Braids with a difference how? Secret unveiled


The clouds looked clear as if they told me to come, come touch me, 

The skies looked blue which thrilled the innocents in me,

The grass looked lush green that seem like a playground,

The school bell made the sweetest sound of freedom,

The amusement park appeared to be the best place forever

YOUNG DAYSBLISS with Innocence’s – When Mom nurtures and cares the good and bad about your hair.

Yes, this is my childhood memories which each of us has somewhere down the lane, being a brother of 3 sisters back then, there was no boy or girl thing, life seemed to be all about studies, school, food, discipline, play.

Just imagine being a brother of 3 sister in your growing up days, it was so much fun, I use to enjoy their fights over each and every aspect of details that you can imagine, for instance; who will mom dress their hair first, who gets the pink rubber band, who has more healthy and strong hair, who has long tresses and braids and so on and forth.

Things I remember which my mom use to say to all my 3 sisters were; to take care of their hair, in a sharp tone; they will grow strong and long only if you oil them properly, don’t mess up with them when not in the mood, if you don’t care about the hair they will develop weak roots and thus hair will fall. She also used to tell ME that; even you should listen and implement, what if you don’t grow long hair, but it’s good for the health of the hair and its root. All my three sisters and I use to sit in a row and do oil champi on each other’s head, those were the days.


Besides this, when we grew older, my sisters were in their teenage days, they always tried to make fashionable ponies, braids and flaunt, they asked me for suggestions and feedback from a boy’s point of view 😉 and I always recommended some innovative changes which they admired. The teenage days are crucial for hair growth; oiling, shampoo, grooming is good for the hair growth consistency. “Wait a second; you must be thinking how I know about all this? Well, all thanks to the experiences of growing up with three sisters

Besides that my sisters loved experimenting with style gadgets like hair straighter, hot curlers, blow dryers, which gave them the liberty to try something new and use their hair as a fashion accessory.

MATURITY –MINDFULNESS IS CARRIED FORWARD WITH MATURITY –When you are in pursue to make your life better


 But then comes the time when life gets serious; higher education, career, opportunity, security, marriage. When it seems that there was no real time to take care of hair and it was at the bottom of the list on things to care about, that was the period when my sisters really started damaging their hair and lovely braids. Chopping off their hair in the process of feeling more comfortable just because they had to take care of it, all that fashion with hair,braids and tresses were blown away in thin air, all thanks to their dreams and aspirations.


In the mix  of life events, when dreams and aspiration were on a high for my sisters, hair took a toll for all this. Rough damaged hair with split ends, all thanks to the styling gadgets and low conditioning of hair. My sisters were worried and tried all the home remedies which were of no avail, due to improper knowledge and relatives & friends experiment solutions to the problem. In the scheme, my mom advised  my sisters that a well formulated shampoo such as DOVE hair therapy for splits ends would be useful as it is formulated to help bring split-ends together. “As for my MOM, she is a DOVE product user for almost 2 decades and she has always admired the quality of products DOVE offers


Without wasting any further time on home remedy suggestions of relatives and friends, my sisters tried the DOVE HAIR THERAPY SOLUTION for split ends, which was a ‘blessing in disguise from my mom’ was a working wonder for my sisters. The solutions, after using it religiously to counter the split ends problem was an instant hit, just within a week my sisters could see the results of the well formulated DOVE HAIR THERAPY SOLUTION for split ends, finally relief to an unidentified problem of split ends.


A sigh of relief on the faces of my sisters meant that this well formulated combination of Dove Split End Rescue System had worked wonders, they couldn’t thank my mom less, and all those fond memories of  childhood era were relived. For now they are back in the braid and tresses mode and they are loving every moment of it. This is how Dove hair therapy has advanced the split end problems off many a faces with the revolutionary solutions. So, Kudos to DOVE and happy braids are back in town.

Dove Hair Therapy

This post is part of  Indiblooger and Dove contest for ” your story about the good old days, when you loved to make beautiful braids with your hair, and how your braids have beautiful ends once again”

16 thoughts on “Braids with a difference how? Secret unveiled

  1. i loved reading it … all the more coz I am stuck to LoReal after Head & Shoulders and I know what it means by splitends and damaged hair coz .. I have a pony at present ….with short hair (like the way normally men have 😀 ) i never knew the pain and care required to keep long hair clean,shiny and appreciable by the world and a feel of pride from within !!!


    Well, I wish you all the very best for the contest bro !!!


    1. Wow, that again is news to me !! you keep long hair that’s quite a pain i must say ! keeping it in shape and regularly maintaining so that it is dandruff and dust free is quite a task! Kudos to your pony tale 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your good wishes !


      1. oh yes .. that was something I always wanted to do.. i mean long hair .. all inspired by Arjun Rampal .. decades back when he was just a model… but I was in school .,.. a half -pant chap… 🙂 .. I have been a fan of many Paki cricketers for their hairstyle specially , Aqib Javed,Shoaib Akhtar,Afridi,Wasim bhai … 😀 and guess what ? I have had kept their hair style at one point or other .. what was left was Rampal’s ‘Rock On ‘ look …. 😀


      1. 😀 .. dont worry its not as big as pony’s tail.. and i do not look like a pony also… just a an avg stud u see ….. 😀


    1. Ya .. not that exited ! but thanks for the consolation .. 🙂 well you also got the runner’s up tag … so congratulations to you too !

      P.S. i hope this was not a taunt 😦


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