SLEEP – its benefits and constrain

“SLEEP – its benefits and constrain”, my extracts of some articles I have read on news, magazine and online, for your information!

Sleep has a lot of functions and construes essential part of being and living. Some of its known functions are:

During sleep the body rejuvenates and regenerates itself. This process is very important for the health and tissues, because tissue breakdown happens on a daily basis, and if repair and regeneration doesn’t happen in a timely fashion, the chances of mutations, cancerous growths, etc., can happen at a faster rate.

During sleep, neuronal systems in the brain consolidate information in systematic storage, so that in future when we want to remember something, the information can be retrieved.

During Sleep, muscles are rested; otherwise, muscle, spine and joints are always in use.

Side effects of not getting adequate sleep:

  • Irritability at work
  • Weight gain and thyroid problems
  • Lack of concentration
  • Inappropriate aggression
  • Higher incidences of accidents
  • Increased vulnerability to various allergies
  • Tissue breakdown, joint and knee problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Significantly increased vulnerability to stress

How much Sleep is essential?

For Adults, six to eight hours of sleep is essential. The number can vary from person to person.

In small children, sleep requirement are higher; this decreases with age. There is a sleep spurt during the adolescent years.

Sleep patterns have changed due to following reasons:

  • The net, games, jobs that entail night shifts
  • The cosmopolitan city culture
  • Higher consumption of alcohol and stimulants
  • Certain easy-to-obtain sleep medications
  • Increased business travel across time zones
  • We live in a culture where work addictions and staying awake have become aspiration.

5 thoughts on “SLEEP – its benefits and constrain

  1. nice and informative post dear Aziz ! I have had digestive problem,weight gain and had turned furious and stressful while working 3 years in (call center )night shift !! No matter how much you sleep throughout the day , the biological clock does not agree to adjust !Worst with me was during the day I had my computer classes , college and dates with my gf 😀 .. so sleeping was not for more than 3 hours a day . I was popularly known as ‘The Dead Man Walking’ . While i would cross the busy road , i would hate to see the vehicles .. just wanted to rush back and fall flat on the bed !! Now I can concentrate and I am a peaceful soul since I make sure I take proper sleep at least for 7 hours each day !!


    1. @Mysay: Good to hear from you and thanks for liking the information … i am surprise to know how you manage to juggle all at once !! it is necessary to get the 6 to 8 hr sleep … make a routine and stick to it, i am sure you will have a peaceful day mentally and physically as well !


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