Get Smart with FinSmart E-Learning for Investors

We have a habit to be unorganized and casual about how we spend our  money, but what if we realise the potential of our hard earn money and make it earn for us, sounds like I am cracking a joke, right? Well! I am not because recently Finsafe have released an e-learning module named FinSmart to provide a scalable learning solution on personal wealth management.

Bangalore, India, April 20th 2016.

Finsafe India Private Limited has launched an e-learning module providing comprehensive information regarding personal wealth management. The 2 hour long module named FinSmart is aimed at people who want to make the most of their disposable income. It’s an excellent option, rather than just saving money and earning literally nothing out of it, learning and understanding different way to invest money opens up windows for better chances of ROI.

FinSmart covers basics of investment and concepts like inflation, compounding and risk in great detail. Investment tools such as mutual funds, debt instruments, insurance and pension, as well as factors affecting them are described in depth. Users also gain from a comprehensive financial planner, a model portfolio and the facility for making online investments.

FinSmart is an initiative of Mrin Agarwal, who won the CNBC Grand Jury Award for work done towards Financial Inclusion & Education in 2015. Mrin is also the co-founder of Womantra, a training program aimed at enhancing financial awareness among women. Womantra has trained more than 5000 people across 40 corporates across India over the last 2.5 years. The training sessions conducted by Womantra brought out that most young professionals in India were not prepared to achieve their financial aspirations and further highlighted the critical need to raise financial awareness and inclusion.


Finsafe was created with the purpose of being a knowledge repository that simplifies financial information and empowers people to create wealth. “In a surging economy like India’s, it is crucial that individuals are informed to take effective action to improve overall financial well-being and avoid monetary distress.” says Mrin Agarwal. A Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC survey has found that more than 70% of Indians fare badly in financial literacy.

Finsafe’s efforts converge towards building a more financially inclusive future and FinStart is designed to address the investor awareness gap. FinStart is among the first of its kind opportunities for Indians to learn all about wealth management and investment at the place and pace of their choice.

About Finsafe India Pvt. Ltd.

Finsafe is a finance education & inclusion organization focused on equipping people with strategies to handle their money with focus on goals, growth and safety. Finsafe is a pioneer in bringing e-learning solutions on personal-wealth management to India. Learn more at .

Profound Hear Loss solution Cochlear™ to the rescue

How would you imagine yourself, being in a situation where you could not hear anything? It brings jitters hearing this, isn’t it? Expressing yourself would be so difficult, the pain, the anguish, the excitement, the happiness and entire that bagful of emotions.

Talking about hearing loss and the advancement in technology, Cochlear™ Limited, which is an Australia-based company has made hearing possible for people with profound hearing loss with its extensive research and commitment  to bring about a solution for people with profound hear loss since 1981.

With every Cochlear™ implant surgery, people have noticed remarkable results in their hearing ability, from profound hearing loss to normal hearing ability with the Cochlear™ Nucleus® 6.

Brett Lee, the legendary Australian fast bowler is associated with Cochlear™ for their awareness program on profound hear loss and its detection and intervention to cure it and is their Global Hearing Ambassador.hqdefault.jpg

Life without having the ability to hear may be quite a challenge, especially for children, irritation and a level of low confidence emerge, apart from that parents are always apprehensive about how their child will grow up, will they be socially accepted, whether they will have friends or not, getting admission in proper school can be a challenge of sorts.

For children especially, early detection and intervention by parents is quite necessary so that years are not wasted of the child and the implant can be fixed for profound hear loss and adaptation of the same can be learned by the child in their early stages of life.

There are many cases of profound hearing loss in children in India , those who have gotten a  Cochlear™ Implant have shared their life experiences stating that, they are happy with the implants which are quite responsive to sound, very light weight ,stable and doesn’t make them feel they are wearing an external device, the sound processor.

If I talk about their recent most advanced processor, the Cochlear ™ Nucleus® 6: I would like to start with how normal hearing works:

How hearing worksen_general_cochlearimplant_howitworks_howhearingworks_300x320

  1. Sound waves enter the ear and travel along the ear canal to the ear drum.
  2. Movement of the eardrum makes tiny bones in the middle part of the ear vibrate.
  3. These vibrations are transmitted to a fluid filled part of the inner ear, known as the cochlea.
  4. Tiny hairs lining the cochlea pick up this movement and send electrical signals to the brain, where they’re interpreted as sound.

Hearing with a cochlear implanten_general_cochlearimplant_howitworks_hearingwithacochlearimplant_300x320

  1. Microphones on the sound processor pick up sounds and the processor converts them into digital information.
  2. This information is transferred through the coil to the implant just under the skin.
  3. The implant sends electrical signals down the electrode into the cochlea.
  4. The hearing nerve fibres in the cochlea pick up the signals and send them to the brain, giving the sensation of sound.
  5. Sharing a brief illustration video for better understanding of Cochlear Implant

Trivia, as per the Indian census of 2002 of hearing disability, 63 Million people, that’s around (6.3%) of the Indian population suffers from significant loss of hearing, out of which 32% have profound hearing loss (in which a person can’t hear anything). Also, it is the 2nd most common cause of disability in India, that’s an alarming figure and needs intervention as early as a child’s birth.

Although it is ignored even in a well populated country like India, but hearing tests for newborns are mandatory in countries like America, Australia, England and other western countries. If not made mandatory in India, we should at least spread the word about it the best we can.


We are restricted to follow the system,
Why did they make such a system?
Which took the real freedom far away
Made us understand the definition
Not considering the real freedom of flying

My perspective is limited to
The world I am living in
I want to discover this world,
The world I want to live in

Who will let me free from this prison?
Who will set  me up from this horizon?
I wish I had wings to fly
So that I wouldn’t need any help to glide

They say there are many world that exist
I want to discover them all, if it was in clinch,
How I want to live those lives
Truly yet partially understand their life

It sounds like a fairy tale story
But, thoughts have the power to fulfil
Thou, there might be road blocks on the way
Still, the road is wide open if you break free


Indiblogger + HP #connectedmusic + Otto Infinito = Bloggers Heaven

Yes guys the topic says it all! For people who have missed this event too bad cause it was a splendid meet! Blogger from all over Mumbai and nearby cities attended this event to be a part of the occasion! Let me just rewind it for you!

Being a part of Indiblogger has been a special feeling for me! I remember when I was searching for some blogger group forum so that I could meet like-headed people and commute.. This urge landed on indiblogger and  I got registered! It has given me a platform to showcase my writing skills!

The Collaboration3

Now coming back to the event:

The Pre-Event blues for a first timer at indiblogger!

  1. A.      Finding the venue!!! Otto Infinito –at G BlockBandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East)  – Got it !
  2. B.      Registration – done!!! Thanks to Indiblogger team!
  3. C.      Ambiance – Classy and serene
  4. D.      Fellow Bloggers – who had met at the previous meets, were sipping, laughing and enjoying with their buddies; on the contrary some first timers like me were wandering what’s going on!
  5. E.       The Welcome Drink – Awesome .. Helped crack down some blues!


  1. Tables and Mate: We queued up to get in and find a table and appropriate bloggers to sit, chat and wait for the event to start !
  2. Anoop Johnson Event host started off with settling us and giving us some energy with the whole hurr hurrr hurrr saga !! it helped tickle the brain waves !! was fun thou !!
  3. The Fame Game: We kick started with a casual interaction with bloggers by the game named “30 SECOND TO FAME” in which we interacted with many bloggers, exchanged thoughts and asked what they blog about. That was fame for few seconds thou as I hardly remember my fellow bloggers names.


Yes the moment came when HP’s Marketing Head Mr. Ranjivjit Singh, revealed the HP Connected Music Service on web and integrated on the new windows 8 platform free for a year in their HP Laptops.

This service of HP allows users to download songs from several different genres and has a songs bank of over a Million, that’s great considering that over 60% to 80% songs are pirated/friend forwards, this service of HP shall be a big benefit for all music lovers and above all the quality of songs will be intact which we don’t get in pirated versions !!

The Collaboration image 3


Otto Infinito’s General Manager came up and shared all about the restaurant, from the ambiance to marbles which were rare and could not be found in any other restaurant, which was a new to me, then he introduced us to Otto Infinito’s Head Chief who gave a brief on their cuisine and discussed on several stuff they have in offer such as Mediterranean and other delicious cuisines (I don’t remember the names ;), but sounded promising !For those who are reading and not have been to Otto Infinito I would definitely recommend you to go and have some pleasant dining experience ! worth it for the food, ambiance and not to forget the marbles!


After all this we all headed over to feast our taste bugs with some of the delicacy of Otto infinito ! there were pasta quite different from what we usually have, it was a new experience for me and it tasted good, along with cabbage there was host of vegetable serving chopped as per your taste to try from ! Other than that there was paneer with vegetables outside which were also a nice appetizer.


Anoop Johnson the event host introduced us to a number of unique music genres and asked us to accordingly segregate in the genres we preferred, in doing so there was  epic chaos in finding the music genres and which song to perform and sing !


All that settle and all the different genres accordingly performed, I was in the the DHUMCHICKS music genre and we ended up a close second to 133 music genre!


The Prize Worthy mention

There were some contest conducted by Indiblogger in association with HP, HP Seek laptops up for grab and few lucky one’s won the contest and got rewarded.


There was a group photo session in which all the fellow bloggers posed to engrave their experience and frame it home and be known for being a part of Indiblogger community !