New York wakes to Culture – Karina Pandya – A book review

As an avid reader, I recently had the opportunity to explore into the captivating book, “New York wakes to Culture“. Written by an experienced content creator and author Karina Pandya , this book provides a comprehensive and personal insight into the culture and lifestyle of New York City. The author delves into the city’s cultural identities, exploring the various ethnic neighborhoods that exist within the city and how they contribute to its diverse and evolving culture. The book also highlights the simmering racial tensions within the city and the impact of the US presidential election and COVID-19 on New York’s culture. The author reflects on her personal experience of growing up in New York as an immigrant, with a rich cultural heritage from both her parents’ backgrounds and her own American identity.

The author shares her experience as a journalist working at a New York newsroom and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on her work. The author reflects on the need to remain objective while still adding personal flavor to her content and the pressure of balancing her workload with her need to remember the past. The book also explores the various parks and attractions in New York City, such as Central Park, Bryant Park, and Madison Square Garden. The author reflects on her typical Saturday during the pandemic and her experience with the city’s artists, musicians, and TV shows.

Throughout the book, the author grapples with the theme of the indelibility of memory and the struggle between the demands of the present and the importance of preserving the past. The author reflects on her childhood memories growing up in Manhattan and how they have been impacted by the city’s cultural fragmentation due to COVID.

The author also shares her experience of living in a divided society and the racial attack on her parents that eventually led her to leave New York. The author reflects on her comfort zone, her apartment, and her pet cat, and concludes the book with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, highlighting the small joys in life despite the challenges of living in a fast-paced city like New York. Overall, the book offers a captivating and personal insight into the culture and lifestyle of New York City, exploring the complexities of its diverse communities and the impact of external events on its residents.