2 Minute Poem

This poem is written in response to the 81st IndiSpire prompt:
Write a indispire_170x1102minute poem! Yeah Heard right! An INSTANT 2-minute poem,a simple,sweet,nicely rhyming poem,playing with words,not hard but easy,funny and cool,a relief to your mind,not to grind,but to find,a solace and some peace #My2MinutePoem

I was prompted to write a 2 min Poem,
I was amused at first,
but it was allΒ  dead serious

So, here i am writing my swag
i don’t know where its heading
but i sure know its instant and quick

Thoughts seem to come and go
there is nothing holding on
which i can write over here
with the same flow as i know

I am trying my best to scribble
what i think will make sense
in the middle of this poem

It has been long since i wrote
A poem which doesn’t make any sense
but who cares, its all good till
it rhymes and makes you roll your head

Its seems you are starting to enjoy
but let me tell you it’s all in your mind
first you judge meΒ  from a perspective
but now at the end of this its all blurred
as it’s just a 2-Minute Poem !

15 thoughts on “2 Minute Poem

  1. Amazing Aziz!! Honestly if I had given two mins. to pick a colour for my living room’s wall, I would have been nowhere… peom is way beyond my approach and you made it so well πŸ™‚


  2. You brought a smile on my face with that comment πŸ™‚ actually i somehow think even you should give it a try, who know writing instant stuff might be easier then choosing wall colors ;p


  3. Hey Thanks Archana .. your comments always motivates me for the person you are πŸ™‚ I am amazing but a little caught up in work πŸ™‚ however i am trying to get back in blogging action !


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