The Guiding Light

Striding along the part
where life maneuvers me,
not comprehending where i am headed
but trusting the lines so true

Gravity kept me grounded
and the wind helped me move
to this ghetto where i headed
scary were my guts, so blue!

My mind refused to scramble
but my heart was leading the way,
creepy feelings accompany me
as i try to clinch my way through

Travelling through this phase
i behold and gulp in all those thoughts
which were hovering over my mind
and making me feel so insecure

As i moved on crossing, dodging
those valley of spooky feelings
i saw a light so bright touching me
as if it was the holygrail required
to push me all the way through

Ps. Title Suggested by Archana Kapoor! Thanks.

The Guiding Light
The Guiding Light

33 thoughts on “The Guiding Light

    1. Hey Tara, feelings are expressed when you go through those experience, i am still to find my holy-grail thou ! But the journey so far has inspired me to put this up.
      Appreciate your kind words ! Thanks for visiting and comments, means a lot !

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  1. Hey Alok, see i told you in my comment about abstract painting, you have a eye for it ! you were the first to notice the painting and comment on it. You just got my coordination between the write up and painting and got it band on ! Thanks for the wonderful and inspiring words !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am still learning and just started appreciating Abstract works. That’s an indeed beautiful painting and i couldn’t stop myself writing about it. You’re most welcome πŸ™‚


  2. You’ve got such a deep chain of thoughts going on here! Well written, Aziz! I couldn’t have thought of a title more apt than this! The art looks great too πŸ™‚


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