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Trying to understand the simplicity
without knowing the complexity
i plunge into to find out
with no experience of diversity

Does this make sense to you?

souring beneath and understanding
there is no ending from where i began
how well it was simplified
it baffled me from inside

hard to believe what i saw
i couldn’t figure out what to do
there were no pearls in the ocean
which i came looking to ..

I took the wrong track,
deceived in words and trust,
I was shattered and terrified
there was nothing i could do,
felt so helpless,
it was like drowning in the deep blue


34 thoughts on “Complexity

  1. I recall a quote – ……It is so simple to be happy. But it is so difficult to be simple…..You write from heart…Keep it up dear….Stay blessed..!!!


  2. You going deep within.. and I can sense that through this.. composition ! I am lacking words of praise .. brother ..
    I took the wrong track.. deceived in words and trust… amazing !! not all of us even realize this and when we do, we still continue .. befooling ourselves..


    1. Mysay, thanks for your encouraging words … helps me slip through some more short poems ..
      and yes, we still continue to be-fool ourself due to situations which do not turn in our favor …


  3. Some things are complex and cannot be simplified. That’s one problem with life. But we can raise ourselves to that complexity. It needs effort, a little bit, that’s all.

    I enjoyed reading this because, as Jack has said above, you seem to be probing deep – “the effort” I spoke of.


  4. “There were no pearls in the ocean which I came looking to” I could relate so well to this line! It feels so good to read your blog. Keep it going 🙂


  5. This is so true for many situations. We do not realize at the moment that while looking for those pearls and doing all that hard work even though we have been befooled, we have had a great experience and learnt what not to do in future. Have to come out of that feeling of failure sooner than later. Because its not a failure but a stepping stone to well deserved success


  6. I guess sometimes we need complexity to settle down the chaos and bring upon simplicity. It is such a beautiful poem Aziz. The beauty of your poem is that the lines rhyme with life and state of affairs. Glad that you express it so well. Keep it up!


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