Blogger Bliss

Before I started blogging, I always thought blogging is for all those  intellectual and information sharing geeks, but after taking up blogging and after lot of thought I realized that it’s not all about the intellectual and pass the information kinds, it’s also about your personal experiences, thoughts, views, society and well being.

The commercial / branding aspect blog:

My TOP 10 take on what a blogger needs:

  1. Readers
  3. Subscription to his/her blog
  4. Unique Readers from across the world
  5. Links to his/her blog
  7. Recognition
  8. Page Rank
  9. Alexa Rank

How does a blogger obtain all the above? It’s a time consuming task indeed! Here is the list:

  1. Blogs on topics which are in trend for readers to indulge…
  2. Involves reader into the article with a touch a panache
  3. Convince the reader indirectly with some juicy internal links
  4. Broaden the topics of post for foreigner to indulge
  5. Sweet links to the home page as blog roll means reciprocate please!
  6. Trying to make the article as user friendly as possible and try to generate a “what is your take” segment indirectly for some comments and thoughts.
  7. Recognition is the fruit of the blog post which deserves an ovation! You can only work on the article rest is up to the readers to judge it!
  8. Page rank – it’s a big deal in the blogging arena, Google always tries to scrutinize the blog in terms of content, links and not to forget hits and accordingly generates a page rank!
  9. More readers means good alexa rank and that can be obtain if you have loads and loads of daily readers and that can be possible if your blog has that sort of information, content which indulges readers to be on the hook all the while.
  10. Bookmarks, sort of recognition for the blog, is also a link bank for blog which can be beneficial for back links and Google rankingJ.

There are a host of information in the net on how to improve ranks and generate traffic to your blog, but I personally feel that taking small steps will go long way.

After I joined INDIBLOGGER I actually feel connected to my readers which was not the case before in my 4 years of blogging. So kudos to INDIBLOGGER for creating a blogger community and uniting all fellow INDIAN blogger at a single platform.

How Google Started Off

google logo

What began as a project helmed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two Stanford University graduate students.The program is currently one of the most influential in the World Wide Web: Google. First, the target students werer to make an effective search engine, allowing users to provide relevant links  in response to search queries. While the main objective, which remains today on Google, the company provides services ranging from e-mail and documents software for storage performance and mobile telephony operating systems. Less than a decade, Google has become a two-person company in several billion dollars society. Today, the popularity of Google continues to grow. In 2007, Microsoft also exceeded the most visited site on the Internet. All webmasters who want their site on the top list of  Google’s search results pages (SERPS) the more traffic in respective web site the better and the popular it gets. Google also acquired other Internet companies, ranging from service blogs Video website YouTube. Over time, the company
search technology from competitors, including the authority to search
engines – Yahoo! was based on a Google search on the e-mail four years to develop its own search engine technology in 2004.Google influence, not only on the Internet. In 2007, the leaders announced their intention to
in the FCC auction of wireless spectrum 700 megahertz (MHz) band. As part of the wireless network analog spectrum previously owned by television broadcasters.”Google said that the representatives of The Company entered the auction to promote competition in wireless industry. Google supports the approach to wireless technologies that consumers can use this device with a supplier, rather than faced with limited contact and preferred suppliers. To participate in the auction, Google had to demonstrate its readiness to respond to Reserve price range at 4.6 million dollars. Ultimately, Google does not win the auction. However, the company achieved its primary objective – Verizon, which won the tender, should follow the approach in the Google technology would be open.

5 Ways to Make Your Website a Lead Generation Machine!

Like just about everyone else who’s forked over a fair sized chunk of their year’s marketing budget to achieve a killer online presence, you’re looking forward to a rush of new sales, right?

Bad news: it isn’t going to happen. And that doesn’t mean your website isn’t good – it’s more likely because your website’s been left to go it alone.

The simple truth is that in the majority of cases websites for businesses is a sales tool, not a sales vehicle. So if you want to dramatically boost sales and see your website as an ideal place to find new prospects, you need to incorporate the same techniques used in face-to-face selling to make them convert. That, of course, begins with prospect follow up.

About 80% of the sales initiated through website contact are made after several contacts have been made. Why? Because people rarely visit a website and immediately buy (unless it’s an e-commerce site), so if you don’t maintain ongoing contact you’ll miss out on a significant amount of potential new business. Don’t let that happen – make the most of every selling opportunity by offering your site visitors information of value so they will tell you who they are in order to get it. Case studies, white papers, check lists, guides and e-publications encourage visitors to come back regularly looking for fresh content – ask them to identify themselves and you can actually notify them when that new content becomes available, along with whatever else you’d care to promote. Once you’ve established the contact, follow up with more of the information they’re looking for and your chances of getting them to buy will be far greater. Here’s how to begin:


Credibility = Trust
The more useful and relevant information you provide to prospects, the more belief they will have that your business can be trusted. By offering credible information that delivers value, you demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about. As a result, site visitors will be willing to provide you with their email addresses so you can give them even more – they may even fill out short surveys to tell you what they really want. Before you know it, Presto! A brand new prospect list is born.

Playing With Emotions
With every message you send to your new list, you should emphasize the “want” your product will satisfy. Saving money? Saving Time? Adding convenience? Remember that people buy first because they want and second because they need, so your messages need to address both the emotional and the tangible.

Building Copyright Value

Building Value
Each time you contact your prospect the value of your “offer” should grow. It might be a limited time bonus, special discount or something else you know your prospect will appreciate. By limiting the time available to act, you work to push your prospect toward making a buying decision.

Making it Real
Once you’ve hit the emotional element of decision-making, be sure to focus just as pointedly on the practical. Give prospects sound, logical reasons to buy, based on facts. Pinpoint the results they will see, the savings they will realize or the efficiencies they’ll gain. Be specific and use examples – pie in the sky just isn’t credible.

Positive Reinforcement
Testimonials in the form of case studies work well to attract prospects with similar “pain” to your customers. Because, if you can eliminate your customers’ pain, it stands to reason you can do wonders for your prospects’, too.

Now – take a good hard look at your website. Does it offer value? Does it give prospects an opportunity to ask you for more? Does it give you an opportunity to learn about them? If it doesn’t, shouldn’t you be doing something about it?
Knowledge is power. Make it work for your business.