Celebrated Region

The delightful days
are here again
praying and preaching
to the one who heals

commencing  and solemnizing 
its holy ritual
feels like i am
in a different league for real

Its the purity of the soul
that indulges the brain
its the hearts cry to feel
free from the trapped jail

the connection to the heavens
are felt within
once you laid your soul
to the one you kneel

44 thoughts on “Celebrated Region

  1. What a lovely way to Pray to the almighty…
    Aziz Bhai I am so impressed with these lines…But Remember Eid is by the corner and I haven’t forgot about Eid Treat… 😉


      1. My brother, you have a big and generous heart and are a God loving young man I can bet my life on this .. I feel I know you at least this much .. if not more 🙂


  2. nice template Aziz 🙂 and a very soulful poem, that could not come at a better time than this 🙂 loved the last 2 lines
    once you laid your soul
    to the one you kneel!

    you took a while..but came back with a BANGG!!


    1. Woow .. thanks for noticing the change in my blog space 🙂 and i am happy that i got some review on it !!!

      Ya it did came after few days .. but came directly from heart … The BANGG theory … hehe


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