Living it up with Optimism

We as humans live up to our dreams when we set goals of achieving something, it could be following our passion, further studies, long lost love, dream holiday, pursue of a dream job, marriage and so on and forth, sharing a story of a girl who made it big, her unintended dream of becoming a fashion designer, the pursue of her dream with optimistic mindset made her achieve whatever she is.

As a growing girl “Aleph” from a small town  was weak at studies and her parents were worried about her future of being a good student like others of her age, she never portrayed what was going in her mind, she always had this book with her and all she loved was  to  draw and doddle  as if she wanted to get her message across through her drawing and deep scribble, but there was no one who could understand her, she use to get regular shouting from her parents, teachers, however she did made efforts to show interest in studies but she was never able to conceptualize anything other than drawing.

It was a pleasant evening at the river side bay and as usual Aleph was with her notepad, a pencil and those thousand unsaid words going through her head which she was scribbling and portraying in the form of drawing, a lady  from the back came and asked Aleph what was she doing and she gently replied I am just being myself, it was a drawing of a girl in a gown which she drew with utmost precision as if she had it in her naturally incline towards drawing, the lady smiled and told her don’t give up on this art because this will take you places and you will do great as a designer one day, follow this part and you shall never regret this decision.


Aleph for the first time was happy that someone appreciated her art and hugged the lady and promised her, with joy of tears in her eyes and optimism she ran back home and narrated the interaction with the lady she had to her parents, they without any thought refused the whole idea and shattered her hopes, but little Aleph didn’t break down and with optimism tried to find a way forward.

Aleph felt dejected but didn’t lose hope and decided to talk to her granny about her passion and the idea of getting her work published so that she could get the right mindset of people to uplift her in the field of designing, and in her case fashion designing.

Her granny supported her idea of publishing her art mainly her collection of scribbles to an ART Gallery, as she had good contacts there and kept all this within herself and not telling Aleph’s parents. After much communications between granny and the art gallery officials, they finally agreed and within few weeks her scribbles were supposed to be at the gallery walls.

The day finally came, granny with hope told Aleph’s parents about the event and they were shocked and surprised, they reached the art gallery and were the first people along with Aleph and granny to see the scribbles looking so very artistic on the walls at the gallery, the parents kissed and hugged Aleph with tears in their eyes and apologized for being so unappreciative  regarding her passion and desire.

When the gallery door opened for public, every one appreciated the art and the way it was so seamlessly beautiful in those simple drawing lines which spoke out the true dimension the artist little Aleph possessed.

The show was talk of town and Aleph became a known personality, soon she got scholarship at a leading fashion designing academy and there was no look back from that day, today Aleph with her strong conviction and optimism has achieved many can only desire, just goes to show that when you look up towards your dream  all forces will help you  achieve what you desire.

2 thoughts on “Living it up with Optimism

  1. Superb post Aziz… some portion of Aleph’s story was that of mine, so I was able to connect with it easily. Optimism is the greatest force to achieve the dreams… so well wrote 🙂


    1. Hey Tara, i am pleasantly surprised by this and i am glad that you liked the post , and i congratulate you for your achievements through your struggles !! optimism is a powerful force which has enlighten many lives and somewhere the life cycle of great minds.


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