Best buy laptops for women – Sony Vaio

We have seen a humongous evolution in the past decade when it comes to laptops and there capability to amaze us every time with new gizmos and optimum performance guarantee, they say that high end graphics and multiple core processors are just for gaming as it requires such horse power to work smoothly, however laptops these days particularly don’t aim for high end performance laptops by also try to make it look glamorous.

Talking about laptops and the glamour quotient, how can we not talk about Sony Vaio laptop, I personally feel that they are one such company that are dedicated in providing performance and looks with their wide range of super stylish range of laptops. Sony Vaio also considers bold designs for women considering their point of view, spoil for choices would be the right word to what Sony Vaio offers!


 Today’s women is independent in all ways and they know the use of laptop for their leisure and work time, laptops are a good alternative to get social, work, and share great deal of information online and on the go!

Getting a bit in-depth on what today’s laptop idea is for women:

1) Has to be powerful in performance (core i3 to i5)

2) Should have RAM of at-least 2 to 4 GBS to make those multitasking work smoothly

3) Decent enough memory slot of around 500 GBS (for worksheet, music, movies and system software’s)

4) A nice big and bright screen of 15.6 inch is the best considering its a standard with most laptops

5) A stylish back panel or a chic glossy finish with bold colors

6) A battery backup of around 4 to 6 hrs to work/play/browse while on the go!

7) Slim and light weight considerably compared to the old school look.

A good choice of laptop is always handy and with SONY VAIO laptop range  you are sure that you are not disappointed  with both style and performance with their range classy and chic modernized designs.

India’s E-Governance Dream with Digital India

India is a vast and developing country, it has the largest and fastest growing urban population in the world, it has never looked back or slowed down its urge to become a DEVELOPED country, there are many aspects to becoming a developed country, one of the major and ground breaking aspect in this age is E-Governance, providing government services, information and data accessible to every citizen of the country on cloud/in a click of a button through the form of Internet.

India is never far behind when it comes to Information Technology, we have some power pack organizations, institutes and individuals who have soar the skies with their vision and dedication to consistently mark India amongst world leaders in Information Technology.


Talking about governance and making #DigitalIndia, recently our present Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi announced the vision of E-governance through its initiative “DIGITAL INDIA”. Thou it’s a mammoth task but if we have proper guidelines, a strong blue print of implementation this can are possible in the next 5 to 10 years to say the least.

Recently, Indiblogger in association Intel initiated a topic on E-governance and Digital India, as part of the initiative they told us to join in and voice our thoughts and opinion on how e-governance through technology can accelerate this vision of digital India. So as the prompt goes I am sharing my pointers and views on the same:

Let’s first understand what is E-governance?e_governance_icon

  • The processes and formation that includes all forms of electronic interaction and communication between the Government and the citizen.
  • It is a platform to provide electronic services to the public both public and Companies/enterprises.
  • Providing information about government plans and process, government level services, thou it is not just about information but also allowing citizens to actively participate, represent, encourage, suggest and consult with government electronically in a systematic way.

The government as we see hear and read about, clearly lacks:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Efficiently
  • And above all, the ever growing corruption at many administrative government levels.

Why the four pointers are in existence is due to weak vigilance team/Hawk-eye to track the insufficiency and curb the corrupt on a consistent level. Clearly E-governance will change many aspects if it surfaces in the coming times.

Let’s see how E-Governance will impact the citizen and enterprises in a better way:egovt-icon

  • There shall be more transparency in the system while delivering data, service and procedures of Govt policies.
  • Makes communication traceable and traceable between govt and citizen.
  • Greater access to information.
  • Creates a healthy competition between dept.
  • Get more precise and accurate answers to queries due to automation.
  • Enables unbiased audits for citizens and enterprises.

Why were we not thinking about E-Governance in the last decade or so?

  • We lacked framework.
  • We earlier didn’t have any citizen database across states and central government.
  • No standard of secure E-governance structure.
  • Lack high end data structures to fulfill the required free flow of data and storage for collaboration, interactions.
  • Due to majority of illiteracy in rural India and lack of awareness means very limited interactions is observed.
  • As a result no output/suggestion received to better the system.

How can E-Governance / #digitalIndia be implemented in INDIA?456498

  • Analysis within govt dept, outsourcing software and layout structure, easy stage wise training programs.
  • A sound, clear political leadership and detail oriented management.
  • Simplify process by setting clear goals.
  • Stage wise progress, starting implementing in phase to know flaws and redesign accordingly to achieve desired results.

Some initial Projects for E-governance:

  • The digitalized Gujarat Module which includes “Tax collection State Border Check Posts”
  • Aadhaar Card.
  • A digital governance service called Twitter Samvad under Digital India initiative that sends curated tweets from government agencies and accounts of leaders to users through SMS who registered for the services.


Companies like Intel India are committed to help initiate programs like apps launch for digital literacy and off-line learning programs which shall enable a custom made gen next brigade of IT literates from rural and urban part of India an Initiative named Digital Skills of India which shall harness the culture and man power required in the near future to make #DigitalIndia initiative a reality.

A Transformed Experience – Asus T100

“Life is moving on and so is the need for technology, we are living in a fast pace life where we just can’t resist the power of technology for personal and business use on the move” – Aziz Ampanwala

Now a days life has become just so much simpler with the advancement of mobile technology, I think that work which use to take up days are now done in minutes, more so with the advancement of portable technology it has gone to a far new level with access to media and data on the go, we have virtually become human robots ourselves.

For a person like me who is constantly on the move I always wished that I had a portable laptop which fulfills all my tablet needs with the comfort of a laptop features and configuration, all in one and on the go. Sounds impossible don’t it!


Let me share some of the cool things I could do / which would keep me hooked to Asus “Transformed” T100 !

1) Browsing and researching on internet with its efficient processor and WIFI.

2) Performing Multi-Tasking smoothly with its Atom Qaud Core PROCESSOR.

3) Online Conferences and live face chatting on the go!

4) Reading E-Books, Magazines and Newspaper.

5) Preparing and editing documents, presentation and datasheets on the move with the comfort of having full laptop features like touchpad and keyboard

6) Watching full length movies and tv series with its super 10+ hour battery life.

7) Playing games on its rich experience 10.1” HD IPS image display and touch screen.

How can all the above be achieved with the Asus T100? Here is how:

1) Detachable freedom: Yes, it’s a dream for anyone who is travelling or on the go to have a single device that takes care of both the needs of laptop and tablet, it’s great to have the freedom of moving with a power house that has the capability of both a tablet and laptop considering you won’t have to carry a extra device.

2) Processor : With the help of its Quad Core Processor, viewing, editing your office documents, preparing a power point presentation or a excel datasheet on the move is so easy, with the help of a proper physical touch and keyboard interface it just adds to the comfort.

3)  BATTERY (In bold letters) : Yes, battery plays a significant part in portable devices, but what if you get a battery life of around 11 hours from a laptop and tablet at the same time, sounds like the best thing to the ears of any one on the move, a definite YES YES situation!

4) Ultra portable: A device which is sleek and handy to carry is what everyone wants now a day’s specially youth and people travelling or on the move, with detachable capabilities and features of tablet and laptop, it’s just fits the mind to have a device like it.

My Views:

I am already convinced with all the cool features it has and the package it is giving, it’s a serious and well equipped mean machine for all the travel lover and on the move people with features of a tablet and laptop well combined to suit the needs of this fast moving on the go world where time is key and portability is a necessity.

For more information on the specs and features do visit: