Trapped in a Cage

I tried to follow what they said
i did what i could
to understand why they said
tried and tested
i am a loner with no experience
just followed what they said

How well did they cultivate my thoughts
it all felt green and bliss
not knowing what they are up-to
i pursued their dreams

it so happen one moment
i realized this is not what i wanted
keeping my feet on toes
i planned a runaway from this prison

Days passed by thinking …
so did months,
sad within to understand,
its a wide spread of infection
which had no end to its connection !!

i accumulated some strength
to say what i had to
not knowing this would end my journey
before it even began ..

so, here i was in the middle of seesaw
both end had flames
slowly but surely
it would hurt now and then !!

I curse my sense of their belonging
it made me a slave of their dreams
i would just keep on thinking
is there a way i could stop, whats happening?


22 thoughts on “Trapped in a Cage

  1. Ends of seesaw will have in flames sometimes. When chosen path doesn’t lead us to our desired destination, we could blame only out fate.An in-depth poetry clearly shows the working of a human mind.


  2. Life is will always come across people who will try to push you in a certain direction, with respect to their years of experience and knowledge. They mean well, they may also do it out of love. But, this doesn’t mean they also do the right thing for you. Its always good if you break off the shackles before it is very late.

    Loved the verse Aziz.good job done πŸ™‚


  3. not to blame others to push their thoughts onto me, sometimes i do wonder if I am a bird in the cage wanting to fly away.. very deep thought and nicely penned.


  4. suffocation .. well expressed … !
    Its like a dark room …with nothing extreme helplessness .. intense poem !
    But I still feel Persuaded would have been a better title πŸ™‚


    1. Mysay, thanks for your kind words … humbled …. and yes Persuaded would be the word which describes the poem in the best form but then i wanted something which could connect to a laymen too ! hope you got me πŸ™‚


  5. “Days passed by thinking …
    so did months,
    sad within to understand,
    its a wide spread of infection
    which had no end to its connection !!”

    Loved these lines!!!
    Beautifully expressed!


  6. “it made me a slave of their dreams”
    You have emoted so beautifully with such intensity the struggle of being stuck in another world…living someone else’s life…realising not yours but others dreams!!


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