10710797_758717224221902_2726848845181051876_nThe movie revolves around “UCIL factory”  a American enterprise lead by Warren Anderson (Martin Sheen) who is the chairman and decision maker, the company has a pesticide plant in Bhopal being centrally located in the heart of India and subsidiary of water and other facilities from government.

The movie is well weaved in showing the human elements of emotions in condition of poverty and the need for money which leads Dilip (Rajpal Yadav), a rickshaw wala to work in Union Carbide factory to make ends meet, build his name in the ghetto and  to save funds for his sister’s marriage.

Motwani a budding news publisher who is on a mission but struggling to open the dusted black truth about dangers, safety and health hazards of UCIL’s factory gas which is taking a toll on lives surrounding the factory and city of Bhopal.

His mission gets wing when he comes across a young American journalist Eva Gascon (Mischa Barton)  who is in the city for other reasons, Motwani tells her about his struggle and tries to convince her to help him on his journey to disclose truth and asks her to meet the UCIL chairman Mr Anderson to know answers which are ignored deliberately for many reasons and keeping lives at stake.

Other sub characters have also done justice to their roles, like the lead actress and wife of Dilip (Tannishtha Chatterjee), the manager of the factory, safety officer at UCIL, Engineers, UCIL foreign staff and associates and other co actors have contributed to show and highlight the real life event.

A tale to tell, well screened by Ravi Kumar (Director and Script writer) and Team

Thou there has been many reviews and documentaries made on this tragic disaster but no one has able to capture the insights of what really happened that night and how the lives suffered that tragic night, also covering the before event which lead to this tragedy, the diplomacy of government, the reasons for UCIL to continue production despite knowing the aftermath of safety hazards is really something to look upto in the movie.10432989_776971639063127_3264961243010015204_n

“People suffered and died in thousands due to the biggest industrial chemical catastrophe on that December night of 1984, Thou 30 years passed by but the scar of no relief in form of any official statement or apology is still a far talk from both the state government and UCIL.

The pain, anguish, emotions of innocent lives are the form factors that the movie “Bhopal – a prayer for rain”  covers in the most realistic and significant way”

The movie preview was made possible by Indiblogger team  who tagged up with Bhopal a prayer for rain for a private screening of the movie.

Bhopal a prayer for Rain Trailer :

Photo Credit : Bhopal a prayer for rain FB Page


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