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Stand-up comedy has evolved leaps and bounds within a decade in India, it all started with a humble beginning on TV, it was the first time  a stand-up comedy show  was  part of a contest and it took Indian humor wagon wheel by storm, many people started admiring the comic sense of these stand up comedians. Some watching the show got inspired and thought they also have that humor to tickle funny bones of people around them, out of which some really made it big, as we are aware Kapil Sharma, Krushna, Ahsan Khurashi, Aditi, Abish Mathew to name a few which and are my personal favorite when it comes to improvising comedy.

As  we talk about stand-up comedy we all know how popular they are now, every event may it be wedding, seminars, nightclubs  want to have a standup act or popularly known as GIG as a appetizer ,  it’s quite in trend  amongst youth specially.

So, what does it take to be a real super cool stand-up comedian, well not all will tell their secrets about this, but don’t worry recently  came up with a section  on stand-up comedy, the section talks about several aspects of comedy from cool stand-up comedy videos to interviews with some known Stand-up comedians, some videos also feature how you can create your own video and start youtubing yourself, the more DIY (do it yourself), there are quite handy and happening bunch of stuff at the  stand-up comedy section, so do check it out.  Apart from that they are also promoting the Comedy hunt on youtube which features some amazing and super cool improvise videos on stand-up comedy.

Comedy Hunt Youtube

Things to know about  besides their  stand-up comedy initiative is its ever so popular list of hot news, gossips, lifestyle event, parties, nightlife and music which will always keep you updated on the latest happening!

To add to that  who doesn’t like to party in style and what better way to know where the hangouts are in your city, Beside that other interesting aspect of  is their comprehensive list of bars and pubs which will help you find the right place in the city for a good evening.

2 thoughts on “The Stand-up Comedy Saga with

  1. Regarding stand-up comedy… there is no-one as of yet who can beat Russell Peters, regarding they really have interesting contents to keep me engaged 🙂 Glad you shared about it Aziz 🙂


    1. Yes, The Indo-Canadian has a big fan following and he is quite popular here, he is one of my top favorites when it comes to stand-up comedy ! thanks for your views and i am glad you found the information on helpful …


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