Mutual Fund Day – Save Right for Growth

Why Not Mutual Funds?

Investing in Mutual Funds is considered risky due to the volatile nature of Market; this is a general perception of most of us Indians, as we always tend to root for investment in the form of Fix Deposits, Real Estate or Gold. If we open the fact sheets, over the years merely 2% to 3% of the India’s income class invest in Mutual Funds, which show that there is immense scope to reach out to the remaining 97% of Indian to educate on investing in Mutual Funds and taking benefits by earning a consistent long term income on their savings.

Typical Myths surrounding Mutual Fund Investment

# Mutual Fund Investment is only for people who know the market well

# Mutual Fund Investment requires a lot of paper work, separate account and it’s a tedious job to check up on the market to safe guard funds from occurring heavy loss.

# Mutual Fund Investment doesn’t allow flexibility in term of exit load

# Mutual Fund Investment requires investing large sum of Money to yield desired profits

# Mutual Fund Investment doesn’t clock the desired return on investment as compared to conventional investment in Gold, Real Estate or FD.

On Breaking Conventional Myths on Mutual Fund Investment and Educating  the Benefits

Have you heard of Mutual Fund Day? If not, here is good news for you.

An Initiative – Mutual Fund Day by Reliance Mutual Fund – 7th Day of the Month

Reliance Mutual Fund with CNBC Awaaz has taken up an initiative to dedicate 7th Day of every month to invest in Mutual Funds, this initiative is to encourage the Indian income class to regularly invest in Mutual Funds and help generate inflation beating returns.

There are many programs, seminars simultaneously running across India to educate people on Mutual Fund Investment and benefits of systematic monthly investment of saving at the cost of a better rate of income compared to conventional investment schemes such as gold, FD or Real Estate.

As a result of this initiative and the early observations by Reliance Mutual Fund there have been many folios opened and this is definitely the result of awareness the campaign is creating.

Take Pledge to Educate and Help your Friends Money Grow – Know How

Now that you must be aware by now why mutual fund investment is a healthy way to grow money, why not take an initiative and grow together with your friend? Interesting isn’t it!

A Facebook app developed by Reliance Mutual Fund, #FundForAFriend quiz asks you some questions about your friend’s different aspect of life. According to the answers selected by you, it advices which type of Mutual Fund to invest in considering their age, risk appetite and other parameters. The facebook app is fun, free and is a must try if you consider yourself to help your friend.

Here is the Link to FUND FOR A FRIEND facebook page