Broken Aspiration

I am tired of chasing after you
I feel i am without breathe
running for you like a crazy fish
trying to catch it’s prey in the deep blue

It doesn’t make sense to reach you
when you seem so far away out of sight
hovering as a blur image in my mind

The society takes turn to explain me
how important it is to have you
but, who will tell them
its me who has to take the pain
in deciding whom and what to choose

Finally, when i think i know what to do
a stormingΒ  session of questions await me
why do you choose what you choose?

Its so unfair, but that’s society
hitting you from all corners
trying to entice you to do mistakes
so that they can have a say or two

broken aspiration

31 thoughts on “Broken Aspiration

  1. Trying to relate to this… it’s deep, dark and blurry, yet pretty clearly shows up the emotions within. Well done boy! Proud of your talent. And Oh Yes… the look of the blog is pretty sophisticated and neat. Thumbs up!


    1. Its good to know that you could relate the piece and its well summarized in short.
      Thanks for noticing the blog overall and i am glad you liked it considering your eye for art and design πŸ™‚


  2. Society is not chasing your aim with you so they Dont know the pain v/s the gain. Although one must try to achieve the best but ultimately has to weigh in the pros and coins. Plus, you know your world the best not the society. So get your inspiration back and decide the best for you not what is best as per the society. Nothing to mean that society is not a well wisher. They are but still you know you the best. Sorry for this long comment but could not resist writing.

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    1. I understand your point of view and its the case with many of us, sometimes we feel the heat at certain situations which are very crucial and we want our family, friends POV before we take the decision, however sometimes we might disagree with it, but it turns up as a tonic .. So, there are many possibilities and perspective to look at it and i am glad you shared your wonderful thoughts πŸ™‚


  3. Wow! That was deep ya. You really have your way around words. Loved the line ‘Why do you choose what you choose?’
    Nice work, Aziz πŸ™‚


  4. I came across a quote once in a movie and it actually changed my life. The quote goes as: “You are what you choose to be” – Kung Fu Panda 2. I still remember clinging to the serenity of the quote and swaying with those pretty cherry blossoms where Po gave his choice a thought! And I knew I had learnt a lesson for life.

    Very well penned aziz!

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