, which not only allows him to bank virtually 24X7, it also provides many bounties like 7% interest on saving a/c and host of freebies and coupons for online shopping sites.


Apart from that we will be seeing our own legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar associated as brand champion with DBS Bank’s Digibanking program.


A significant top up in security is their feature where no OTP (One time password) is required, thou   a better security is assured which is powered by automated authentication, safer than OTPs. So rest assured, the money is in safe hands.

To add some topping to all the above, they are also offering a 7% interest on saving and 10% cashback on shopping from a wide range of online merchants.

App Banking with Axis Bank

I am talking about 10 years back, few things which came to my mind when dad used to say beta lets go to the bank, it sound boring, lethargic and you knew the reason why your dad is taking you to the bank, basically it was less of a learning experience and more of a standing in the Q experience.

 Well banking has turned tables surprising when it comes to adopting new and secure technology and constantly updating themselves with time, in the prominent list of adaptability with cutting edge technology comes the name of a familiar and growth oriented AXIS Bank.

Axis bank to what I know  as a customer have always adopted according to the customer behavior time and time again, to add to the list they recently updated their app on mobiles with compatibility to every smart phone OS that includes Andriod, Apple, windows, blackberry.

To give a brief about their updated app and super cool features Axis Bank decided to have chai pe charcha session with bloggers from Blogadda portal, sounds very boring doesn’t it, however it was not the case as the host Mr. Parminder Panesar – Head – Media relations at Axis Bank made us feel at home (almost) with his casual chats yet precisely pointed features of the app that I shall brief below, some of the feature which really got my attention and  other banking app still need to work on:

 1) Registration:

The app registration is almost like a piece of cake, convenient and hassle free, there are 3 options to choose from:

A) If you know your debit card details, you can register OR

B) Net Banking Credentials will work too


 2) Securely yours:

* You can only register one account per device at a time and that too your register sim card needs to be in the device, which I feel is a very secure oriented feature and this will help in keeping phishing off bay.

* A good feature in regards to security is even if your phone is idle for 5 minutes the app automatically logs off, considering that the user might not have the phone with him, I am impressed -details so minimal yet a possible threat is worked upon at Axis Bank.

* Setting the transfer limit, for the 1st time app download OR New registration, a limit is set to 30,000.00 which can be changed from a week time considering security reasons, and after that you can change and set your transaction limited upto 10,00,000.00.

3) Easy Login:

No need to add in login credentials and password, with Axis bank’s app you just need to remember your MPIN which is generated at the time of registration, so now you banking details are just 6 digits away isn’t the cool.


 4) Convenience to the customer:

 A) Don’t you hate it when you login in to your account after putting in login id and password, then go and find account details, under that find current balance and finally after a good 2 minute struggle you get your own bank balance, but with the axis bank app, balance is just right in front of you after you login with your MPIN, just hardly takes 5 seconds.

 B) Amount transfers were never so easy:

* Instant beneficiary’s addition, well you can transfer money to other Axis bank or other non Axis bank transfers within minutes.

* The best part is if you are transferring to other Axis bank account, you just require the account holders registered number with the bank  and that’s it beneficiary added.

 * If you are transferring to non axis bank account, you only require the account holders a/c no and ifsc code isn’t that convenient compared to the sluggish form filling and waiting for a good 8 to 48 Hrs to get you beneficiary added before you can transfer funds.


* Bill payments:

Large variety of bundled services for bill payment, telephones, cards, charity, DTH, Electricity, GAS etc. So now paying bill on the move just got dearer.


 5) Edge Rewards point’s redemption on app:

One more handy feature is loyalty points redeem through your Axis bank app, what’s more your points instantly gets approved and you receive the coupons in just minutes, being said that the app also has a feature through which it can locate the nearest offers according to the category chosen.

There are many other features such as:

 *New Cheque book request
*Cheque status and stop
*E-statement request / email registration
*Add beneficiary to favorites, once you have done a transfer, that so convenient on the go, just put in the amount and the transaction is done.

 That’s all in terms of the app, and they are still upgrading the app to better suit customer s requirement and the transformation is always on said Mr. Parminder.

 Had a wonderful time interacting with the staff of Axis bank as well as some fellow bloggers.

This post is about ‘Make the Axis Acquaintance‘ meet conducted by Axis Bank in association with