The Selfless Support

The persistence of trust is always promising
in the loyal eyes of the one you love,
Selfless is their soul
in pouring the bounty of love

Thou overlooking their feeling
to know, you are not capable,
to understand what they feel for you
doesn’t shatter them enough

Moving ahead and pilling those
bricks of love, trust and affection,
they build a castle for you
so that you stay in comfort

still, we are so caught up withΒ ourself
we ignore their tireless efforts,
and heap up mountain of our worries
without thinking, will they cope up?

Just a small request, do comment on who is that special person in your life who has selflessly poured love, affection and support, could be any one, parents, siblings, friends, your life partner, pet or some admirer. Would love to know from you guys!


17 thoughts on “The Selfless Support

  1. We do let go the love and affection showed by our love ones sometimes, cause we are caught up with our life, well expressed Aziz!


  2. Ohh these lines perfectly sits on the selfless souls of my parents and my life partner. So touchy lines there… as soon as I was reading sentence by sentence… I had memories flooding inside my brain. And you mentioned it right Aziz, their tireless efforts either go un-noticed or sometimes we do focus onto the loop-holes and they still do not care and keep loving us. You write really good buddy πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for sharing Tara and glad you liked it, indeed you do expect your parent and life partner to be your support in this competitive world and who cope up with all our demands and mood swings without any demands.


  3. Beautifully written πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
    My hubby (Sumit Tulsyan) and my Mom….fit the description perfectly. They have always stood by me thro’ thick n thin….selflessly…they make my world complete πŸ™‚


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