We are restricted to follow the system,
Why did they make such a system?
Which took the real freedom far away
Made us understand the definition
Not considering the real freedom of flying

My perspective is limited to
The world I am living in
I want to discover this world,
The world I want to live in

Who will let me free from this prison?
Who will set  me up from this horizon?
I wish I had wings to fly
So that I wouldn’t need any help to glide

They say there are many world that exist
I want to discover them all, if it was in clinch,
How I want to live those lives
Truly yet partially understand their life

It sounds like a fairy tale story
But, thoughts have the power to fulfil
Thou, there might be road blocks on the way
Still, the road is wide open if you break free


15 thoughts on “Breakfree

  1. I too want to discover all the worlds, by flying… this is so “at the moment” and “highly needed” lines. The lines just sync-in with my current phase of life. Really who made this system… and why did they make it?? Anyways… we must do, what we intend to…. and believe to do.


    1. Yes, Tara! We must not move out of our part to get our true freedom, situations might need us to alter, however you know deep down inside, you were never meant to be doing what your heart was never convinced at the first place …

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  2. First things first, you are quite a talented writer. Like your thoughts…one life all of us should aspire to explore more, to see and experience all the worlds that exist within this world.


  3. Beautiful poem. There’s so much more to life than just our daily struggles. I believe its upto us, only we can free ourselves from the shackles.


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