Be Careful in Love

When you love someone

Be ready to scarify

Cause it takes it all

To maintain what you have


You did whatever you could

To be for the one you care,

You dedicated your life

So that you could live with it and feel relaxed


It’s easy to be carefree

and  let go,

but don’t forget,

What you have it

is what you earned !!


There are days when the sun shines,

And there are days when it doesn’t,

Prepare yourself to understand that,

It’s a world which saw million suns!!

Sometimes you get what you don’t desire

Sometimes you lose what was your desire …


Summing it all,

I have a few lines to say,

Live each moment and

Don’t forget you made it to this earth

To be in someone’s moment!!

Be carefree but not careless

You might have seen a thousand suns

but it doesn’t make you what you wanted !!

25 thoughts on “Be Careful in Love

  1. words of wisdom … gushing through the heart of a philosopher , a thinker , a lover of life .. and its surroundings .. Aziz ,make life simple with this and many more previous posts of yours .. and I always miss telling you thanks for sharing your thoughts on encounters with life and the bliss of Almighty !!


    1. Mysay, you always manage to somehow bring a smile with your comments … and not only me but other fellow blogger will also tell you that !! The amount of positivity you own is something i am jealous of !! haha … But anyhow thanks for your kind words extended towards me and the post !! i post my thoughts and poems for fellow readers like you .. who understand and appreciate my words !!


  2. Nicely you have cautioned to be careful in love, but I guess this can be extended to all the relationships. Humility should be the core of any person and I agree, the concluding lines were well thought of!


    1. Yes Kislaya .. i would agree on that … in every relation we dont see the good and bad .. but understanding the person and situation at times it important .. because its takes a harsh moment to break those bonds of love, so if the understanding is good then there are ways to fix the issue !


  3. Pyaar hume kis mod par le aaya…. 🙂

    well its easy said then done Aziz. once you are in love, you are not you. I truly believe that some kind of magic spell is there that makes you do all insane activities, while in love. Nevertheless, i liked your attempt suggesting to act prudent once you are in love, which is in point of fact, v true.


  4. The very words of the post suggest that my brother is matured enough to speak with philosophical depth and that too in relation to love where emotions tend to run riot. A deserving job indeed!


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