Think about it

Fiftieth Post – Limited Edition


There was a day when Money was just a bargain to buy chocolates, sweets and all the yummy delights,


Now is a day when money is bargain to catch up with life.


Think over it and there is a deep thought behind


If this is what you opted for then you are in a big decline.

14 thoughts on “Think about it

  1. wallah!! few words deep impact thats what u call a verse !! Indeed all we doing is running for money and to mend our lives … šŸ™‚ well.. reminds me, a fren said good old days .. it was great when we were in school.. i said… these days are also good only if we bring back the innocence of childhood in ourselves !! we both smiled .. coz thats the last thing which can happen … while he gave up … I am stil trying… šŸ™‚
    calls for a evening toast !! šŸ˜€


    1. Cheers mate !!

      Yes money has made us go round which should not be the case, but then this is life .. its ruthless … so we need to bend time to reconnect with our past and cherish those moments which made us what we are !


      1. saintly words as I close my eyes while typing and reminding myself of those gr8 moments spent on earth so far … !! šŸ™‚


  2. Money is the necessary evil. The whole Universe hinges on money. You become the master when you have a little money, but money takes the mantle if you’re sinking in it. Nice read.


  3. If we become like tree and collect our food from the sunlight and like the waste product as our food(Khaad)then money shall not be needed.


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