The Hidden Burdens of Making Big Purchases

We are living in an advanced world where grocery is home delivered and cars can self-drive. There has been a limitless advancement in the world of automation that conveniently helps us live a hassle-free life. But there are a few things which take a while in deciding – the need to upgrade on regular bases without hampering the savings. It could be anything from furniture to appliances to even bikes.

Understanding the changing behavioural pattern of humans and the need of change on a regular bases, the invention of providing quality products for rent at monthly/yearly contractual bases was developed by Rentomojo.


What are the benefits of renting furniture/appliances/bikes with Rentomojo over owning it through EMI?

  • Helps you upgrade on monthly or yearly bases with fresh new products
  • Savings on relocation cost as relocation charges are free
  • Service support and free maintenance
  • Cancelling anytime, hassle-free, even if you are in a 12 months contract and wish to end it in the 8th month

Let’s consider an example to break down on hidden expenses that occur while buying stuff. Mr.Know-It-All buys an air conditioner at 35,000 on EMI for 12 months at a 10% rate of interest. He ends up paying 38,500 by the end of the year, plus the hidden cost of installation, regular servicing and breakdown that could end up somewhere around 4,000 per year. So, that adds upto 38,500 + 4000 = Rs. 42,500.00.

Here is a smart alternative – by renting with Rentomojo, we have a typical 3-month summer in most parts of India. Considering this, if you rent appliances such as an air conditioner with Rentomojo at the cost of 1,989 per month, that would add up to 1989 X 3 = Rs. 5,967.00 inclusive of free service, installation, and maintenance. Now that’s called #SmartlyOwn.

Considering the above example, it is evident that renting can be a smarter choice in most of the cases as compared to owning a product. With Rentomojo comes a lot of flexibility to choose products in the time frame convenient to you; with the added feature of free relocating and maintenance is a win-win situation.

Making smart choices and saving right to maximize living is #SubscriptionLifestyle. Let’s pledge to stop spending on monthly EMIs on interest and owning something that will eventually have hidden cost of servicing and maintenance (not to forget the depreciating resale value) and start living a smart and hassle-free life with renting appliances, furniture, and bikes with Rentomojo.

Home Furnishing Overhaul with Deco Window

“A window is incomplete without curtains and its accessories, it tells a story about who is living.

A week back I came to know about the widely spoken exhibition for home furnishing and this made me curious to find new trends and innovation, thou I am not an interior designer or working in this industry but I do appreciate anything related to innovation, designs and concept, its more about getting inspiration from stuff, also, we in the family were looking out for overhaul in furnishing.

So Recently (2nd July 2016) I went there and I was amazed to see what was in the offering, browsing along the exhibition hall,  I came Deco Window which serves complete window decor solutions, from rods and its accessories, tiebacks, curtains and other home furnishing essentials like Shelves, classic and modern bracket, bedding solutions and much more.


The reason I am specifically mentioning about Deco Window is because, out of the many exhibitors from across India, they were set apart in terms of quality, innovation, designs and pricing.

Talking about innovating, Deco Window’s  “Window Automation” was a talking point with a revolutionary step up in curtain automation, these tracks are designed to automatically open the curtains just by the press of a remote button, apart from that you can also set timer and the curtains will open at that specific time, isn’t that great for all the morning lovers.


Browsing along I came across Deco Window’s wide range of curtains which are designed specifically keeping in mind different occasion, moods, seasons and patterns. Sharing some pictures here as well.

To add elements to the curtains are exclusive tie backs and ropes, which have a huge range, starting from Mughal to Contemporary they have it all covered in different varieties, shapes and sizes, I am sure you won’t be able to resist but buy one from those.

0040134-0164 Corum0049009-0701 Triball

Another thing that caught my fancy were the remarkable extendable curtain rods, like these are time savers, as you don’t have to hassle to get the rod  cut as per your requirement, just stretch across the length u require and it’s done.

To give that vintage look and feel, they have come up with wooden rods designs and holders which look very classy and upmarket just by the way they have designed it to complement the furniture at home, which is generally wooden.

Other noticeable products included, shelves and shelve holders, having both contemporary and vintage look, they have a decent collection and are available for outdoors as well as indoors purposes.

Bathroom ShelvingBrown wood shelve

Garden Torch, another in line of their products, among them is the best iron for quilting or sewing, which is remarkable. They dabble in many avenues of design, these torch made me remind the historical age, but it seem more classy and would add character to any garden, balcony or even table for that instance.

Now coming to the final and most important point, how price effective is it. Considering the world-class quality, design and innovation, the price range is reasonable and doesn’t create a dent in the buyer’s pocket; you can browse through their Deco Window website to know more about their range and pricing.

Make Content Go Viral with Affimity

When it comes to content creation and storytelling, we bloggers get very sensitive about our masterpiece and how people treat our write up. Yes, people have their perspective and understanding, and we bloggers are used to facing criticism for it, sometimes. Why am I telling this to you, well, as a writer/blogger I understand other bloggers concern and I feel sharing really helps.

So, how to get topic specific niche audience is the question of time, certainly the answer would be sharing the content on social media platforms like facebook, Twitter, Google+ or within forums where such topics are discussed and hope that you get good readership value competing against the noise of viral content that is in the market, but that’s 1:10 ratio that the content will get its due attention and leverage right!

To curb the reader’s attention to your blog and content written by you, a new solution has risen above all to help sort this issue, it’s called “AFFIMITY”, Affimity is a platform created keeping in mind similar interests and talks that creates more engaging conversations and viewership of content.


Topics such as food, travel, games, cricket, fashion, etc are well placed and helps people with niche interest browse specific channel and  go through content or create content, what this does is help the content creator get  specific audience with similar interest or for that instance a reader get more information about a specific genre. Isn’t it amazing!

For me personally, I like the website version as much as the app, because of the user friendly interface and quick links of channels and less clustered home page.

Other features I like about Affimity from a bloggers perspective are:

  • Ability to interact with readers “on the go” through their app
  • Sharing content on topic specified channel for more viewership
  • Exposure to niche views from across the globe
  • On site interactions with “add your comments” feature
  • Content Sharing feature, which helps the content reach more audience

Sharing some screenshot of the app version for better understanding:




Add Channelnotification

None of the above features combined are available in any of the social media platform, which makes Affimity the number 1 choice for all content creators / bloggers and also to the viewers who visit the website for captivating content.

Affimity app is very captivating, easy to operate and quite addictive once you are hooked to it. It is available on Apple Istore and Google Playstore.

If you get time, please do visit my profile at Affimity portal, here is the Link to it: click here


My New Companion – ASUS ZENPAD 7.0 Z370CG

You don’t experience excellence in everything ~ Aziz.Ampanwala

For me solace while writing article is : good sitting arrangement, cup of tea/coffee and laptop/desktop at night, however all the leisure are not always available and sometimes you have to find healthy alternative while you are on the go or maybe not close to all your coziness.

It was a hard time  thinking of any alternative, like, can anything replace a laptop with all the power and screen size it has, I am talking about 15.6 inch here, however somehow I managed to convince myself. I was in search of something which could just fit right on budget and had similar capabilities to a laptop however I wanted something more portable  with data connectivity both WIFI and 3G, now you would think that’s not a laptop feature right, yes, I wanted a tablet ! OK, so now I am also considering getting rid of keyboard, well YES if it’s ultra portable and on-the-move I had to shred that off too.

Before I jump right away and reveal which TAB I purchased, let me just quickly tell you that I was always a desktop/laptop person, and till the day I purchased the TAB, I had not use it before, yes I am serious.

Ok, so I did some rough research before buying the TAB, my parameters were on the basis of:

  • Processor
  • Resolution
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • WIFI and 3G
  • Look and Feel
  • Battery Life
  • Weight
  • Screen Size (Portable)
  • Reasonable Price

So, after busting out quality time (burning the midnight oil) on research for decent TAB, I narrowed down to 3 contenders and out of those 3 the victorious one was ASUS ZENPAD 7.0 Z370CG, want to know why? I have it covered for you don’t worry.

Considering the list mentioned above as my parameters while searching the TAB, the ASUS ZENPAD 7.0 Z370CG was hands down the best in the parameters I wanted and at a reasonable cost too.IMG_20160107_135757.jpg

Let me share some of the unique features of ASUS ZENPAD 7.0 Z370CG – THE PERKS you don’t find in other TABs

Power and Memory: The ZenPad 7.0 (Z370CG) is a beast when we talk about power, with a quad core Intel Atom X3-C3230 system on a chip. Its clock speed is 1.3 GHz, with a quad core processor, this tablet sis more effective at multitasking compared to tablets with single core CPUs.

Lasting Battery: Unconventional as it may sound, the ASUS ZENPAD 7.0 Z370CG is the world’s first tablet to have interchangeable rear elements allowing you to add a longer lasting battery. So, if you opt for an add-on battery then you will get 14 hours battery life instead of 8 hours which is preinstalled with the device.

Crisp Sound Experience: Again a first in the segment, the rear elements back of the device allows user to connect with integrated speaker within a protective tablet cover, it’s a special Asus made cover and really packs a punch when it comes to music. It’s not just loud as it has balance and element of 5.1 surround capabilities, apart from that it features the world’s first integration of DTS-HD Premium Sound, so watching movies on the tab is like a mini theatre experience, I also liked the smooth transactions and details of low key frequencies.

Wide Screen: Yes, the ZENTAB has a 72% wide screen-to-body ratio that’s bigger than most of the TAB in the market, which means a much better viewing experience at up-to 178 degree viewing angle.

Display: Pixels matter, how? WXGA 1280×800 high definition IPS panel display with anti-fingerprint coating. Why should you bother knowing about it? Well, it means you get very fine and smooth picture quality especially when you watch movies and while zooming photos for detail 😉


Back Panel: I am impressed by the back panel, I have a Leather Black finish and I like the texture and feel of the same, it gives a better grip as well and look classy.

Back cover and Panel Asus ZENPAD 7.0.jpg

ASUS Audio Cover: It’s basically a sound bar attached to a cover, so you don’t need extra sound bar to carry, saves space and looks sleek, as it’s all in the cover, so it does a dual job, smart isn’t it ! Asus Soundbar Back Cover.jpg


Android™ 5.0 Lollipop

Intel® Atom™ x3-C3230 processor (Quad-Core, 64-bit),
support 3D graphics

32bit single Channel LPDDR3 / 1GB/2GB RAM

• 8GB/16GB
• 5GB of ASUS WebStorage space for life; with an additional 11GB for the 1st year
• 100GB Google Drive space for 2 years

• Front Camera: 2MP, Large Aperture f/2.0, with 140 degree Selfie Panorama
• Rear Camera: 8MP/5MP Auto-Focus, Large Aperture f/2.0
• PixelMaster for up to 400% brighter photos & videos with Low Light mode, zero shutter lag (rear), IR filter, beautification, panorama, HDR, ZSL

189 x 110.9 x 8.7 mm (LxHWxH)


ASUS ZenUI 2.0 with over 1000+ software enhancement (What’s Next, ZenLink, Kids mode, ASUS Splendid, etc)

Playback: 1080P@ 30fps
Format: MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, AVI, MKV, WEBM

• 3G: WCDMA: 900/2100/850/1900
• 2G: EDGE/GSM: 850/900/1800/1900

Asus ZENPAD 7.0 Z370CG Specification

Afterthought – Using it for a while:
I am quite happy and content with the performance of ASUS ZENPAD 7.0 Z370CG, finally I found an alternative power packed with features and has the capability of true multitask besides being a TAB. I also got a portable keyboard to go along with the TAB, so now I don’t have issues about typing long draft/post on screen. Yes, finally a portable companion while I am on the go.

Asus ZENPAD 7.0 my companion.jpg

Simplify Home Decor Shopping Online

Lately, I had a wonderful experience doing something I would normally avoid, shopping for home decor & essentials, yes you heard me right, the experience I will share will entice you to go that extra mile and start shopping for all your home decor & essentials, let’s get started:

Mom for many days was telling me about this gap at the bottom of the bedroom doors, these tiny space were causing a lot of problem for her and she was thinking I could get a hack to fix it or maybe get some professional help, I tried the first option by trying out myself, I got a cardboard, cut it specifically to the length and fixed it to the door with a masking tape, problem solved isn’t it! No, Mom came up to me and told its not holding on and the cardboard is getting scratched every time she closes and opens the door which causes a noisy sound and this was leading to shrinking of the cardboard from the bottom.

Ok, so the DIY (Do it yourself) didn’t work, so I thought lets search online and find out if there is any product of that sort in the market, while searching on the internet, I came across this website Deco home , and guess what, I found the product I was looking for, just for confirmation I went up-to my Mom and showed the images of door seals we were looking for, Mom wDeco Home- Door seal ivory price 499as happy to find the right fix, she also found home essential stuff such as decorative wall shelves which we wanted for so long, decorative pillows , decorative cushion covers and more priced at reasonable rates from the website, she was impressed with the collection and for a change I also helped here out in finding the right home essentials to suit our home needs according to the decor we have. Satisfied with the end product Mom has decided that she will be shopping smart from now when it comes to Home Décor, many of her friends have made up a group and now discusses about the website and their offering and discount.

decowindow bedding Moss price 7,999

I hope this might have encouraged if not convinced you to start the search for home decor and essentials with Deco home, a cosy website made to fulfill all your home decor needs with its wide range and reasonable pricing all at the convenience of a click from the mobile, PC or laptop away.