Got stuck – A tale

And it was suppose to be the day which was going to change many things in Anil’s Life, yes you heard it many things, but what happens when you miss that important day because you get stuck! Sharing with you a tale which you have to read it to believe it!

Anil was a marketing executive at a firm who was struggling to meet ends and wanted to change his job, he was having a good 8 years experience and he thought this was the right time to hit iron, so he gave some interviews here and there, finally from one of the firm he  got a phone call early on a Monday morning stating that he had cleared the stages of the group discussions  and on Wednesday he was suppose to attend the final stage of the interview, which was the One on One with HR and the boss !

Anil was all excited and started preparing himself for the big opportunity and turning point of his life! Trying to quick fix his accent and presentation overall, moreover, he called up his close buddy Rakesh to give him some tips about how to be more confident and smarter while facing the HR and the boss, about Rakesh, well he was in a good post at a Bank and was earning a fortune! To get some good luck Anil even posted about the interview in social network status and tried to earn some tips and wishes online, this really helped Anil crack the blues!

So, It was a glorious Wednesday morning and Anil was in mix emotions – happy, tensed, excited, worried all at the same time! The phone rang and it was a reminder that he was not suppose to get late for the meeting or else the opportunity will not come again!  This made Anil panic, still holding his nerves Anil started preparing himself …

Anil went on to take a shower and get ready, while Anil was busy singing and dancing in the shower, his cousin unknowing closed the bathroom door from outside and left for some work considering that Anil was out already.

After the singing and dancing was over and when Anil tried to open the door it was not opening, he cried for help but no one was there at the house to help him! He was cursing his cousin for this blunder!

The Phone started ringing again and Anil’s heart was pumping knowing that it was the dreaded call from the reception reminding him that it was time for the interview! Anil couldn’t believe the scenario and never would he have thought that such a thing could happen at such a critical moment!

Anil tried his best to do all sorts of possible things to open the door, but it was stuck and not giving any hope to Anil, after some time the phone again rang.. It kept on ringing and ringing till someone picked up! Anil was shouting again; help! Help! Someone open this door, I am stuck, finally his cousin opened that door after having the conversation on the phone! Anil was furious at his cousin and gave him a good firing, after all the episode he asked his cousin what the receptionist say over the phone! His cousin in melodrama style said: bro, it’s all over!  Anil was so angry and was about to kill his cousin if he didn’t utter what was the conversation all about!

Finally, his cousin spoke and said: “ Bro shit I am sorry that I unknowingly closed the bathroom door and it lead to such a catastrophe ! As per the conversation with the receptionist, she told that the meeting … the very meeting which was today …. Pause ……… has been postponed until Friday! Anil in disbelieve slapped his cousin and said :”stop it ! Tell me what did she say … and his cousin was like bro, I am serious and he hugged him! The rest is history … 🙂

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