Unleash The 4G with Airtel

We have seen days when we struggled to download even a 1 mb file, watch a 3 mbs video or listen to live streaming music in one go, however time changed and we had our hands on with 2G and 3G network connectivity which somehow  provided us with speeds that manages to feed our hunger for faster and seamless internet speed on the go.

There were many speculations that 4G network was about to roll in India and everyone was anticipating for the launch of the 4G connectivity, however few days ago I got a hands on experience to unleash the 4G internet on the Airtel Network, it was demo session and I got to use it for a good hour or so, sharing my experience on how the 4G network on Airtel is seamless and committed to provide and  satisfy any level of speed thirst.

1) I have a decent smart phone with 2 GB RAM and good processor, however with the new 4G 128 KB sim, the performance is better for 4G connectivity and sim storage.

2) I browsed through heavy coded web pages like Facebook, news portals, shopping websites, train and bus booking websites, and the results were seamless browsing experience with Airtel 4G.

3) Now to up the ante, I streamed online video on YouTube at 720 dpi and even 1080 dpi to check the video streaming speed and it didn’t disappoint me there also, not a single lag and the performance of Airtel 4G was  impressive.

4) Now, you would say that even 3G speed is capable of playing 720 and 1080 dpi videos, so to take it one step beyond i downloaded a 700 mbs (megabyte) movie to check the download speed and guess what the movie got downloaded in just 15 mins approx, it was just like dream come true for a movie buff like me! Think what will happen if you  download music files, images and office documents, that will be downloaded in just seconds now with the revolutionary Airtel 4G networks.

5) For a final satisfaction I checked the speed of Airtel 4G on the web and it gave a impressive reading of 19 to 20 Mbps, just what was expected, the Airtel 4G network is seamlessly powerful and provides accurate 4G connectivity and supports a handsome download speed rate.

Airtel 4G Update from 3G

Do check out the Airtel 4G  networks plans and offers, as what they are offering for 4G is a not short then a stealer, provides 4G plans at 3G rates.

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