Pain of Love

We were made for each other
they should know that love has no color
why does our race even matter
why cant we just be together

there’s so many people in our way
i know our life wont be easy
but i will fight
cause i am here to stay
i wont stop cause i am not afraid

I will love you
till the end of time

baby our love is dying
but u know that i am trying
to make the world understand it
it killed me when i see you crying

They don’t want us to be happy
They don’t care
They all told me I’d be sorry
I’m not scared
I just want to be with you
I can’t walk this earth without you

I will love you
till the end of time

They should have just left us alone
It’s too late and now you’re gone
Now my world is getting cold
They should have listened to me…
It’s too late, it’s too late – now you’re gone

You were meant to be my destiny
I can’t sleep without you next to me
It’s too late, it’s too late – now you’re gone
But I can still hear you singing

I never wanted to let you go
You left a hole inside my heart and soul
Now my story’s been told
I had to let you go baby

47 thoughts on “Pain of Love

  1. A beautiful poem about love. And you have to let go, I guess all love stories do not have happy ending! very emotional poem..! liked it.

    there is a typing error in the 4th para 1st line- dying.


  2. I love poems and stories of young love simply because the young are idealistic and use words like “forever”. Enjoyed your lovely poem.


  3. Everybody has the right to fall in love with whomsoever he feels like. May your love flourish ! Btw, my father’s name is Aziz too. 🙂


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