Living a Goal Assure Life with Bajaj Allianz Life

We are living in a technological advance era where we are completely spoiled for choices starting from shopping to all kind of services, we are just a click or touch away from our materialistic desires, but in this sea of desires and want are we financially stable to meet our needs and want? Are we goal assured to fulfil our never ending wants to own a house, car or go on a world tour or even save our hard earned money while maximizing it with an investment plan?

Living a purposeful life while taking care of our future and steadily investing our hard earned money can get hard to balance, especially when you have to manage your existing work load, but there is a solution which is fine tuned to provide just the right balance for your investment and future goals, I am talking about Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance’s new plan especially focused on meeting your life goals and investment, the Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Assure , A ULIP designed for maximizing life with added benefits.

The Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Assure Plan is for individuals who are planning to  make the most of their hard earn money by investing and allowing their money to grow and finally meeting their life goals,  investing in a ULIP that grows with time, making sure their target of reaching their desired goals are met

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Some of the significant features of the Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Assure Plans are:

  • Return of Mortality Charges (ROMC) : Once reached maturity the plan offers return of life cover increasing the corpus on maturity.
  • Return Enhancer Maturity benefits on instalment pay out : Once the policy is matured, if the policy holder opts for instalments options on policy maturity amount, they are entitled for further 0.5% for each instalment, and in this period the amount will be continued to be invested in the selected investment in funds options selected.
  • Loyalty Program: Fund Booster is applicable if the policy holder is consistently paying annually and stays invested for 5 years or above on a policy plan which is more than 10 years with a yearly premium of 5 Lakh and above.
  • Tax Benefits: Tax benefits are applicable under section 80C and 10(10D).
  • Versatile Investment Portfolios: Depending upon one’s risk appetite and goals, the premium can be invested in four major funding options like investor Selectable Portfolio Strategy, Wheel of Life Portfolio Strategy, Trigger Based Portfolio Strategy and Auto Transfer Portfolio Strategy.
  • Consistent fund Performance: Bajaj Allianz Life has been in the forefront in the three, five and ten years category by consistently outperforming the benchmark and delivering one of the best CAGR returns, also rated highly in the Morning Star rating agency.
  • Just a Click away: Considering the new generation need to be available online, the website allows complete support to help and decide the plan and apply for it accordingly with advance tools such as Risk Xplorer, Goal-based journey, Returns Calculator and much more.

In case if there is more you want to know about the plan you can visit the website Bajaj Allianz Life

Be Smart and Choose Two-Wheeler Bike Insurance over Superstition

We in India to a certain extent are negligent for the word “Insurance” because we are not thoroughly educated ourselves or from our parents or from people around us  about why “Insurance” plays an important role in our lives and is taken as an choice. It is every person’s necessity in this era, considering the value of Insurance, I am sharing an experience of one of my close friend to highlight the importance of two wheeler insurance because it’s never too late to initiate.

He was in his late teens back then and he had to reach my place for some project work, considering he was already late his parents told him to ride safe and wear a helmet, above that as he was late they further told him to keep praying while he started the ride and during his ride, yes this is what insurance means to some parents and relatives, PRAYING!

It was an hour but still there was no sight of my friend who was supposed to reach my place within 40 minutes, I was worried and thought of calling up his parents to ask for his whereabouts, when they too confirmed that he had left an hour, we all started to think about the inevitable scenario, did he meet an accident!

After a while I got a call from my friend’s parent saying he was injured in a road accident and that few people were taking him to the nearby hospital, we too reached the hospital to do the formality and admit him. When my friend came to his conscious, he narrated the scene to us, it was not his fault and someone just banged the bike from behind and ran away.

Though my friend walked away with minor inquiries and some days in the hospital, he had to shell out money from his pocket to pay off the hospital bills and repair his bike, but this expense would have been covered if he had renewed bike insurance. Apart from that he had to pay a fine for not renewing his 2 wheeler insurance to collect his bike from the traffic control room.

After this episode, the first thing my friend did was online bike insurance, though we learn it the hard way sometimes, but it’s important to change the perspective once the mistake has been made. This is just an instance I have shared, but there are a bunch more examples in which due to non-renewal of 2 wheeler insurance and negligence many people don’t get the benefits to cover the expenses which is well covered in an insurance policy.

We have heard about other superstitions also, like dahi shakkar or Nimbu Mirchi helps prevent accidents, though it is a ritual in some Indian household, but it’s always better to have online two-wheeler insurance which doesn’t take time and is hassle free.

Sharing a video which illustrates the same point to put words into perspective: