Solitary Emotions

In a state of salinity emotions
Which ignited my inner turbulence
I limited myself for an occasion
Turned out into a loner’s destination
Backed up to start a journey
to woo my inner senses
I couldn’t step off the succession
Was unable to disguise those feelings
Struggling to find a plain
Where I could rest my wounded soul
It was seasoned to be nurture with love
But barren were those thoughts serene
The four cornered wall was my seize
Turned into a block of life with ease
There was no support in the square
Only were those rotten® dreams

18 thoughts on “Solitary Emotions

  1. dreams .. they haunt when they are ambitions .. they haunt when they turn failures ..
    wonderfully painted the picture of a loner’s world as I perceive the phase ..
    to me.. u r a thinker and with time passing by u r becoming finer in expressing the crux .. of nothingness !!


  2. dreams are these wild crazy things I so often hate but last night had this one about a beach… big scary waves and left behind a beautiful shell… am still to recover cuz am scared of the sea… oh this is one humongous topic…. lovely verse… written with clarity. Like mirrors


  3. Life hinges on dreams. But who can make quality dreams dictated by minds. Though we dream all and sundry, we cant have them as per our wish.
    Nice poetry and its beauty lies in its profundity.


  4. The lines of the poem are sensitive and the poem is perfected by the elixir of the dream providing sustenance and making life meaningful despite its adversities. A nice one!


  5. so poignant.. so beautiful… rotten dreams..

    and i loved the look of your blog.. with the little worm on the side!!!


  6. Books will teach you to dream big but end of the day its you and who you are inside that comes out in the form of dreams, some turn to success, some failure and some just remain a dream, great read.


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