The Hidden Burdens of Making Big Purchases

We are living in an advanced world where grocery is home delivered and cars can self-drive. There has been a limitless advancement in the world of automation that conveniently helps us live a hassle-free life. But there are a few things which take a while in deciding – the need to upgrade on regular bases without hampering the savings. It could be anything from furniture to appliances to even bikes.

Understanding the changing behavioural pattern of humans and the need of change on a regular bases, the invention of providing quality products for rent at monthly/yearly contractual bases was developed by Rentomojo.


What are the benefits of renting furniture/appliances/bikes with Rentomojo over owning it through EMI?

  • Helps you upgrade on monthly or yearly bases with fresh new products
  • Savings on relocation cost as relocation charges are free
  • Service support and free maintenance
  • Cancelling anytime, hassle-free, even if you are in a 12 months contract and wish to end it in the 8th month

Let’s consider an example to break down on hidden expenses that occur while buying stuff. Mr.Know-It-All buys an air conditioner at 35,000 on EMI for 12 months at a 10% rate of interest. He ends up paying 38,500 by the end of the year, plus the hidden cost of installation, regular servicing and breakdown that could end up somewhere around 4,000 per year. So, that adds upto 38,500 + 4000 = Rs. 42,500.00.

Here is a smart alternative – by renting with Rentomojo, we have a typical 3-month summer in most parts of India. Considering this, if you rent appliances such as an air conditioner with Rentomojo at the cost of 1,989 per month, that would add up to 1989 X 3 = Rs. 5,967.00 inclusive of free service, installation, and maintenance. Now that’s called #SmartlyOwn.

Considering the above example, it is evident that renting can be a smarter choice in most of the cases as compared to owning a product. With Rentomojo comes a lot of flexibility to choose products in the time frame convenient to you; with the added feature of free relocating and maintenance is a win-win situation.

Making smart choices and saving right to maximize living is #SubscriptionLifestyle. Let’s pledge to stop spending on monthly EMIs on interest and owning something that will eventually have hidden cost of servicing and maintenance (not to forget the depreciating resale value) and start living a smart and hassle-free life with renting appliances, furniture, and bikes with Rentomojo.

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