Redefining Graveyard

The perception of a graveyard is

Scary, haunted, sorry and sad

Why does this feeling crop in our head

The world mourns their dead and prays for their soul

But the movies have made it scary for the little ones

It’s not haunted; it’s your loved one sleeping,

Sleeping is their soul in deep happy region,

Change your perspective, don’t be shocked

It’s in every human to die somehow,

Maybe it’s not you today but it will be some moment

Try to accept the fact and move on in succession  

Graveyards were made to dump the bodies

but it didn’t dumped their souls,

it’s in the hearts of their belonging


P.s. “This post is written for the 110 Creative Challenge Contest, hosted byThewhitescape

44 thoughts on “Redefining Graveyard

  1. What an amazing perspective! Really liked the thought that graveyards are not scary – I think, our children should be taught this.


  2. congratulations on how beautifully you have narrated this post.The words have been beautifully enunciated. yes like you said in the beginning, graveyards are considered to be scary (thanks to our Ramsay serials and movies :X) but one needs to look beyond that. Our practices relating to death and mourning should have two purposes: to show respect for the dead and to comfort the living, who will miss the deceased.

    Lovely post Aziz..very different from what you have written earlier.


  3. Redefining the meaning beautifully!! Hope your words and thoughts are shared by all to lead to a world without superstitions and unnecessary fear instigated by humans!!


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